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  1. Another endorsement for ES Motorsports from me. I've had some power and mechanical upgrades from them and I've been happy with the service and am very confident in their knowledge about the cars. When I first started the journey with them, Dave spent a lot of time on the phone and emails with me explaining what mods they would recommend and why those over other mods etc. I'm currently waiting for a cam upgrade from them too, but mine is a NA engine and they have not fully developed the profile for the NA engine. The supercharged engine has fully developed cams and should be straight forwa
  2. Noooooooo! I thought they finally got their engine in the ball park for performance and reliability this year! Wonder which engine Red Bull will move too? I'm guessing only Renault would sell them an engine. Are there any new comers in the pipeline?
  3. Holy Moly! I've never heard of cable racing before, those cars are incredible, you can barely see them whizz around!
  4. Just watched the quali and race highlights. That was a hard weekend for Hamilton, not a very smooth quail and then the penalty also put a downer on his weekend. Also Bottas' comment when he won the race was funny! I think he was feeling the pressure to get better results. The pundits on Channel 4 were saying according to their interpretations of the rules it was a bit of a grey area and Hamilton didn't do anything wrong. Based on that I think the penalty was harsh. I think the stewards could have found a middle ground which would have been more deserving. Anyway I guess we'll h
  5. haha has that photo been edited in any way?!! Cant believe how big those trucks are, makes the Lotus look like a toy car!
  6. Who knows if it really is the new Esprit or what ever the new model will be but good to see signs of prototypes and testing happening.
  7. Just for everyone else .... I love my Michelin Pilot Alpin 4. I can't remember the exact size I got I will try and pop down to the shed and check the sizes soon. But I couldn't find them in same size as the Yoko W Drives, I think I ended up somewhere in between the summer size and winter size. I'm a big fan of the Alpin 4 very nice high performance winter tyre. I don't have anything to compare against other than the summer tyre. In normal everyday driving there is very little difference in feel apart from the winter keying to the surface significantly better and having better
  8. WWWWWOOOOOOO!!!! Happy Birthday TLF!
  9. Yep as much as we look to advance technology and make cars lighter, faster, better and as much as the data and testing shows the future may well be EV. Theres just something about an old fashioned internal combustion engine that gets me going! I'm excited about the future and what it will bring us but it wont be the same as what we have now.
  10. Haha fantastic to see an Evora can out do a Porsche with a lairy paint job and big wing! I've also had my car confused for a Lambo a couple times by youngsters.
  11. I'm assuming the fuel pump is located and in the fuel tank and I believe fuel tank is under the rear seats in 2+2 or parcel shelf in the 2+0 version. I've not had to access it before so no idea how thats done. But I'd hope you could access it by removing the rear seats/trim. Rather than having to take the under tray off and dropping the tank from below?
  12. Thank you Steve for the suggestion. I'm not sure what a ABS ring is but I'll see if I have time to jack the car up and take a look at the hubs. I'm sure I'll figure it out when I take a look. Also no not checked the fuses either. Will add that to list when I can find some time to work on the car again.
  13. Oh yes I forgot about that trick, thank you Bibs. Does the engine need to be started? Or just ignition turned on, wait for a few seconds then off again and repeat 5 times? Will give it a go this evening.
  14. My car has the ABS and Traction control warning lights lit up on the dash. Reading old posts there are 3 common faults: 1) faulty brake pedal sensor, replace with new one 2) re-calibrate the steering position sensor 3) ABS/wheel speed sensors on each wheel faulty I've installed a new brake pedal sensor and I still have the warning lights. OBD reader does not show any codes so can't reset / clear anything here. Question to others who had this issue, did the lights go out once you installed a new sensor or did you need to do any reseting of some electronics? If the
  15. I've seen the above links before regarding cat failures but those are the only places I've seen it mentioned. I've never seen this issue mentioned on this forum or any other Lotus owners forums. I don't think is an issue at all, just a couple of people who have got unlucky, no part from any manufacturer will be 100% without failure.
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