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  1. Guess it depends on what you want from the car. Want something with more power but use as daily then I guess either an S or Phil’s spec 400? Want something with sharper more sporty handling than any of the 4XX would fit that bill. Want to do lots of track days… I guess either Sport 410 or GT430?
  2. Depends what the price is and response from the dealer. If the car was priced up at the top end then yes I expect faults to be fixed but also bearing in mind its not a new car so there will be wear and tear. If the car was priced lower and the dealer was open about the faults on the car then thats fine to me. Work out if the price reduction makes up for the faults and make them an offer or not. If the dealer was pretending the car is immaculate then I would walk away.
  3. I've had the battery disconnected on my S1 Evora for over a week and have not had air bag light come on. I also connected and disconnected the battery multiple times when trying to debug the old faulty battery and connecting up a new one. Didn't get any issues with mine. If my experience is not a fluke then I would suggest to remove the battery and keep that on trickle charge through the storage period. There will be zero load on the battery as it is not contented to anything so zero chance of something rouge on the car drawing too much power and depleting the battery while on trickle charge. This assumes the car is 100% not going to be used over the winter period and assumes the car is safely and securely stored as the alarm will not be functional with the battery removed. But doubt either option makes much difference, there are thousands of people that store their car for long periods with the battery connected to the car and on trickle charge without much problem. Personally I say stick some winter tyres on it an enjoy over winter 😉
  4. Just caught up on the Austin race, it was a pretty good race with lots going on, really enjoyed that. Good to see that Merc have bought some upgrades are more competitive, they were in for a chance of a win there and not just because they got a dealt a lucky hand with safety cars or changeable weather etc. Comments from DC suggested it wasn't just the track really suiting their car and this was genuine increase in overall performance. Hopefully this means they understand their car better and can keep this good form for the next few remaining races and even start next year back at sharp end and fighting it out with Red Bull and Ferrari for the wins. Oh also that move by Charles down the inside of Sergio (I think?)! 🫣😆😍 Wowza!
  5. This post a couple after it suggest that when variable slip mode is enabled the stability control is disabled.
  6. Hi All. I took a look at my carbon tail gate today, I got the "unfinished/factory seconds" version. It looks like its fully finished with glossy finish and just a few light scratches on it. I was planning on just getting a detailer to give it a polish to remove the light scratches. From reading through this thread, seems like thats the wrong action? Even though the tailgate has a glossy finish it still needs a top coat of lacquer to prevent it from going milky? Can any bodyshop do this or does it have to be a carbon fibre specialist with some special top coat?
  7. Agreed there needs to be a proper punishment given to RBR. Bending the rules, finding holes in the specification is part of F1 but when teams get caught being bending them too far, they have always been punished. I don't see why this would be any different!
  8. Amazing ballsy move my Max on the first corner to get back in the front! Congratulations Max on a well earned championship! FIA causing another fiasco with unclear application of the rules making it a not so clear that Max had won the championship so was a bit of an anticlimax. I guess the mis-table battles will still go right to the wire to see who can get 4th position in the constructors and I guess 2nd, 3rd, 4th in the drivers championship is still relatively open so still plenty of action in the remaining rounds.
  9. Ahh so it just clips into the rear seat belt socket? Nice thats a neat trick! Think I might end up copying you. Mine is very similar to yours, high miles (~80K) but has has a lot of stuff fixed. I put some feelers out for prices and got some low offers because of the high miles. The fact that I had done many fixes and improvements did not seem to matter.
  10. @SCMTBCOACH, beautiful car! (I'm also a burnt orange Evora owner!) Can you give me some info on how the racing harness is tethered please? Was thinking a harness might usefully on track days and keep strapped in the seat a bit more.
  11. Can only agree with the folks above. Sure if you are Lewis Hamilton and need to extract every ounce of performance from the car get it checked by all means. But usually if car is tracking straight under acceleration and braking, everything feels fine and symmetrical in the corners and the tyres are wearing evenly (maybe slight bias to inside edge as its sports car). Then that points to everything being OK.
  12. I went a bought the production seconds ones on offer a few weeks ago! Why weren't these offered at the same time? Is there any possibility to return the previous and swap for this one?
  13. Any idea how well these would work with a S1 NA Evora? From what I understand the Sport 410 and NA have very different handling characteristics and chassis setup. Would these work well with the normal springs and geom on a NA? Just give a more sporty ride or will it mess things up?
  14. The 400 shifter mech fitting was part of a bunch of other mods and fixes I was doing at the time so I don't know how much it cost on its own. Have a chat to Dave at ES Motorsport and get a quote from him. I don't think it was cheap, certainly only something to consider if you have a shifter mech failure or you really want a better shift feel. I was getting clutch changed to 400 clutch and lighter fly wheel so car was in bits anyways and made the job easier for them so I went for it. As far as I know there was not any issues in fitting it. ES Motorsport didn't comment on any difficulty or problems so I assume it was straight forward. I've had it for over a year now and maybe over 10K miles and it really is an improvement over the S1 version; has a better feel and is more accurate when shifting. Its not perfect you still can't rush the change too much but it is significant improvement over S1.
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