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  1. I use Redline MT 90 on my exige 380 cup and it s much better Those oils are specifically formulated to make synchronizers work better and that s what s effective in that kind of gearbox Frome Redline you can choose between MTL MT 85 or MT 90 depending on the use ( street or track ) and the outside temperatures This gearbox was not really intended for a sport car use so it s difficult to know what will be better for track use I still noticed after using the Redline MT 90 that after many aggressive laps on track it so at higher temperatures it once slightly crunched when shif
  2. Hello Jack I have fitted the Komotec manifolds ( with their y pipe sports catalyzer and ecu remap ) on my exige cup 380 ( that already have oem bigger y pipe and muffler ). My v6 cup R was already fitted with some upgraded manifolds custom made by team santilli in Italy ( the ones that prepared that yellow and green wide time attack exige cup r ) the tvs1900 non watercooled supercharger and a custom remap of the oem ecu. With those mods and a conservative remap made for pump gas it was 430 hp ( engine ) I am actually upgrading the cup r to the watercooled SSC tvs 1900 super
  3. Front 8x17 ET24 5x110 Rear 10x18 ET30 5x114.3 actually fitted with 225 and 265 trofeo R tyres And on track with some friend cup R also fitted with BC Forged RZ 39 in matte bronze
  4. I fitted the innovative engine mounts on my 380 cup and when they arrived the Lotus dealer noticed that as suggested that only the front and rear would fit but not the left and right as the OEM parts are different than on the older exige v6 I think you can order them individually from innovative and I bought them in 75A stiffness With the front and rear innovative 75A and of course left and right std ones I could feel slightly more vibration at idle when just fitted and a slight better throttle response and shifting but after a few days I would not notice anymore the slight idle vibr
  5. I was using dunlop dz03g on the wider 380 cup rims in 215 and 285 and the sizing was really good but they stopped making the rear 285 I used then trofeo r tyres on the 380 cup and on the v6 cup r and used different combinations ( but never used a 295 rear tyre ) On the 380 cup I used 225 front and 265 rear ( the rear 265 trofeo r is wider than other 265 tyres and I think that 295 could be too wide ) No problem with the 225 front except on some rare full lock really really slight rubbing but the tyre side is taller and makes the front sit a bit less low. On the v6 cup r I us
  6. I ordered different times tyres at Renn Reifen including the DUNLOP DZ03G when they used to be available in 285 They are not really fast to reply emails etc and when I wanted to order some Hankook they then wrote that they were out of stock and I asked about Federal ant they were again out of stock and ordered the Trofeo R but after that they did not update their website so either some of the tyres are available or they just do not update the website I think that the dunlop is not available anymore in 285 The Michelin pilot sport cup 2 is an excellent all around tyre
  7. I used the MPSC2 the DUNLOP DZ03G and the TROFEO R on the 380 cup I really liked the Dunlop DZ03G they are really good and even if they feel different I think almost as good as the trofeo r (maybe less good on wet) The problem is that they are not available anymore in 285 and I can only find them in 295 and as they are quiet a wide tyre I think they might be a little too wide Does someone know where to find them in 285? I saw a 380 cup fitted with A052 in 215 and 295 and the rear tyre look just a little too wide but I would think really acceptable and they should be
  8. Ok but let s say you get somehow access to position C Where would you fit the rubber pucks for the front in position B ? In that case the problem is that for the common size scissor lift the B raising points are too inwards and not reachable.... or you would have to make some custom center bar Or would you suggest to use C and A even if they are close? Is it possible to use those alloy cylinder pucks sold in usa to fit them on the car to extend the C raising points? I know they are made for the exige s2 and don t know if they would work on the s3 Thanks
  9. I fitted on my 380 cup some trofeo R in 225 front and 265 rear The 225 front is fine even during track use but is a bit taller and will slightly rub at low speed if you are at full lock BTW I have -2.2 front camber The trofeo R at rear in 265 is wider than others 265 so it s ok and I think the trofeo R in 295 would be a little too wide on standard rims and it s better to have a look at the specific tyre spec I saw another 380 cup fitted with the yokohama a052 at the rear in 295 and they are just a little wide on the rim but I think acceptable 215 front and 285 rear is
  10. Something really useful would be if someone who fitted a KT 460 kit and had the dyno made at their shop would then make a comparaison run on another dyno... They seem to all have near 460 at their shop dyno... I m not saying that the KT power kits do not make the expected difference... when fitting the 430 kit my car was running fast and it made 40 bhp more on the dyno... But I m really questioning Lotus oem power output especially on the 380 versions... My 380 cup was around 345 bhp on the dyno and 385 bhp with the KT 430 kit on the same dyno... After that I fitted th
