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  1. Hi Fabian, Yes well past this now. My mate made the special tools we needed before he retired last year! Gearbox was put together and everything was ok. Took the car out for a few drives last year. At the moment the dash renovation has of course stalled during the lockdown. Thanks for your imput.
  2. Here are three photos of the submarine car taken at Lotus East Inc, New York. They were taken around late 1976 early 1977. I do not own the copyright to these photos. Any probs I will take them down.
  3. I remember Hargreaves and Bailey in Blackpool. However, as a boy growing up in Blackpool I only remember them being Alfa dealers. I thought it was cool that they had an upstairs showroom accessed by a circular ramp! Building is still there including the ramp!, but garage has long gone now of course.
  4. I had a rear motor and wheel box from an Elite. I had it for many years and Im not sure which year its from. When I was renovating my Esprit last year my mate made one decent headlight motor from the Elite motor and my original. We didn't touch the wheel box. Seeing as I never throw anything away, Im presuming it will still be at the garage where I am/was working on the car. However due to the corona virus and being in a risk group I am not venturing out and of course dont know when the travel restrictions will be lifted (not soon by the look of it). If you dont get fixed up beforehand I'll ha
  5. Mines been like that for the last 25 years!! I was told a long time ago that there was something worn in the speedo gear. I really must get round to having a look at it! Perhaps now when I've got as bit of time on my hands!!
  6. Even the seagulls are taking notice of the social distancing!
  7. P.S. Does anyone know why are the indicators/side lights on the submarine the wrong way round? Even the Corgi model has them the correct way????
  8. Except when you decide to make the aerofoils for your submarine project !! Keep up the awesome work..
  9. Also started to renovate the instrument cluster. Especially the three holes that were drilled into the right hand side where a PO has fitted a S2 brake warning light and 2 non operational switches. I am also going to get rid of the 'lettraset' style small signs for ones with the correct font.
  10. Thanks David. It is Alcantara. (says so on the back!) It is a nice match. Just slightly off compared to the sunned original. But as I said Im very happy with it. Just a pity there wasn't more of it! Really pleased with how the interior looks now without the crash pad and the big hole for the aftermarket heater blower.
  11. Decided to hide a couple of USB sockets in the new glove box seeing as I was enlarging it.
  12. I hadn't realised how long it was since I posted anything about the progress of my interior. So since Feb, I have managed to source a small batch of original blue Alcantara. Its not a perfect match due to sunning and age of my original and there is not enough of it to recover everything. However it is as near a match as Im going to get apart from redoing the whole interior which I cannot really afford at the moment. Seeing as some the original material was different anyway Im happy with what Ive got. I have roped in my Partner Marie, who worked in interior design to recover the dash under the
  13. When they started talking about the capabilities, I thought straight away that that's what they would come up with. It seems so logical.! Go for it Fabian!!
  14. Can you see the cable fitting? Is it the push fit one? What year is your car? The early ones did have a different fitting but Im not sure how they connected.
  15. You can access the speedo cable from underneath the dash rather than having to disconnect everything. My speedo cable is a' push fit' so when fitting it you just push it onto the back of the speedo dial. To take it off you squeeze the plastic 'lever' and it just comes off.
  16. Pretty sure its bolts through the trumpets. I took mine off a long time ago to fit K&N's.
  17. For the last few weeks (months!) I have in effect been self isolating 'naturally'. I live on my own. Get up in the morning, make breakfast, make a sandwich for lunch, jump in my car, drive 8 miles to the garage, (there is no-one else there - only me) work on the Esprit then go home again. So no contact with anyone. I have though about just carrying on with my' regime'. However, as @Hello Paul as pointed out you could have an accident, with all that that entails. Also you need petrol at some point which is fraught with possible danger touching buttons, touching handles, petrol pump etc so I hav
  18. Don't forget to have a look at the Lotus Hexagon 'Elanbulance' in slide 9.
  19. I agree with @Clive59. Its a pain checking the points. I installed an electronic ignition system which fits inside the distributor cap so keeping the 'original' look. Did this on my Eclat and Esprit. Fit it and forget it.
  21. Having imported an LHD Esprit S1 into the UK from the States, my initial idea was to convert it to RHD. (so the opposite to yourself).However, after trawling through these forums and getting advice from various people on here I decided to keep it LHD but to convert everything else. I must say, it has (to me) been a pretty big job entailing more work than I realised. Yes, everything CAN be done, it just depends how much work you wish to take on. Of course with mine being a federal car there is a lot more work to convert it to 'european' spec - bumpers, valances, lights, wiper, etc plus all the
  22. Ill see your Cuticura Gel and raise you a Softalind Pure !! And yes, the price is for 1 bottle!
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