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  1. I thought the one I got from SJ was all fibreglass. Perhaps the wood is underneath??
  2. We are in Tier 3, so took my own shopping trolley to the supermarket today!
  3. Just forget my post. Must have been having a senior moment! Even thought you were talking about wheel bearings, --- I was talking about UJ's! Sorry about that.
  4. Glad your on the road. Brill feeling! 18 months does seem a bit excessive even for an Eclat. I have to change mine on a regular basis but not after 18 months! What make are they? Make sure you get the ones that have a grease nipple and grease them regularly. Happy motoring.
  5. Welcome Paul, Brill looking S1. Doesn't look as if it needs anything doing to it, but, ---------------------------------- it is a Lotus!!
  6. Just to be clear, ---- whiskey is Irish. Whisky is Scottish.
  7. Don't mean to hijack this thread but has anyone any idea what car this was fitted to?
  8. What a thing to say!! . It has already been targeted once and replaced. It had occurred to me to put the James Bond number plate back onto my Esprit S1 (the PO had one made and that's what it came with when I purchased it) and then park up. He would do well to fine the owner/driver then! However, with the scarcity of S1's around it wouldn't need rocket science to track me down I suppose.
  9. I presume it's throught the ANPR camera he has installed. That's why we are thinking of suing him for data breach seeing as he doesn't appear to have planning permission
  10. To my knowledge Parking Awareness has not taken anyone in our group to court. As @LotusLeftLotusRightsays he's just taking the pi$$. He knows he wouldn't win. Quite a few in the group have offered to go to court. Usually he offers to 'reduce; the fine to £60.00 presumably as a gesture of goodwill! Just been on the facebook page and someone else has just got a 'fine' for staying 8 seconds! You couldn't make it up.
  11. As you approach the entrance, you cannot see any signs until you are actually in the entrance area because it is set back from the road. The photo below shows the signs (ringed in yellow)but you cannot see them until the damage is done!
  12. Thanks Bibs, Although our appeal was successful others have not been, so I will pass your link to our facebook group in the hope it can help others. Cheers.
  13. I dont suppose many of you will be visiting us oop here in darkest Lancashire but if you do please be aware of a 'parking/stopping' scam in a little village called Pilling. Exact address 390 Park Lane, Preesall, Poulton Le Fylde FY6 0LU. Its a place called Sloanes Self Storage. If you 'park' or even stop you are automatically hit with a £100.00 Parking Charge. We were following our sat nav which took us off the main road. We saw straight away that we had gone wrong, so because the road was quite busy and narrow we pulled into this place. 25 SECONDS later we turned around and got back
  14. According to the above, from 1978, there are 28 taxed cars on the road and 33 on a Sorn. Because the S1 was phased out in 1978 and the s2's were phased in, does anyone know how many of each there are for that year?
  15. Hi Jon, I think you've got your colours the wrong way round! Blue is sorn and red is taxed.
  16. JPS Esprit & Elan +2 These 2 beauties are in a 2 day auction (7th & 8th Nov) if anyones interested (I have no connection with the cars or the auction house.)
  17. Hi Duncan and welcome! I have a LHD Esprit S1. I was going to convert it to RHD but was persuaded by the forum to keep it LHD. (for originality, travelling around Europe, selling on opportunities in Europe etc). Good luck with the resto. (Excuse my ignorance but what are 16.3 measurement collars? Is it to make the Wolfrace wheels fit?) Regards. Lez
  18. Got my Eclat in 1989 so have been driving it for 31 years. Used as my everyday car (my only car) for all of that time until my father passed away 2 years ago and I inherited his Focus. Toured Scotland and down to Devon with the missus and 2 kids. Driven in all weathers - Rain, Hail, Snow etc. Apart from the regular failure of the UJ's and a couple of times the clutch cable, before I did the cog/chain conversion its been very good. Now got my Esprit S1 so the Eclat will have to share the outings!
  19. Had to put the oil leak search on hold for a bit. MOT is due on the Eclat (I know it doesnt have to have one but prefer to have one). Exhaust manifold is blowing like mad. Luckily I have a spare so its a case of engine out - manifold on, new cam belt and V belt while Im at it. OUT - FIX - IN- SORTED!!
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