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  1. You know there are some crazy wealthy people that commission 1 off designs from Ferrari and Lambo based on their existing platforms. Maybe one of those folks will come along and ask Lotus to stick one of Cosworth's amazing V12 engines (T50 or Valkyrie) into the Evija! And then maybe I will try and squeeze into a tight fitting pencil dress and high heels and seduce one of those people and run away with the car!
  2. Yes its called sticky tape! 😉 I think there is an override that stops the sport mode being enabled on a cold engine. I've not tried pressing it on a cold engine, so I don't know if sport mode is enabled but revs are still limited until the engine is warm or if you have to reenable sport mode once engine has some heat? I doubt the Lotus software has an option to always enable sport mode. But maybe someone like Komotec who have cracked the Lotus ECU encryption could reprogram the throttle map for you? And certainly if you use an aftermarket ECU like the SCS Delta in my car that can be programmed with what ever throttle map and rev limiter you want.
  3. oooff my knees have gone weak at the thought of that! 😍
  4. Yep as I understand it NA with no sport pack is the same as the NA with sport pack but button not enabled in terms of engine performance. I think the sports pack also gives coloured brake callipers. Performance is exactly the same just a colour difference. I think it also gives you cross drilled brake discs, which I guess will give you better performance on the track but not sure if it makes any difference on the road. If you are looking at getting an auto gearbox, maybe (I don't know) the shifts are faster and it might want to hold higher revs for longer before shifting up?
  5. I'm in the camp that to me the Emira is a heavily updated Evora. Thats not a bad thing, I think the Evora is a very good car indeed so I don't see why the Emira can't be an awesome car too and surpass the Evora and the competition too. My only bug bare is I was hoping for a design that was engineered with less constraints and giving a much better performance envelope than the Evora. Eg a longitudinally mounted engine and gear box to get the weight low down and forward of that rear axle. I also think the car is too big and heavy, even taking into account this car is supposed to be for the mass market and creature comforts that normal everyday people want. I honestly don't have a clue what it takes to design a car so quite possibly it doesn't make sense for Geely to spend the extra money that would be required for all that as they may never recoup that back before the model is dead and rules dictate it needs to be replaced with a totally different EV car? So I don't really know what it will do to Evora prices? Will people see it as an old version of the Emira and prices of top end Evora drop? Or will people see it as last of the "true" Lotuses and keep prices up? The Elise and Exige have a lot more difference and I think prices will stay high due. But Evora is too similar so I don't really know?
  6. I’m pretty happy with the lotus recommended pressures: performance: 30psi front 33 psi rear economy: 33psi front 36 psi rear on the track run the performance pressures but when hot. I usually keep the car in the economy setting and only lower the pressures if I’m going out on just a fun drive rather get milk from the shop.
  7. Emira is a bit softer and heavier than the 4XX versions of the Evora. I can see the Evora appealing a bit more to some people. I can also see people buying a GT430 as they don't want to wait for the more hardcore version of the Emira to be launched. But I think the number of people will be low but then the number of 410/430 cars was quite low anyway so possibly demand and supply will be roughly the same keeping prices flat?
  8. This was mentioned in the live launch. The manual shifter was purposefully moved higher and closer to the steering wheel to give a more race car feel.
  9. The Porsche 4pot was clearly made to hit a price and economy point to get people who want to cool and flash in a car but not necessarily drive the car. I'm by no means an expert on it but from the few reviews I've read the engine has a laggy response not very linear delivery and sounds crap. I think thats the reason people have not gone for it. Whereas the AMG 4pot engine was made to be a driver's car engine and has been much better received.
  10. Thanks I missed this bit. With that in mind I think this base Emira has been engineered correctly for a long range GT tourer and use as softer everyday car. I still think its a bit too big and heavy. The Alpine A110 is much smaller and lighter. Yes many people state it doesn't have much storage and space but I think the reviews are pretty good regarding comfort and refinement. I think somewhere half way between Alpine and Emira would have been right. The driver's that this version of the Emira is aimed at will be completely fine with the size, its still smaller than the average saloon and SUV but not cramped and not so small you are intimidated by larger cars (especially in US). Pretty much spot on. But I think the later versions of the Emira aimed at the current Lotus fans maybe a bit wide and big for the smaller and tighter roads. I wonder how much flexibility the new platform offers and if it will be possible to reduce the footprint a little bit.
  11. Good to hear Lotus will be calibrating the Merc engine and gearbox to how they want it. Hopefully they’ll take out those fake pops and bangs.
  12. Hmm I’m not sure how I feel about it. Some angles I’m: “take my money now!” Other angles I’m: “meh”. The blue one definitely shows of the lines and sculpture much better than the black one. The i4 power level is about what I was expecting but I was expecting the 410/430 version of the V6 engine to be released. Maybe with newer regulations etc… the old engine can’t be made to go higher? I was also hoping with it being a dedicated 2 seater rather than 2+2 the weight might be closer to 1300kg.
  13. Was taking a read of the NewProductLotus and the new thermal bottle: But what really got me interested is... what car is behind the bottle? The photos look like they are the front bumper and looking along the side of the car towards the engine vent. But these don't look like any of the current Elise, Exige or Evora to me.... Could it be the new Emira?
  14. Not tried the Porsche 4 pot engine my self but from reviews I thought it was not well received because it was a crap engine for a sports car. Laggy with slow throttle response, not particularly linear delivery and lack of any emotion and drama. Purely designed for low emissions and cost and high efficiency. To get more people into Porches that are not driving enthusiasts and just want to look good and tell people they own a Porsche. A few other manufacturers have gone for the downsize engine with turbo and get good reviews and praise and not many complaints other than lack of noise. So I don’t see an I4 turbo engine as a problem for Lotus. They just need to pick the right one with the correct characteristics. In the past I think they have generally got it right. The current range from Toyota is good example, initially looked down up (both I4 and V6) from reading the spec sheet but once actually driving people tend to really like the engines.
  15. I think any improvements from Merc must be down to setup. According to this article from BBC Merc have stopped development for this years car.
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