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  1. Their holding up really well. I havent really touched them yet since they were polished last year. (apart from cleaning off the usual road grime, brake dust etc) They still have their mirror finish. Lovely! However I havent done that much driving this year, what with redoing the dash, heater motors etc etc then Covid on top of everything. Im also fussy about taking it out in the wet. (although I did say that I wasnt going to let that bother me). Im trying to get as many miles on the clock as possible at the moment, and also trying to trace the oil leak. Its ok, trundling round t
  2. Had a drive up the Blackpool promenade as part of my 'shake down'. Also still looking for my oil leak!
  3. Sad to hear the news today of the death of Dame Diana Rigg aged 82. Tributes are being paid to Dame Diana Rigg, who has died at the age of 82. Best known for her roles in The Avengers, Game Of Thrones and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the veteran star of stage and screen was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. She died peacefully at home, her daughter said. A statement from her agent Simon Beresford said: “It is with tremendous sadness that we announce that Dame Diana Rigg died peacefully early this morning. “She was at home with her family who have asked for p
  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for the kind words. (and the scary ones!)Fingers crossed its something simple. Hi Dave, My oil cooler, adapter seal etc are brand new along with the hoses. Oil pressure pipe seems ok. I'll just have to keep checking and hope that I catch the culprit responsible!
  5. I havent posted anything on here since July, so here's an update. Car is running well and sounds really strong. Lots of positive comments and thumbs up. However I have a horrendous oil leak, that I just cannot track down. Driving sedately around town and short non motorway journeys seems fine. However as soon as you put your foot down and travel at a constant 70 or above,( for even short distances) afterwards, underneath at the rear, it looks Iike I have gone through a oil puddle! I have K & N filters on the carbs that came with the car so there is no pipework from the
  6. In 1968, AC ended production of the Ace that Shebly’s Cobra was based on. Given the success of the Cobra and the image it created for Ford, there was interest at Ford to keep the Cobra going. Eugene Bordinat, the Vice President of Styling at Ford designed a potential replacement for the AC sourced body. However, the cars was never put into production. A few prototypes were built and apparently lost. When Alvin Kelly found one of these prototype bodies, he decided to cast a model and start building the Cobra that never was. A handful of Kelly Pythons were built (12 I think) and it’s believed t
  7. I had this problem on my Eclat many years ago. Usually happened on a long run. (scarily, once, in the fast lane of the M6!) Finally found out that the breather pipe on the filler cap was blocked, thus building up a vacuum in the tank until the fuel pump could no longer function.(when I removed the filler cap, sometimes there was a long 'sigh' as the air rushed in. Unblocked it and it was fine. Hope you get sorted.
  8. I came across this entry on Bidspotter. Its an online auction of the Historical assets of Bristol cars. Very interesting just to brows through. Everything from Tools, desks, shirts, actual size wooden models, and complete cars, even The Bristol Fighter Prototype a prototype car number 000 for restoration.. Please note I have no connection with either Bristol cars or Bidspotter.
  9. Yes you would think so. However Ive never had a problem with weather coming through. The top has room for the model number (see photo). whichever number yours is? I have got a number Ive got a "world champion one the same size.
  10. My black trim has never had anything e.g. mesh etc I was told 30 years ago just to remember never to spray the hosepipe into the trim when washing!
  11. To be fair there not that much difference?? The 520 has a four-speed transmission, a Ford bolt pattern, steel wheels, and smaller brakes. The 521has a 114.3 mm bolt pattern, the same disc brakes as the Elite, and GKN alloy wheels. It also has a twin exhaust, a clock and a cigar lighter. You could always take the clock and cigarette lighter out!
  12. A few people had asked me if Im selling my Eclat 521. Im never going to restore it now Ive got my Esprit. Ive just put it on eBay starting at £750.00. Would prefer it to go to someone who is going to restore it rather than break it. They are too precious these days! Only 170 odd still driving on British roads. Complete car but needs a full restoration. Its been stored since 2009. Check it out here:- Moderators, if this is in the wrong section. sorry. per
  13. Little Princess Trust Little Princess Trust We provide wigs to children with cancer to restore their confidence and identity. Just a quick update. Betsy had her hair cut today and she ended up with over £12000 in sponsorship, which is enough to make 2 wigs for children with cancer. Can I just say a very big thank you to all who sponsored her.
  14. Could do to check the condition of the fuel filter. Also check the small breather pipe near the filler cap. Yeas ago I had a fuel starvation problem. Then one day I tried to fill up with petrol and there was a large "sighhhh" as I took off the filler cap. Because the breather pipe was blocked it caused a vacuum to build up in the tank until eventually the petrol pump couldn't overcome the vacuum. I cleared the breather pipe and it has always run ok since.
  15. Hi Antonio, Yes I can confirm that Giorgio is correct. You can see in the first photo where it is. I can also confirm that you DEFINITELY need a heat shield on the manifold side! (see second photo).
  16. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU TO YOU ALL who donating to my grandaughter Betsy's just giving page. She has managed to raise £900.00 for getting her hair cut off to make a wigS for children with cancer. She is getting it cut off at the end of this week. However, there is still time to make the figure up to £1000.00 !!!! THANKS AGAIN.
  17. Hi @xslippy. Had a look on eBay and saw this sew on patch from France. eBay item number: 313002821306. £2.85 plus £1.62 postage.
  18. I think I should start a new thread - What made you proud today! I am very proud of my 8 year old granddaughter Betsy. On her own she read an article about children who have cancer and lose their hair and have to get a wig. So she decided she wanted to give her own hair to the charity that supports and makes wigs for children. Her mother wasn't too keen but Betsy insisted. Im very proud of her and feel very happy. If anyone would like to donate, underneath are some details. MODERATORS. If this isnt allowed please just remove it
  19. Thanks guys. My steering mechanism has a cover top and bottom (exactly the same as my Eclat). There is no button. Im going to remove the bottom half again and see if there is a button or the remnants of a button. Yes @Escape I do have a relay for the fans fitted by a PO. So the otter switch should just switch the relay. However I had a cursory look and it looks as if the wiring on the car is different than in the wiring diagram. Ive just been out for another run. Got stuck in traffic but the fans obviously kicked in and out and stayed around the middle of the gauge (which I think is about 90 d
  20. Many thanks for the info. It explains a few things that seemed not to make sense. It does now though! Don't remember seeing a button. Exactly where is it? Do you have a photo of it in situ? Cheers.
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