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  1. Good question! They seem to be as loved as much as a Bond villain.
  2. Ahh so that's it. Many thanks for the info.
  3. I'm going to have to eat humble pie on this one! I have been visiting the site quite often these last few days and there were a few ads for cars that when I clicked on them it said they were no longer available. Of course I cannot find them now and can't remember where they were or which section I was reading from them. -- so I can only apologise. If I come across them again I will let you know. Until them I'll keep my mouth (fingers) shut.
  4. As a new member and avid reader of the forums, I have to agree. I have already come across lots of ads that seem out of date. Of course with such a large site as this one it must be time consuming to go through old ads and delete them. And who am I anyway to criticise?? Bl***y newby!
  5. Hi All, My S2 is on its way from the good old USA. Cant wait to get going on it! It obviously has the same 907 engine as my Eclat except for the whoppin' great pulley on the one of the cam covers. I have seen other federal Esprits with same set up. Can someone enlighten me what it is for? Cheers. lez
  6. Hi Andy thanks for the confirmation. So how did they achieve it? Different springs?
  7. With a couple of (albeit immaculate S1's) on ebay at the moment priced at £55000.00 and £100000.00. everybody else thinks they are sitting on a goldmine and want silly money. Many thanks. I'm sure I will.
  8. Hi Ive been told that the federal Esprits ride higher than Esprits in the UK. Is this correct and if so why?
  9. Great Ill check it out. Of course I meant an Esprit newby!!
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm already divorced!! and although that wouldn't make a great blog, if I DO the conversion I will let you know! I will check out the transverse bar. I hadn't been able to find a RHD t a reasonably price. Even with the cost of shipping it over its still cheaper than purchasing one over here (UK). Yes no probs. When I take delivery of the Esprit I will post some photos of both of them together.
  11. Thank you. It might!! I'll see if anybodies done it with an Esprit before I decide.
  12. Thanks for the welcome. Yes I hadn't thought about trips to Europe! Perhaps a rethink is in order.

  13. Hi I have just joined Lotusforums. After reading a few posts I feel like I'm among kindred spirits already! I'm not a complete Lotus virgin though having owned my Eclat for the last 25 years. However I have just purchased a S2 esprit from the States. I not sure whether to attempt to convert it to RHD. Anybody any thoughts? I know the main probs will be extending the wiring harness, re locating the hand brake, repositioning the binnacle, etc Has anybody else attempted this? Thanks.
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