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  1. I don t know but maybe you are right that s why I would like to see pictures of some others throttle bodies better if used for some miles and on track but with other filters to see if the dirt is there only with the hks filter. I have to say that the inside of the hks foam was really clean so it would mean that smaller dust particles just go trough the foam without even making it dirt
  2. After looking at the throttle body I noticed way too much oily deposits because of the oil vapour vent hose plugged just before and wanted to install some oil catch tank system On the exige v6 cup r there is as standard a Mocal oil catch tank with breather cap Radium makes some double oil catch tank that is not vented and recirculates to the standard connections for the evora but it should fit also on the exige v6 with small modifications Anyone is running some kind of oil catch tank and could post pictures or how did they connected it? Also could be interesting to see if there is oil and dirt differences depending on what air filter kit is used on the throttle body so you could maybe had a look and post pictures
  3. I do not want to say that the hks air filter isn t maybe not as good as others but I had an hks filter for just a few thousant kilmoeters and removed the main pipe to have a look at the throttle body as in your picture Even if if really less than in the picture I noticed some dirt and oily residue in the same place and tought that really the hks filter is not good Then I looked better and the inside of the air filter foam was really clean but the problem is the oil vapour vent hose that is plugged just before the throttle body that s what causes this kind of deposit Of course I m not sure how it would compare with another air filter maybe there is still more fine particles that the hks filter stop less compared to other filters but I think the main problem is the oil vapours Did you fit any oil catch tank? If so how did you plug it?
  4. Ok I went to the same track today with the 460 kit but strangely it did not feel any faster in straight lines or better at midrange than the 430 kit. Also my laptimes were a little worst but of course track conditions can change and the tyres were a little worn so that doesn t matter much Outside temperature where for sure slightly higher today at around 24 degrees but I tought that the chargecooler would at least compensate for that but in fact the midrange was feeling worst than with the 430 kit Not saying that komotec did not do a good work as the car was really fast all the time but strange that there isn t that much difference from the 430 at the moment (from std to 430 the difference is really noticeable) Maybe for some reason like fuel or temperature the ecu pulled some timing and added fuel but it s not that warm either will let you know
  5. I went for 8x17 ET24 (1mm more out than usual) and 10x18 ET30 (2mm more out compared to the oem 3800 cup) Not a big difference from recommended but the reason was also to get some more inner space at the rear if running more camber and because the ohlins ttx springs I use are slightly bigger compared to the oem cup r springs I did not fit the wheels yet as my car is actually at the workshop for some mods and servicing
  6. I went for 8x17 and 10x18 for my exige cup R with slightly more aggressive offsets than recommended They were delivered in around 4 weeks with good communication and updates
  7. Auto blip is working but at the moment I do not use it and leave it off all the time When I had my engine failure the dealer and some other unrelated tuners suggested that in some way it could cause something like a lean condition or even detonation when you should be off throttle but autoblip works I would say that it made no sense as the autoblip is just plugged to accelarate shortly in the same way you could do manually with the throttle but it s true that for some reason Lotus wanted to make the throttle not reactive when braking and blipping Then I shortly tried to turn on the autoblip again on the road for normal driving and after some time therere was a check engine light on and car was in low power mode I turned off the autoblip restarted the car and all was ok but with the obd code reader the code was related to some throttle position sensor wrong value etc The car electronic throttle has as most cars two pedal throttle signals etc and for some reasons the way the autoblip works might not work well with the car... I would like to get some more details from komotec that installs them on the cars or from auto blip but at the moment I m not using it
  8. Yes As I was thinking they worked on the 380 sport to make the map and as there was not the tc file then it just do not exist in their 380 map They say that later they should find out wich file is the tc one and update the map with that file included and then send me the correct cable to update it and the updated map but don t know exacly when Not a deal braker at all as most of the time it s ok to be able to leave in race or just tc completley off but as it s there its nice if it will work later
  9. Another update After using shortly the Komotec 430 kit and finding it satisfying I tought I would do it properly and go to komotec to upgrade it to the 460 kit with the water cooler Since I had to wait a lot of time before getting my ecu update Daniel from Komotec was nice and found some time to work on my car just after one week and so I went there As everyone else say even if sometimes the impression they give by email and probably their marketing choice is of focusing on their kit choices and not being very open to other discussions is true once you are there they are really friendly and professional and the place is also well organized etc... I would not have any problems to just send them a car by truck to work on it as they will give you back the car as it was and they look to work in a very methodic manner They took my car fitted the upgrade parts in less than two days and so I ended up with the the complete 460 package I have to say that at the beginning I felt more difference going from standard to 430 than from 430 to 460 as the std car is less reactive and with the 430 kit you already have the noise of the new exhaust parts and airbox etc but once using the car at higher speed on taller gears you can for sure feel that it pulls much more and there is more torque and power and for sure the watercooling keep that working and is good for the engine What I can t say is if the final power figures would be the same on other dynos but for sure their declared power improvements compared to standard are there So if you use it on the track or fast road and like to push the car a lot for sure the ex460 is a better and more complete solution and is the way the Lotus should be but if you really want to save some money and you aren t using the car much on the track or at it s limits for a long time or are in a colder area for sure with the 430 kit you have a very good compromise even if you are still missing something I still think that there are other solutions that are technically even better or more powerful as ie a tvs1900 gives more torque even when not watercooled or the oem lotus watercooler is technically better and slightly bigger or even the ssc new watercooled tvs 1900 seems to be the best if you would do a complete tuned engine.... but I would not want any of them without also a good ecu remap and manifolds that remove the oem catalyzers as komotec or 2bular and if going for a lot of power or hard use also forged internals... With the Komotec kit you have something that really work and you exactly know what you are going to pay before fitting it and if they make the work you know exactly when your car is going to be ready and that is a simple but effective solution so at the end I would say well recommended Probably what Lotus would have done if they were not so much after cost savings and not limited by latest euro restrictions
  10. The komotec 430 kit is well worth and makes the car much more reactive fun and powerful than before at the track or on twisty roads it s just that probably the 460 kit is even better as the engine works with colder air and can be mapped for more power I would say that the first thing to do on the v6 engine whatever you are going to do after is to replace the standard manifolds with their built in catalyzers as they are the part that will make heat and are not good for power for temperatures and for engine and starting from that you will then either stay without catalyzer at all or have to buy a sports catalyzer and so then it s better if you remap the ecu I think that the tvs1900 compressor is better and will make a larger volume of air with slightly less heat compared to the standard one but I would not fit one without the other modifications so at the end it makes the komotec kit more interesting or of course the 2bular or other similar exhaust kit and a custom remap
  11. I do not have the Komotec 460 watercooled kit installed just the 430 kit not watercooled It goes very well but after some track laps it feels a little less reactive so as expected there is probably a little power loss after the compressor is warm and I will see if I fit the watercooler later that should be the better solution as still a little more power and better for the engine too.
  12. Here is a lap on track with the Komotec 430 kit installed
  13. After using the exige 380 cup with the komotec 430 kit at the track I have to contraddict what I previously wrote With the car going faster than before there is sometimes some ice effect from the abs but still it feels less exagerated than with the v6 cup r and it seems that with the 380 cup even if there is that effect you can still just keep pushing the brake pedal and it will come back to normal Is that just because with the cup r you are faster or is there some sowtare upgrade on the 380 cup I don t know
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