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  1. This is what I keep telling people who have never tried a Lotus before. Its that super fun, connected feeling you get even at normal speeds that just makes the cars so incredlebly appealing for me. I really don't understand a lot of modern fast cars these days because you feel like you are driving a sofa unless you start going silly speeds. Sure a 911 or M4 might be faster than Evora round a track etc ... but I bet majority don't even track their cars, those who do are not experienced drivers and like me are just going out on track because it's fun not to win a race or set a lap record just because it puts a massive smile on my face. So who cares what the lap time is! What matters to me is how the car feels and the emotions it stirs in me and I think Lotus are far beyond most other if not all other manufactures in this aspect. And I totally agree with you Lotus need to make sure people know and understand this character about the cars. There was a flurry of videos on YouTube last summer of youtubers/influencers demoing the cars and saying just how fun they are to drive, I think that was a good move by Lotus PR dept but clearly a lot more needs to be done.
  2. @Hangar 111 I'm with AIB insurance, I told them about all the changes including that the ECU has been changed for an aftermarket non factory one. They didn't ask any further questions apart from listing the modifications. @Mattmahope no worries, glad to help.
  3. Howdy guys! sorry I forgot to get back and report my findings. I was having too much fun with the car! A quick summary of the work to my NA S1 Evora ... - BOE FAB cold air induction kit - Larini exhaust headers - Delta ECU with custom tune - Suspension geometry change. I am very happy with the changes, the car feels great to drive and has stayed very reliable. I don't know how many miles I've done since I picked it up but I use the car as a daily driver, did a euro road trip to Spain and 2 tracks days and the car has been faultless. Full OEM functionality is present apart from the tyre pressure monitoring system and the heated mirror button doesn't work as the ECU doesn't have enough inputs. The fuel efficiency doesn't work (I haven't asked if that was expected) but who uses that anyways? The predicted range, miles traveled and speed in kph all work fine. I have not checked the OBD connector plug yet but I assume that works too? The car is now producing 313bhp, power and torque have increased though out the rev range and you can feel it low down in the rev range pulling harder but most especially at the top end where the engine keeps pulling well till the redline. Previously you could feel the engine giving up a little towards the redline but now you want that rev dial needle to just keep going and going and delay the gear change, it really is very addictive. Car sounds incredible with the induction kit and the exhaust headers, every tunnel I drive through, I just have to drop the clutch and rev the engine. The drivability of the car is just as good if not better than before as there is more torque lower down the rev range. Further to that the throttle map has been changed so its a little sharper than before and sport mode makes it sharper still. To keep good everyday drive-ability gears 1 and 2 have a linear throttle map so its easy to pull away from standstill at the traffic lights. Then gears 3 to 6 have a steeper profile that feels more responsive and sporty when you are driving. The initial setting the Delta ECU came with had the same sharp throttle map in all gears, which made it hard to set off slowly from traffic lights as it was very easy to over rev the engine. I was very impressed by how ES motorsports and the ECU company took my feedback and came up with this solution as its the best of both worlds. Easy to drive in slow traffic and fun and responsive the out on the open road. And switch to sport mode and you have the same thing just even more intense! Traction control seems to work just fine too, ES motorsport said it was programmed it to allow a bit more slip angle in non sport mode. Again in my opinion I think this setting is an improvement over the factory setting. Its just a little more slip but makes the dynamics of the car feel more fun and same as before when the traction control does kick in, its not too invasive and reduces the torque just enough to keep the car pointing in the correct direction, there is still a little bit of slip maintained but just reduced by the system so you don't over cook it. Its this extra bit that makes the car feel better in non sport mode compared the factory setting. The suspension geometry was changed slightly too, I don't know the exact figures but front end is ever so slightly more pointy and I think rear tow in angle is increased slightly to give more stability in high speed corners. For me the rear end is big factor, I feel more confident in fast, long corners, I can hold a higher speed, maintain a smoother line through the turn, even adjust the line better mid corner and have more confidence to get back on the power earlier. I didn't end up getting the cam shaft changes (yet!); ES motorsport tested the cams on a different car and while it produced more power it had no increase in torque and I think the graph profile could have been better. They wanted to develop the cams for the NA engine a bit more before they are ready for releasing to the public. I believe they have a cam solution that works on the super charged engine, which produces good results and they have fitted them to a few cars already. It's just the NA engine cam shafts that they want to develop more and get more performance. That was a while ago and I need to chase them up to see if there has been any new developments on that front. Overall I'm very happy with the changes and the support from ES motorsport. My experience was very good and I would reccomend ES motorsport to anyone not just for performance mods but just general car servicing too. Feel free to ask away any other questions you may have, happy to help if I can ...
  4. Anybody know what the consumer rights are regarding warranty work that wasn't fixed properly first time round and now require further work but warranty has expired? I would say its reasonable to suggest the work wasn't completed to a satisfactory quality and this further issue is related and should be fixed as part of the warranty work.
