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  1. Hi Georg, As Trevor says there are two places to measure the power output of a car, one is at engine and the second is at the wheels. There is some drivetrain losses due to friction etc .. going from the engine to the wheels usually around 15% loss. This may help explain: Do you know where the dyno garage where measuring their output from? If it is at the wheels then I think your car is OK if the engine then possibly you have some problem. I believe the figure quoted by Lotus is the engine horse power and assuming a loss of 15% for the drive train and then a further loss of 5% for 4wd compared to 2wd dyno give a total of 20% losses going from engine power to wheel power. So if you take 350ps and multiply by 0.80 that equals = 280ps which is roughly in line with what you are getting in your car, so assuming your dyno figure is measured at the wheels I don't think there is any problem. Heat soak in the engine can also reduce performance, if the car had performed a few runs and the engine bay was hot then this would also reduce the power by a little bit too. If there was a problem I would have thought an experience garage would be able to at least have a guess at what the problem might be? Did they measure air to fuel ratio, this can give an indication to problems in the engine.
  2. Just to add my 2p to the "made in China" = bad quality discussion. China has invested very heavily into their manufacturing industry over many decades and has some of, if not the worlds most advanced manufacturing technology and has a large skilled labour force too. Chinese companies can make pretty much anything you want to to what ever budget you choose. They can make some really crappy cheep tat and they can make some very high end beautifully constructed items too. The high end tech can be used to reduce costs or increase quality. It totally depends on what they were asked to produced. There are many brands from different industries that show you can have high end products made in China with good reliability. There are also a few companies that show you can have the devices made in factories that promote ethical values and a good working environment for its staff. Yes these things may not be instilled into the Chinese culture but if you ask for it, pay for it and work with them they will do it! So next time you buy something and its not made to the standard you want don't blame the factory it was made in!
  3. TBH I think well worn tyres do cause a bit of tram lining in these cars so most likely a new set of tyres should remedy the tram lining. But always good to check the geo is still correct every now and then ...
  4. Nothing more to add other than, I echo all the comments above. Your profile says you have a 2015 Sports Racer, if I am correct then this will have the 19/20" wheel combo? If correct then go for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. They have all the motorsport tech from the SuperSport and combined with the good road manners of the Pilot Sport 4 to make one amazing high performance road tyre.
  5. Dear god that car is gorgeous ! The more pictures I see and the more angles see the more I'm impressed by the design. I've said it already but well done Lotus!
  6. @alias23 I'm assuming this system would work on the Evora too as its the same drive train? Might want to post up on there too? I have a Evora N/A that I might be willing to lend for development if you need. I have recently added BOE Fab induction kit but still have the original if you want to do comparison runs.
  7. @Vulcan Grey wowzers that's a great stat! Didn't realise the latest Macca tub was down to just 4 hours for manufacture! Well I'm guessing thats the man hours not including time in the oven baking!
  8. Awesome thank very much guys. Just what I was thinking. I’ll use the same kit use for my camper van as token gesture.
  9. I'm about to head out on a European road trip soon to northern Spain via France. Does anybody have a list of bulb sizes I should keep as spares? My main lights are the xenon lights and I think most the other lights are LED? So do I still need to carry spares?
  10. From what I understand that Lynk&Co car developed by Cyan / Polestar racing is a one off concept at the moment with very serious modifications compared to the standard road car, its not just a "GTI" version. Fingers crossed there is a production version not too different to this concept! Also it would be interesting to see how much power they could reliably get out of the engine? Mercedes are getting ~400hp out of their new 2.0l turbo engine so this a quite a step up at ~500hp. But even if it is detuned a little for better reliability and longevity there is still some headroom to produce some good power! Good work Geely group, keep it up, look forward to seeing what the future brings...
  11. My NA Evora was close to the static limit and on drive by had to short shift a little bit. So I’d imagine a 350v6 is louder and would be very close if not over the limits.
  12. Maybe not shelved but put to the back of the queue. Popham said in an interview a few months back that the focus was on new sports cars that appeal more to the mass market and selling them in greater numbers. Once they achieved this they would consider developing a SUV. He also said he would not be happy with using a rebadged platform from Volvo or other members of the Geely group. The SUV would have to align well with the Lotus values of light weight, great handling, connected feel with the car etc ... So either a bespoke platform for the Lotus SUV or a new group platform with heavy influence from Lotus.
  13. Michelin PS4 and PS4S both have extra protection for the rims. The Super sport I’m running on the rears at the moment have less protection. Ive switched to SS from PS4 as I’m hoping they cope better on track days. But so far with the used PS4 on the front the balance seems fine on the road driving I’ve done so far. Hoping to squeeze in a track day soon. PS4 were fine for track but overheated after 15/20mins. Great on the road same findings as Dean says above . For such a low use car I’d consider the cup2. If it’s fair weather car then why not? Can’t see many downsides for your usage
  14. Good to hear you getting on well with the PSS on the front. I'm looking forward to the front eventually wearing out and I change the PS4 over to PSS. I believe the correct size for the 18/19 wheels are available in the US and other markets. Just not in the UK for some reason.
  15. There are some really good high performance tyres from Bridgestone and Continental now that will give the PS4S a good run for their money but alas neither of them do the correct sizes for the 18/19 wheel combo
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