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  1. Just a few things to keep in mind in no particular order I own a cup 380 and I fitted a Komotec 430 kit then upgraded to the 460 kit... Dont want to repeat it but as already wrote I broke the engine two times once when completely standard (on track at 2400km) and the second engine (new from Lotus) after fitting the Komotec 460 kit (on track at 4500 km) The second engine broke a piston on track but started to smoke slightly black on acceleration before but the good think is that nothing else broke and I could just rebuild it with forged parts. Not to argue if caused by my use or not but the standard internals and especially pistons are not really strong so I would at minimum say that if they can be used until 500 bhp really depends on the use of the car... (I think nothings wrong at all with komotec kit and probably did not cause the problem the standard pistons are weak even with oem power) For some unknow reason (electronics mapping temperature other) it seems that there aren t a lot of failures of the oem pistons on the charge cooled later versions as the 430 cup even if the oem pistons are the same pistons... I would say that the 430 Komotec kit is really a good bang for buck The tvs 1900 even not chargecooled can give easely 430 bhp with an exhaust airbox and custom tune... and you really feel that it has more low torque compared to the 1320 Don t know how much you loose on track when weather is warm but still better than the smaller supercharger Even if I m not so sure about the numbers of Komotec at their local dyno (did anyone had a dyno at komotec and later on another dyno?) as the standard Lotus 380 are usually not making all the power they should I have to say that the power difference was there (40 bhp more form standard to komotec 430 kit) on another dyno Not that easy to get power with just a pulley and a tune on many models... You should consider that the oem catalyzers are not really ideal they keep a lot of heat and if they brake they can damage the engine (as you can read on 2bular website) On the 380 the standard rev limiter was lowered to only 6800 rpm and many tuners do not offer a map that will bring it back to 7000 or 7200 rpm (at the moment only Komotec ) If you make the supercharger spin faster (and lotus already did that on the 380) you will heat the air so especially on track it will be worst after a few laps The recommended fuel for a standard car and even more far a tuned car is 98 and I think that those cars really have to get good quality fuel also because Lotus did not change anything from the oem normally aspirated camry v6 engine (compression ratio sensors etc) but they added a supercharger and a lot of power so that made it weaker if used with less good fuel... Each tuner as komotec SSC and others have a different approach and they offer in fact good products but they also have to deal with a very special market and deal with the oem weak points of the lotus cars... What can they do if the oem 380 is in fact not 380 bhp on a dyno and the pistons of toyota aren t really strong? If they would say that every car should be fitted with forged internals and then a whole lot of expensive parts to technically work properly many would just go somewhere else or keep it standard
  2. Hi On the exige 430 cup the electronic throttle body should be bigger than on the older models as the 380. I was wondering if the intake parts are still the same on the 430 cup with just some kind of adapter or if even the standard intake piping is bigger or different and what about the afm? Does anyone know if the bigger throttle body is plugged on a 380 it will be recognized and working (of course with a custom remap) or did they change some of the harness?