  11. Exige V6 CUP R with tvs 1900 on track
  12. If you talk about a scissor lift with full length arms where the car wheels are on lift or one with extendable arms or by somehow removing the rear panel and reaching the rear lifting points maybe... But with a normal scissor lift with ramps between the wheels as in the link and as described yoy can t just park the car use 4 pucks and lift it as you would do with another car... You can do that I think with a 4 cylinders but not a V6 But to understand what you mean post a picture of a V6 on a lift
  13. The exige V6 can NOT be lifted with those scissor lifts in a normal and approved way.... Be careful as if you lift an exige v6 the rear end weight distribution would make it fall from the lift also have a look at the lotus documented lifting points and how they work as you should not just use the 4 center points indicated by stickers on any type of lift
  14. Just a few things to keep in mind in no particular order I own a cup 380 and I fitted a Komotec 430 kit then upgraded to the 460 kit... Dont want to repeat it but as already wrote I broke the engine two times once when completely standard (on track at 2400km) and the second engine (new from Lotus) after fitting the Komotec 460 kit (on track at 4500 km) The second engine broke a piston on track but started to smoke slightly black on acceleration before but the good think is that nothing else broke and I could just rebuild it with forged parts. Not to argue if c
  15. Hi On the exige 430 cup the electronic throttle body should be bigger than on the older models as the 380. I was wondering if the intake parts are still the same on the 430 cup with just some kind of adapter or if even the standard intake piping is bigger or different and what about the afm? Does anyone know if the bigger throttle body is plugged on a 380 it will be recognized and working (of course with a custom remap) or did they change some of the harness?
  16. Hi Jack Thanks for the info I read some of that about the Honda guys mixing synchromesh etc... But was thinking that the Redline was already using similar friction modifiers making the synchromesh mix not necessary. With those manual gearboxes prone to crunching is not easy to find the best possible compromise if using them hard on track... As of course you want the synchros to be not slippery but is MT 90 good enough for higher temperatures on track? When I start to feel the gearbox less good on track I always wonder if it s because the synchros or if because too high
  17. I am also using redline MT 90 and had some crunching of the 4th gear on track but just one or two times Is syncromesh really different than the addittives that are already in the MT90? Would it not be the same then to switch to redline MTL? BTW I Improved things by bleeding the clutch fluid (and brke fluid) to castrol srf
  18. My Exige cup 380 had a complete engine failure at the track after a correct 1500km engine run in and oil change ant the car was all standard except the auto blip module and a k&n panel filter. It was changed at only 2400 km not under warranty as there was an old record of a mishift to higher rpm peak at 7800 rpm (weeks before the failure) A complete new oem engine was ordered from Lotus and again correct run in of the engine and oil change. Some Lotus tuner told me that if used on track the pistons would probably brake... I then fitted the Komotec 430 kit and the car wa
  19. If you look on the center grille on the front with the komotec 430 kit there should be the chargecooler radiator in front of the normal radiator air flow. As noted by a good lotus tuner in Italy that is not the best placement for the chargecooler radiator as it will take away some air flow to the main radiator and slightly heat the air that go to it. I think those few degrees should not be a problem but it should explain why the engine temperature is a little different. You could if you want change that komotec chargecooler radiator for the oem lotus parts of the exige 410 and
  20. The owner of that 380 cup told me that it was just a custom made part on his request nothing that should be on the market
  21. Hi On my exige v6 cup the fuel level is working really not well it will maybe update only a few times from full to empty and with some delay I think it just have to be replaced by a new one but does anyone have this kind of problem and anyone know if the unit is the same between older v6 and newer models?
  22. Hi Anyone makes an aftermarket undertray or kit to have an easier oil change access without removing the undertray? Or what about some quick release fasteners?
  23. Hi Do you have any suggestions on any company that made and maybe stock matte carbon interior parts (dashboard parts etc) for the exige v6? I had a similar matte carbon oem parts on the 260 cup and it was looking really nice
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