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  1. Eldon Z I don t know the exact differences but the latest Exige ( as the 380 cup and 430 cup ) have a different rear subframe. Also of the 4 engine mounts 2 are completely different compared to the older cars I purchased some Innovative mounts for my 380 cup and only 2 of them would fit as they were made for the older models ( I think that it s the left and right that are different ) Is your Cup R fitted with the Xtrac sequential gearbox? I m not sure about the manual cup R but with the Xtrac there are Lotus motorsport specific metal engine and transmission mounts with rubber inserts, and of course using the standard 430 cup mounts would not be a recommended option even if they would fit. Do you have some pictures of your cup R?
  2. Hello I did some search but did not find complete info about removing the OEM airbag steering wheel on the exige v6 and replace it with a non airbag racing steering wheel and hub and airbag resistor. I think it s possible to completely replace the OEM hub ( and would like to know the correct MOMO or other steering hub replacement part numbers available ) or to use an adapter or quick release steering kit. In that case I would like to know if a quick release kit and adapter made for an exige cup 260 s2 would directly bolt on the OEM exige v6 airbag hub? Thanks for any details
  3. I sent them a few emails ( to a few of their different mail adress ) in the last weeks to get some info about the supercharger belt braking on their watercooled kit and at the moment I also did not receive any reply.
  4. Thanks The exhaust manifolds and sports cat are from Komotec and the rear muffler is the standard one
  5. Sent them an email thanks So you are using the watercooled SSC kit but the work to fit it was done by Komotec? Or did they just fix that problem later?
  6. Following my other topic about a snapped belt on the TVS1900 supercharger I would like to know how the belt tension is adjusted on the 2GRFE and how can I check if the alignment is correct? Thanks
  7. Hello Dave Thanks a lot to take the time to reply My car is fitted with the Komotec carbon airbox and there is also a Mocal oil catch tank with breathing cap fitted in the same way as on the cup R After the trackday I cleaned the MAF sensor with some brake cleaner but the air intake was not particularly dirt on the inside. I checked for codes with a generic OBD2 reader ony when the car was back in the garage and not immediately on track, and I did not check for ABS codes ( don't know if the obd2 reader would read those? ) I have to say that before the 460 kit the car was fitted with the 430 kit without watercooling and on the same track it was feeling more reactive and performant with the 430 map as if the timing was more aggressive. To know if an o2 sensor is faulty the dealer software is required? In this video it was using the 430 kit where I found it was working really well
  8. Thats interesting Do you know where I can look at the alignment procedure and if it requires special tools?
  9. On my exige 380 cup I use REDLINE MT90 for the gearbox ( depending on the use you might want the MT85 ) and castrol supercar rs 10w60 for the engine
  10. Hello My Exige cup 380 is fitted with a komotec 460 kit On a warm trackday after just a few easy laps when back on throttle it went into protection mode with the 3 shifting red led blinking and cutting power at 5000 rpm ( No CEL and No obd2 errors stored ) After restarting the car and going back on track it was working well again, but it felt slightly underpowered as when a non watercooled Lotus reduce timing because of heat When at komotec they replaced one of the exhaust O2 sensors as it was not working well and then at another Lotus dealer they had to replace one again so I was wondering if anyone have particular problems with O2 sensors failures or MAF getting dirty and need cleaning or some other suggestions Thanks
  11. The work was done by a Lotus specialist in Italy they build racing and time attack cars and they know that the belt can be a problem on some applications. They also offer a specific modification to solve the problem but I tought I would ask on the forums to know if anyone had problems with the belt and if there are other options to look for as special belts etc... When it was fitted with the aircooled tvs1900 the belt never broke. I would say it doesnt look out of alignment but if anyone have pictures or instructions to check alignment and adjust belt tension let me know. Anyone know the specific belt reference used on the SSC watercooled tvs 1900 kit? Thanks
  12. Hello I recently made some upgrades on my Exige V6 cup R ( you know that old track car that Lotus used to made before the EMIRA ) The car was already fitted with an air cooled tvs 1900 and mapped at around 430 bhp, and was working very well Then it was upgraded with the SSC TVS 1900 watercooled kit, forged internals, 430 cup throttle body, custom exhaust and custom mapped on the dyno to around 490 bhp The problem is that after just one session the supercharger belt snapped and I m told that on high power cars used aggressively on track the standard belt can brake even if everything is correctly aligned etc... Maybe with the xtrac gearbox it s even worst? BTW doeas anyone have any suggestions or know if there are some reinforced belts available? Thanks
  13. It s a cup R so the original ECU is a Lotus Motorsport ECU ( based on the standard one ) that is already specifically mapped for the use of the Xtrac sequential gearbox and I think without any torque limiter and then It was remapped for the TVS1900 Pistons were fitted last year and are from wiseco ( not their latest spec as lately wiseco made a slight design change ) and I think the rods are Carillo The valvetrain and head are standard except the valve springs just for reliability and the head gasket
  14. I recently got my Exige cup R back with the SSC charge cooled TVS1900 kit fitted as well as some other little tweaks as shiftec steering wheel carbon paddles ( as on the eleven race car ) , 430 cup bigger throttle body and a custom exhaust with bigger tubing size as per the 430 cup versions. My Exige was already fitted when I bought it with the air cooled tvs 1900 custom manifolds and custom mapping and it was making 430 bhp on the dyno. I then had forged internals installed for reliability with near standard compression and later the charge cooled SSC kit. After a custom remap ( done at the same place that did the map for the air cooled tvs 1900 and on the same dyno ) it went from 430bhp to 495bhp using 98 ron pump fuel. I still did not use the car with the new set up so I can t comment on any difference in lap time etc but of course later I will add pictures and comments.
  15. On the 430 cup there is already fitted the red baffled oil pan as standard... Other than that I can argue about the oem pistons not consistent quality I had an engine failure on track on my 380 cup and after replacement with a new engine ( with some mods ) I had a piston failure that didn t make any engine damage. the standard pistons arent exactly built for track use with that power so I fitted forged pistons and conrods. Wiseco even recently revised it s forged piston design ( that was probably already ok ) for the toyota v6 to give more space between the segments as that s were the oem piston tend to break if stessed. To be fair there are a lot of 430 cup even with a 460 bhp remap going on track without problems so maybe with the watercooled supercharger and it s specific map the temperatures are lower and no eventual detonation etc...
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