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  1. Love that film!! Along with 2 Lane Blacktop, Vanishing Point etc etc etc
  2. Just seen this thread. (ive been away). Bolton isn't that far from me ( Blackpool) so if you don't get fixed up I can make my S1 available. However, although its white it doesn't have the tartan interior.
  3. My Eclat has the slits and I presumed it was as the factory fitted it. (Ive had it 30 odd years). I think its to direct the airflow from the heater down onto your feet! Typical Lotus bodge although it does work!
  4. Yes, on the Eclat its slightly different and I didnt have air con. I can see where yours goes (in the centre of the consule)but I can't remember whats behind them. Its been a long time since I dismantled mine. Cutaway drawing doesnt really help.
  5. Def NOT how it left the factory. My Eclat had a similar 'modification'. i.e. the cutouts on the sides. The only reason I could think of was that when everything is in situ, its difficult to get the floppy flexible pipe end to fit over the four sides. There's not much room to manoeuvre.
  7. Dont know if these have been loaded before. Apologies if they have.
  8. Has anybody else never heard of a Lotus Elite mobile phone? By the look of Posh it was a fairly long time ago!
  9. At Preston Supercar Meet in Preston on Sunday. Besides the usual Ferrari's, Porsche's, Maclaren's etc 3 nice Lotus - My Esprit included. My Esprit seemed to cause a bigger stir than the slightly more expensive other brands! Fire up the QuatrroLotus !!
  10. Thats a hell of a lot of work Paul. All credit to you for taking it on. . The 'slot' near the filler cap looks like the gap for the 'ears' that were fitted on the S2 onwards to (as you thought) to get some air into the engine bay. So perhaps some previous owner decided to 'improve' things!!
  11. Just thought I would post this. There is an Elan for sale in the USA. RHD, stored 30 years. new spyder chassis. Might be worth importing it for a project. (I have no connection with it) View it here:- 1965 Lotus Elan S2 project RHD - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (
  12. Hi Bibs, Many thanks! Ive downloaded irfanview and I can view my photos as before. Thanks again. The power of the forum!!
  13. Hi Bibs many thanks for the suggestion. I did what you said and then rebooted. Unfortunately it hasn't made any difference. Thanks anyway.
  14. Dont mean to hijack this thread but I also need help regarding my computer. I am running a HP Pavilion desktop with Windows 10 version 21H1. Recently I cannot open any of my photos. I can see the thumbnails but as soon as I click onto one I just get an error message "application error (0x1x)" All my drivers seem to be up to date. Ive looked on the internet and althought there are a couple of entries regarding the error 0x1x they are from 2017 and following their instructions doesnt do anything. Any ideas anyone? Cheers.
  15. Its just made from a sheet of black plastic. If you cannot get one, Im sure with patience you could ust make one. (but lots of precise cutting!!) I you still need to see one I will take mine off tomorrow and send a couple of photos of both sides.
  16. Here is an electric car cemetery in France. Nobody wants to buy a used electric car when the battery goes. Very environmentally friendly! Just saying.
  17. Im afraid not. I put it on eBay and it was sold to a dealer. He immediately put it back on eBay after giving it a polish and putting tyre black on the tyres. He failed to mention in his description about the chassis and had it on a reserve double what he paid me. It didnt sell. and since then its been on eBay a couple of more times. I dont know what has become of it now. Best of luck with your search.
  18. Many thanks. Got them this time.
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