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  1. Yes thats correct. Even after the key was taken out, the fans kept running. You are right of course, the switch would have to have a permanent live feed. Hmm that's another conundrum. Ill have to trace the wiring from the switch as I cannot remember how i wired it up. I just did the same as I did on the Eclat override switch. I know it wasn't that long ago. Must be having a senior moment! Still at least its working !! Ill get back on here when/if I understand it!
  2. Not my first choice I must say! It will be changed at some point. I have wondered that myself. I must try and see the colours of the wires and follow the wiring diagram. I thought at first that 1 had stopped working and instead of fixing the fault a PO had just installed another one. But as you say, I have seen a few pictures with 2 switches in the door. Further investigation is required.! Unless someone on here knows???
  3. So checked both the relay and the switch today. Switch seems to be the guilty party. So going to replace it. Everything is now working at the moment. However, i'm also going to get another relay just in case its an intermittent problem. Thanks @Escape and @Lotusfab.
  4. So rather longer than I had thought (of course!), Im finally back on the road. I took the Esprit off the road in October to "just tart the interior up"! So dismantled the dash, got rid of the horrible aftermarket heater blower, renovated the original heater motors. (all working), Renovated the instrument binnacle with new 'signs' - FUEL, INT, REAR DEFROST etc and some pinstriping, filled the aftermarket holes that had been drilled in it to accommodate switches and an S2 warning light, Got my partner to reupholster the dash, and repaired the bonnet release cross shaft which had broken. Whilst
  5. Thanks @Escape, Im going to check it out tomorrow. (switch and relay) Hopefully it will be an easy fix!!!
  6. @LotusfabGood thinking Fabian. Will do. Cheers. Lez
  7. I also used Robins recovery. As @Mysterae says, very friendly guy. Took good care of my baby! Took loads of photos when he picked her up. (although that was also for his benefit of course!) But as Alan says he is based in the south. Good luck with whoever you choose.
  8. After a layoff since October, while ive been renovation the inside of my Esprit S1, I took the car out for a shakedown run a couple of days ago. All good, except when I returned home and put the car in the garage and switched off, I could hear the radiator fans were still running. I waited for a while but they didn't turn off. In the end I removed a wire from the relay and of course the fans stopped. Yesterday, I reconnected the wire and the fans didnt start up. I took it for another run noting the temp gauge was just slightly over half. Returning to the garage the same thing happened. I agai
  9. For what's its worth, I'm with you Fabian. Its your car and your dream. I'm sure you haven't spent all this time, money and effort to look to sometime in the future where you might want to sell it and make a profit. (highly unlikely!) You have done it because that is what YOU want to do. So GO DO IT! I didn't purchase my S1 with a view to how much it might make me in the future, I purchased it because I have always loved the S1 shape and just wanted one (even over my treasured Eclat of 30 years ownership). I'm 67 next week. You cant take it with you , so if you can enjoy it, then ENJOY IT
  10. Car looks brill! Wheels set it off nicely. Ive never seen another Elite/Eclat with Wolfies on besides mine!
  11. No they are 13" and width is different and PDC is also different. So 'original' wheels wont fit. I was told (again, many years ago) that they were Elan +2 hubs, which Lotus had left over so just fitted them to some early Eclats! Again I don't know if this is true or not or another Lotus saving money story!
  12. I just happened to be overtaking a mate of my son in law's at a roundabout and he caught me on his dash cam! If you can stand the in-car music you can just about hear the Esprit as I set off at the roundabout! Quality's crap but was nice seeing myself in action! darryl blubs reed.mp4
  13. You know your Eclat's! Yep, its a 520. And yes they are Wolfrace wheels. I was told many years ago (about 20!) that they were an optional extra for the Eclat. Some people agree and some say no way! So the jury is out I suppose. Anyway I love them as much on my Eclat as I do on my Esprit.
  14. Taken last year on my trip "oop,North" (well from Blackpool to Duns anyway) Didnt miss a beat.
  15. I presume this was taken at the factory?? My son in law sent me this, but he couldn't give me any details.
  16. Im really please for you. I remember waiting for my S1 to arrive. I was checking where the container was every day! It was frustrating sometimes to see it still in the same dock loading /unloading . Did you insure it for its journey? I did although it was a bit expensive. Someone told me that worldwide, one container is lost every day! Thank goodness it wasn't mine. And lets hope it isn't yours!! Lots of photos when it arrived.
  17. A few people have asked if I'm selling the wheels that came with the car when I purchased it. So ive finally got round to listing them on eBay, to give everybody a chance. Not a good time to sell I know, but it saves them hanging around the garage. Its not my garage and at some point Im going to have to move out. I will be gutted because its been brilliant for restoring the Esprit. I am also going to be selling the project Eclat at some point so watch this space!
  18. Just thought I would inform you lot that I have just put my Esprit S1 wheels and tyres on Ebay. Some of you have contacted me regarding their sale in the past. So here they are!
  19. The engine mounts are holding up fine, although I must admit I have travelled many miles since it was fitted! Here is the post I made when I got my mate to fabricate it in 2018 if anyone is interested. I had a read of @comem47 post regarding this issue and thought it was a good idea. It was a mod fitted to the S2 Esprit's and retro fitted to some S1's to limit movement and strain on the the engine mounts anf gearbox bushes. Here is the actual post. Hope this is ok to requote it Bob. "S2 cars had an engine stay rod kit installed somewhere along production and retrofitted at
  20. HI Geert, SNAP!! I did this mod myself some time ago (2018). I thought it worthwhile. Very similar to your own. I use the obsolete top rubber bushes from my old shock absorbers to fit onto the bracket. Seems to do the trick!
  21. I photocopied the S2 handbook before I sold the car last year. If you want a copy for reference, I can send you one.
  22. According to a friend - Gyles Brandreth @GylesB1 on twitter said I steer clear of all controversy (it's not good for the digestion) but I do love an anagram & via the Chief Crossword Compiler for The Times I hear that a Telegraph compiler has turned: STAY ALERT; CONTROL THE VIRUS; SAVE LIVES ... into: EASILY SURVIVES TRAVEL NORTH TO CASTLE ...
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