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  1. electro_boy

    Future of Lotus

    I presume we haven’t seen Lotus cars in Volvo showrooms yet as the marketing hasn’t changed ie it’s pretty non existenant. So you’re only going to get people wanting a practical salloon or SUV ie your average Volvo in the showrooms and they’re not going to be instetested in a Lotus. So I don’t see the dealerships wanting to sign up to giving up space to Lotus. I imagine it’s an all or nothing approach by Geely. They’ll be working like mad backstage and get everything in place for the new cars and pretty much relaunch the brand ... but before that point we probably won’t see a lot change.
  2. electro_boy

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    * update * ... I gave my MAF sensor a spray with cleaner today and now the car is running nice and smooth! I even have more power and better economy! There was a dead spot in the torque low down that's been filled in nicely and feels more powerful all round. Win, Win situation and it only took a couple minutes to sort out! 😁 Thank you all for the help and advise, it was very appreciated!
  3. I like that, looks good. It makes the car look more angular, I'm slightly no the fence though, not sure which I prefer the angular looks or the more curvy organic lines of the original? I think it looks more in place on the 400 with its more aggressive looks.
  4. electro_boy

    Future of Lotus

    The Koenigsegg way with that crazy £1M+ hyper car that is rumoured? I'm of a similar view to Andy. I love Lotus for what they represent today, light weight, simple machines with minimum luxury features so the driving pleasure is not diluted. But at the same time I understand we are in the minority and this does not appeal to the mass market. I think it's inevitable the Geely will push towards the higher end and add in higher levels of luxury. I just hope they follow the McLaren model rather than the Porsche model. I'd even prefer the old school Lambo model of making a flawed car but with loads of character. What ever happens it would be great if they would hold onto just one model that is similar to Elise/Exige.
  5. electro_boy

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    Thanks any recommendations on where to order one from? DeRoure? I don’t have a Lotus garage near me so can’t pick one up from a garage.
  6. electro_boy

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    Howdy All, I think I have a similar problem in my NA Evora. When going from standstill to moving at slow to mid speeds in gears 1 and 2 the car can sometimes jerk and hesitate a bit like a new driver engaging the clutch. In the higher gears and at faster launch speeds there is no problem. Engine sounds fine, no warning lights on the dash, no other weird noises and if driving briskly car drives smooth. Do I have the same issue as on this thread? Might it be fixed with a new clutch pedal sensor? Is part 14, A132J0107H, Potentiometer, clutch the part that I need? Many thanks!
  7. Have a look on Lotus Talk and their Evora How To Guides. There is usually lots of useful guides on fixing stuff.
  8. I have the Michelin pilot sport 4 on my Evora, they were recommended by Hofmann's who service my car for me. I prefer them to the P-zeros that we're on the car when I bought it. Possibly its because the Pirellis were a little bit old (but they still had plenty of tread depth). But I find my current tyres have more front end grip and there is more feedback and feel through the steering wheel. The wet weather performance is better too, the Pirellis felt a bit nervous over puddles like they weren't quite cutting through the water properly, while I'm much more confident with the MPS4. I recently did a track day at Bedford this December, the day started cold and damp, the track dried up to the end but don't think the air temp went above 10 degC. The tyres performed fine, there was consistent grip and didn't feel like they were overheating and grip falling away my last stint was 40mins long. They wore evenly and I only took ~2 mm off the rears. I'm still quite new to track driving so possibly I wasn't pushing hard enough but I was getting tyre squeal and a tiny bit out of shape every now then when trying to push it so hope I was giving the tyres a reasonable amount of work to cope with.
  9. @MrP_ I'm also a fellow mountain biker. Main use of a battery washer is for the bikes and also found out about the Hydroshot from STW forum. I find it pretty good at cleaning the bikes but you have to use a brush to loosen the mud, just standing and blasting with water doesn't work. Soak, brush, rinse and the bikes should come up pretty clean. Thanks all for the input, its been very helpful, much appreciated. I'm already using two buckets and a grit guard. Sounds like the Hydroshot will make rinsing quicker but won't necessarily give better results just quicker results. I'll hold out till its on offer again before buying.
  10. Looking at a lot of car washing / detailing vids seems as if everyone is using pressure washers for cleaning their car. Is the pressure washer used to blast the dirt off the car or just to make rinsing the car quicker or any other benefit from using the pressure washer? I'm asking as I currently live in a 3 floor flat with no access to mains water / water butt. I currently have a battery powered pressure washer getting water from a 10 litre can, it gives about the same pressure as normal mains hose. While the pressure matches the mains hose the flow rate is not great so stills takes me ages just to rinse the shampoo off. Its basically a real pain to wash the car and I mostly end up going to the local hand car wash. While the job is good for the money, I'd prefer to do it my self with better products and more care to avoid rubbing the dirt in and causing more swirl marks. This is similar to what I have: Current pressure washer I'm thinking of investing in a Worx Hydroshot basically a super charged version of what I currently have and gives a power of up to 22 bar which while still well below an entry level mains powered pressure washer it is a lot better than what I have now. They occasionally drop down to ~£120 with battery and accessories or ~£100 for the base unit only. Worx Hydroshot link But before I go for the Worx Hydroshot is there any real benefit over the system I currently have? Will the 22 bar make much difference? Should I just invest in a mains powered system and wash car at the parents house more often?
  11. electro_boy

    Hethel lap time leaderboard

    Oh nice thread, not noticed this before. Really interesting to see the lap times and comparing how the different versions of each car performs. Very surprised at the difference between the Evora S and 400, I know the 400 is more focused and has more power but wasn't expecting that much difference! Any predictions what time a S1 Evora would post? Power to weight ratio is less than the Elise Sport 220 and won't be as good round the corners and braking due to the extra weight so I'm thinking 1.41-1.42.
  12. Glad the car is working fine now. I had a similar problem in the summer, was just driving along, highish revs and then a rough sounding engine. I think I got error codes: Misfire causing catalyst damage and misfire on cylinder 5. It sounded rough after a few restarts but soon coughed it out it’s system and was fine after that. I took it into Hoffmans to get a check up but they said it was fine. Their diagnosis systems didn’t detect anything. Many many miles of ragging the car later and I haven’t had an issue.
  13. Hello to the owner of the beautiful Esprit I saw on Kings Langley high street on Saturday. I was in the orange Evora that drove past at the cross roads. The car looked amazing in that yellow and had lots of presence. Also saw a Elise 250 cup (I think?) in the Red Lion car park. It was dark so couldn’t read the livery properly but it was silver and had a big wing and other fancy parts looking more aggressive than a standard Elise. If either of you are local feel to get in touch for little meet up and drive. Always nice to meet local Lotus people.
  14. Yes I know. It was a tongue in cheek comment. 😉
  15. electro_boy

    Replacement 3-6 gears sport box

    Have you tried the aftermarket options you have in the US for the gears? BOE Fabrication, Inokinetic or Monkey Wrench Racing? You still need to ascertain if your gearbox is one of the dodgy batch and has a higher chance of failure. But once you have that info maybe one of the above can help get replacement parts for it?