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  1. Regarding Q1 & Q2, I believe is something to do with the stability control / ABS sensors get confused due to the difference in wheel speed from front to back so the car either doesn't allow sport mode for the full rev range or limits the revs.
  2. There are a few posts on here about using a 4XX series clutch on a S1 but has anyone actually done it? Or it is just theory? My S1 clutch started slipping at around 55K last year. I enquired at Hoffmans Lotus about getting a 4XX clutch and lighter flywheel as the replacement. They said they'd never tried it or heard any one that's fitted a 4XX clutch in a S1 and wasn't sure if it was possible and suggested I just use the standard clutch. They also recommended for a road car the standard (heavier) flywheel would be better (assuming it was possible to fit a lighter one) as it feels smoother as a lighter one would spin up and slow down quicker. At the time I was happy with the standard flywheel and it was the right decession but after some tuition and time learning the car I'm driving it more aggressively and enjoy trying to heal and tow on downshifts and now think a lighter flywheel and a more responsive, quicker revving engine might have suited me better?
  3. I believe Elise Shop might be the UK seller for the WinAce stuff I mentioned. I'm not 100% sure so apologises if I'm wrong. Yep once you pop its hard to stop. I have carbon side boards and rear diffuser. Tempted to get the ducktail boot panel trying to resist at the mo. Also looking for front spoiler .... ah when will it end!
  4. Try on the classifieds I've seen GTE body parts pop up before. ES Motorsports sometimes have some spares kicking around. Stratton cars are rebuilding the GTE Evora they may have some spare bumpers? Failing all that a company called Win Ace makes a copy that looks similar to the Evora GTE bumper. I've not got their parts my self but feedback from other posts online suggests their work is good. WinAce also do a ducktail spoiler rear hatch similar to the GT4XX sport models. I've thought of replacing the one on my Evora with a carbon one from WinAce. makes the car lighter and adds the slated hatch to aid cooling. But costs £££
  5. Whats a KT bung? One those things you can attach to the exhaust tips to dampen the sound?
  6. While at the UK driving academy, was speaking to one of the engineers who said they spent a lot of time and effort making sure the car has good crash safety. It has the potential to go pretty fast and they need to take that into account to make sure the occupants are safe. He was very fond of the replaceable crash structures and sub frames also the roll bar which they strengthened and made sure it was fixed in such a way as to provide a higher level of safety than was the norm in the car industry. It's not as strong a full roll cage but its better than the offerings from a lot of other cars.
  7. Got and email from Hoffmans saying Lotus have released a new track exhaust for the Evora 4XX and Exige cars
  8. FYI - I have a NA Evora with the motorsport back box and de cat pipe other than that it is standard. I was border line at Bedford which has 101db static and 87.5db drive by. I had to short shift on a couple points to stay under the noise limits.
  9. From what Popham has been saying sounds like the SUV is still a possibility; they are focusing on the sports cars at the moment, so if the SUV does happen it won't be for a while yet. He also said the SUV would have to be true to Lotus values otherwise they would not build it. He is not keen on just using chassis or platform already available from within the Geely group and wrapping it in a Lotus styled body.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted but ... a 12 part series on Link & Co, Cyan Racing's entry in to the world touring cars. Episode S1E1.
  11. @Kimbers can I ask where you got your front spoiler from? And if t was an easy fit? thanks.
  12. Yep I’ve certainly read of a few Exiges having done this mod. If you don’t get any luck on the Evora forums try the V6 Exige section. I believe in the uk Hangar111 offer this mod, they sell komotec stuff so it could just be the komotec kit.
  13. Ah knew it looked familiar, that's where I'd seen it! I think I prefer the Bahar Elan more? Maybe put the front bumper of the new model on the Elan?
  14. ohhh are those Autocar pictures from Lotus or ones Autocar created them selfs? I really like individual bits of the car but not sure it works 100% all together? Looks a little squashed could maybe be a bit longer? Its certainly a nice design but needs a little tweak in my opinion before its finished.
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