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  1. @Mattmahope I think maybe Dave Carr the owner of ES Motorsport has it on his Evora? I don't think he's on this forum so might have to give him a call. He does respond to emails but I find phone calls are are more responsive. The price for the suspension seems ok to me but the mechatronics kits feels like way too much money for what is quite a basic bit of electronics, maybe I'm missing something? It might be difficult installing the kit but as far as I understand it the £4K is just for the kit, fitting is extra.
  2. hmm 8 years would have been iffy for me if they where brand new but used ... that would be a bit too old for me on something like an Evora. I don't know what the going rate for a set of wheels is but if they are official Lotus wheels and in good nick £450 sounds good to me? Regarding winter tyres vs new summer. I'm a big advocate of running separate summer and winter tyres since switching over a few years ago. But mine is a daily driver if you do limited miles and I guess with COVID most people are doing considerably less miles it might be hard to justify new winter tyres for this
  3. Sorry for delay, I only recently found time to take a look at the car. The job was super easy in the end. The silver trim for the HVAC controls and gear leaver shroud all come off in one go. It's just held in with trim clips so just some gentle leveraging with trim tools and the panel popped off and I could access the shift changing mech. The opening was a bit cramped but I could access everything OK. No need to take the whole centre console apart.
  4. Howdy guys, I have a NA car with a couple mods to the gears and drivetrain: - Evora 4XX gear shifter mechanism (plus new cables and hardware required for that to work) - Evora 4XX lighter flywheel - Evora 4XX clutch All the work was done by the very good people at ES Motorsports, (please give Dave a call and tell him Jay sent you). I got a whole bunch of other work done at the same time so I don't know the cost of getting the individual bits of work done. My thoughts on the gear change My original gear change mechanism would shift fine when bimbling about b
  5. Sounds like the mechanic doesn’t know what they are doing. Are they an official lotus garage? If not maybe consider taking your car to different place. The garage should be able to pull diagnostic information from the cars ECU showing the throttle pedal position, throttle body position, MAF readings etc and explain to you exactly why they are suspecting malfunctioning parts. At idle the throttle body should be pretty much closed, can they show you if this correct or not. Can they show you what the MAF readings are at idle and show how these values are different from the expe
  6. Was the new engine new or reconditioned? Have the issues started as soon as new engine was installed or was out working fine for a bit and then stopped working? Have your garage absolutely ruled out electrical issues. There are a ton of new sensors and wiring to plug in and get correct in a modern engine. The info on the binnacle doesn’t make 100% sense. Eg engine is at ~2K rpm but all the shift lights are on. To me suggests something is not calibrated correctly or communicating correctly with the ECU. Im guessing you are using the factory ECU with the engine? D
  7. Thanks I got a copy of the manual and had a read. The adjustment needed is to the cross gate cable and you can do the adjustment at the shifter or the gear box end. If I have understood correctly I take the ball socket of the gearbox wind the socket in or out one turn and try again. I think that might be better than the shifter end as I think I can access the cable ends as is in the engine bay. I have an after market induction kit so there of a bit more space in the engine bay compared to standard.
  8. Aux belt change shouldn’t be too bad. I believe you can do it through the wheel arch with out taking the rear clam off.
  9. How would I know weather adjustment is needed on the gearbox side or gear shifter side? I’m reasonably certain the cross gate movement needs adjusting. As I said there is far too much movement allowed on the gear stick when moved to the left so that you go past the gates for 1st and 2nd. I’ve read online here about adjustment available on the gear shifter mech to adjust this so I assumed it would be that, that needs adjusting. Also I should note my car is an S1 car but I installed the new 4xx gear shifter mechanism and cables in my car recently so the issues are most
  10. Yep temp on my NA Evora needs to be at least 1/3 up the scale before there is any real heat coming from the vents. If you are just waiting for the first blip or two on the scale then the heaters don’t produce any heat at all. interesting comments about getting the engine up to temp. Have I understood correctly thinking it’s better to start the engine and get moving using light load and low revs on the engine to build up heat quicker rather than sitting idling for a while to build up heat?
  11. Engine must be up to temperature for sport mode to be engaged and fit it to give you full revs. You can trigger the traction control and afterwards the sport mode will still be able to be selected (assuming engine temp is good). There is no safety feature in terms of the car thinking the road is slippery so won’t let you engage sport mode. Is the traction control light on all the time or just monetarily when accelerating too fast and you break traction?
  12. I can’t help with what the cause might be. But if it does come to replacing the catalytic converters then for that price you should probably get an aftermarket system. Many options out there with sports cats giving sounds and power boost while passing emissions tests. Or if you don’t need to worry about emissions then you could even go for straight through exhaust too. You have options available from 2bular, Hangar, Larini, Komotec and possibly a few more.
  13. Yep sounds like a squealing belt to me. The aux belt is on that side and I believe does need changing at certain intervals. AC compressor is also on that side and have been known to make high pitched noises when on their way to failing.
  14. I need to adjust the cross gate moment on the gear shifter mechanism as its currently very hard to find 1st and 2nd gear. Currently there is too much movement so if move the stick to the left till the stop, I go past the gate for 1st and 2nd gears. If bring the stick back in a tad so its not hard on the stop, the stick slides into 1st and 2nd no problems. So I think I just need to adjust the mechanism a little bit to get this correct. Whats the easiest way to access the gear shifter mechanism? Does the leather shroud just clip off with some trim tools? Or do I have disassemble the who
  15. It's funny how the talk is all on the Merc 2nd driver seat even though the contract is signed and Toto stating they like to honour their agreements. Rather than Merc's number 1 drive slot. But both Merc and Hamilton would be crazy to go anywhere else so I guess its pretty much a done deal they just need to agree on how much? I think its highly likely Russell will get the 2022 contract for Merc and I can see Hamilton staying on for another year even if he wins 2021 WDC, I think he genuinely loves it and as long as he's getting regular podiums he'll stay in the sport. I'll feel sorr
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