  3. Hi Jack Thanks for the info I read some of that about the Honda guys mixing synchromesh etc... But was thinking that the Redline was already using similar friction modifiers making the synchromesh mix not necessary. With those manual gearboxes prone to crunching is not easy to find the best possible compromise if using them hard on track... As of course you want the synchros to be not slippery but is MT 90 good enough for higher temperatures on track? When I start to feel the gearbox less good on track I always wonder if it s because the synchros or if because too high temperatures for the oil that I use or both. Will see If mixing synchromesh will make it better... If you have other tips let me know... Other than that stiffer engine and/or transmission mounts like innovative mounts improved the shifting too (especially on the old exige s2) Don t know about SSC cables compared to the latest oem cables that look to be quite good
  4. I am also using redline MT 90 and had some crunching of the 4th gear on track but just one or two times Is syncromesh really different than the addittives that are already in the MT90? Would it not be the same then to switch to redline MTL? BTW I Improved things by bleeding the clutch fluid (and brke fluid) to castrol srf
  5. My Exige cup 380 had a complete engine failure at the track after a correct 1500km engine run in and oil change ant the car was all standard except the auto blip module and a k&n panel filter. It was changed at only 2400 km not under warranty as there was an old record of a mishift to higher rpm peak at 7800 rpm (weeks before the failure) A complete new oem engine was ordered from Lotus and again correct run in of the engine and oil change. Some Lotus tuner told me that if used on track the pistons would probably brake... I then fitted the Komotec 430 kit and the car was working really well and I did a trackday without problems... some weeks later I went to Komotec and they upgraded it to the 460 kit and even if it was working well it was not really feeling better than before and even a little weaker in the midrange. They had to replace a faulty oem o2 sensor while there... I asked about oem pistons to a komotec mechanic and he took a broken oem piston to let me see where they brake and he tought that only a few cars would brake but not depending if oem or with power kit... After only two trackdays (the car started to slightly smoke black from exhaust just before) one oem piston broke... I don t tink it s because of the Komotec kit just that the oem pistons on the newer models are bad quality Now I just had the engine rebuilt with fordged conrods and pistons but the tuner that did the work noticed that both pre cat lambda o2 sensors make an error and should be changed I did not ask him to look if they were plugged right but as Komotec installed them I would think that they are not switched
  6. If you look on the center grille on the front with the komotec 430 kit there should be the chargecooler radiator in front of the normal radiator air flow. As noted by a good lotus tuner in Italy that is not the best placement for the chargecooler radiator as it will take away some air flow to the main radiator and slightly heat the air that go to it. I think those few degrees should not be a problem but it should explain why the engine temperature is a little different. You could if you want change that komotec chargecooler radiator for the oem lotus parts of the exige 410 and 430
  7. The owner of that 380 cup told me that it was just a custom made part on his request nothing that should be on the market
  8. Hi On my exige v6 cup the fuel level is working really not well it will maybe update only a few times from full to empty and with some delay I think it just have to be replaced by a new one but does anyone have this kind of problem and anyone know if the unit is the same between older v6 and newer models?
  9. Hi Anyone makes an aftermarket undertray or kit to have an easier oil change access without removing the undertray? Or what about some quick release fasteners?
  10. Hi Do you have any suggestions on any company that made and maybe stock matte carbon interior parts (dashboard parts etc) for the exige v6? I had a similar matte carbon oem parts on the 260 cup and it was looking really nice
  11. I fitted 225/45r17 trofeo r tyres at the front of the 380 cup (with 265/35r18 rear) and used them on a trackday without problems They are fitting slightly too wide for the oem 380 cup wheel and they fit much better on some 0.5 inch wider rim but still no problem to use they should have slightly more grip but if everything else remains the same I think I would prefer some 215 as the sidewall is a bit taller on the 225 and they feel a bit less precise and a little heavier (probably they feel better on a 0.5 inch wider rim) It s possible that with a very hard compression it would rub but on a twisty track no problems at all
  12. I don t know but maybe you are right that s why I would like to see pictures of some others throttle bodies better if used for some miles and on track but with other filters to see if the dirt is there only with the hks filter. I have to say that the inside of the hks foam was really clean so it would mean that smaller dust particles just go trough the foam without even making it dirt
  13. After looking at the throttle body I noticed way too much oily deposits because of the oil vapour vent hose plugged just before and wanted to install some oil catch tank system On the exige v6 cup r there is as standard a Mocal oil catch tank with breather cap Radium makes some double oil catch tank that is not vented and recirculates to the standard connections for the evora but it should fit also on the exige v6 with small modifications Anyone is running some kind of oil catch tank and could post pictures or how did they connected it? Also could be interesting to see if there is oil and dirt differences depending on what air filter kit is used on the throttle body so you could maybe had a look and post pictures
  14. I do not want to say that the hks air filter isn t maybe not as good as others but I had an hks filter for just a few thousant kilmoeters and removed the main pipe to have a look at the throttle body as in your picture Even if if really less than in the picture I noticed some dirt and oily residue in the same place and tought that really the hks filter is not good Then I looked better and the inside of the air filter foam was really clean but the problem is the oil vapour vent hose that is plugged just before the throttle body that s what causes this kind of deposit Of course I m not sure how it would compare with another air filter maybe there is still more fine particles that the hks filter stop less compared to other filters but I think the main problem is the oil vapours Did you fit any oil catch tank? If so how did you plug it?
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