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  1. Hiya - I have joined in a casual search for my old car, an Esprit S2.2 from 1980, which I had during the late '90s. It's black with black half leather (or it was then!) and gold alloys, with the reg. no. BOR 626V. I've been told it is still about and I'm just keen to see what it looks like now, should the current owner be on here and happy to share a pic. Many thanks and I'll have a good browse round the rest of the forums, too! Sam.x
  2. Thanks everyone! Glad it's still around. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. I owned one for merely three years but yes, it was an addictive drive! Always found an excuse to use it rather than another car.
  4. Hi - For a few years during the late '90s I was lucky enough to own the car above and a member of an Esprit facebook page has suggested the current owner might be a member here...I would just like to see a recent pic or two to see what it looks like now. Sadly I lost most of my original pics which were non-digital. Many thanks!
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