  5. I think the advise said previously on the forum still stands. If you have the time, money and skill to consistently drive lap after lap to fine tune your setup then I think either option Ohlins or Penske will produce similar results. Both are highly regarded brands and have a very good reputation in top tier motorsport disciplines. I think in absolute performance there will be little to choose from. I think it comes down what price you can get them for in your locality and what after sales and servicing support you have in your locality. ie if there is a highly regarded Penske service centre down the road from you and the nearest Ohlins place is 250km away then Penske might be preferred.
  6. @TheKevlarKid was the new Alpine in the running at all? Or are they all sold out due to the limited numbers?
  7. Has there been any hints at when the all new Lotus will be out? What are the current best predictions saying? If it's 2 years from now, then I don't know if EV tech will have come on enough to make a genuine viable sports car so I think that will still have a ICE but maybe in hybrid form. If its more like 4 years from now then the EV tech may have been developed enough to get the weight down and power density high enough so you can rag the car around the country lanes but still get a decent range out if it. So I can see that one possibly being a full EV sports car.
  8. I'm certainly no Evora expert but don't think I've seen Penske dampers being mentioned in this forum before? Certainly the two brands are highly regarded in motorsports and I'd say are comparable in terms of product quality and performance. But unless I have the expertise, time and budget to properly tune my suspension I would probably go for Ohlins as these have been used many times on an Evora so you have some idea what are the ball park settings for the damper. With the Penske dampers you'll be starting from scratch.
  9. The one time I've used the emergency boot release the cable was stuck in the extended position and didn't retract back to the unextended position unless I threaded the cable back into its hole. (hope that made sense). So check the cable is retracting back. Other than that ... You could try disconnecting the pneumatic thingys so the boot won't stay up on its own accord, it'll drop back down closed?
  10. I think it was on Money Saving Expert website or something similar that said the magic date for insurance quotes was 21days before renewal gets you the cheapest quote. I used to be with Admiral many years ago and every year the renewal quote was a joke, I'd ring up to complain and get an explaination and each time they would be "oh so sorry it must be a mistake!" and then reduce it to something competitive. After a few years of doing the dance I got bored and went else where that just gave me a straight renewal quote with the dancing around.
  11. Article says the Straton GTE's drop 100kg from the standard Evora. Sorry if its been done before but can someone in the know, briefly explain how the weight was lost?
  12. As far as understand yes you can open close the boot as many times. It’s not an “one off” release system just an inconvenient manual release system. Can’t believe the saga continues. Hope you get your issue resolved. Incase it helps I have a endoscope you are welcome to borrow. It’s wireless and connects to android or Apple phone to see the video. Happy to post it out to you.
  13. Thanks Colin, for that price it’s a no brainier to get PPF. Even more annoyed at my self for removing the old film and bit getting new one out on! Doh! Oh well live and learn!
  14. As you’re local to me, you are very welcome to pop over and have a gander at my car and see the damage it’s had in 2 years and ~15k miles and make a judgement. Also out of interest what would be a ball park figure to get ppf on the front bumper?
  15. Yep the front will get chips without the PPF. When I first got my car (2010 S1) it had the original PPF and the edges had started to dirt in and were very obvious and looked crap so I asked for it to be taken off. The car looked much better with out the obvious lines but yes as mentioned it picked up chips and I really regret taking the old film off and leaving it unprotected. After about 15K road miles and 5 track days ... I have one large chip just under the badge, which started to flake off and become worse, so I really need to stabilise it at least if not fix it properly. But otherwise there are a few smaller chips on the front bumper and the car looks used but not terrible and desperately in need of a respray. I guess it comes down to personal preference and how close to concourse finish you like to keep your car. I think next not the list of things to fix on the car is the front bumper paint and get a PPF. I have barge boards on my car so the side and wheel arches are protected. I did have my car ceramic coated and I find it really helps to keep the contaminants from damaging the clear coat and dirt just wipes away very easily with a damp cloth and the glossy shine is easily restored with out too much elbow grease. edit - I think Colin was implying 10K miles before you get enough paint damage that you need to respray the car. Not £10K for the cost of a respray.
  16. CAI & exhaust headers give the S1 NA engine a fantastic sound if a little on the loud side for some UK tracks. I think it should have come from the factory like that. With the option of quieter back box for people who want to track their car. Things for the future ... I like my S1 interior but there are a few blemishes. The airbag cover one spot where the leather has bubbled up and door handle covers are a bit loose and there are one or two rattles. I'd like to have a full interior strip down, re-trim with plusher leather and better finishing and screw everything back tightly to remove the rattles. But those things just melt away when I'm out on a drive so I'm not sure how motivated I am to get a re-trim. I've started tracking my car a little bit and I am learning to be a better, faster driver so maybe some suspension upgrades to make the car feel better on track? but even with the stock suspension there is still a lot time left in the car due to my lack of skill. So I'll try and focus on spending money on becoming a better driver first and resisting the urge to spend it on new shiny gear. If I won the lottery and money was no object - I would get carbon fibre S1 clam shells made up to lighten the car and maybe some carbon wheels and ceramic discs, li-on battery .. again all to try and lighten the car.
  17. I totally understand people being nervous and pessimistic about tech creeping into Lotus cars. They way it’s traditionally done in cars has resulted in reduced driver engagement and feel and an increase in weight. So for sure be concerned about the future of Lotus. but... there are some companies that like to think out of the box like Koinesegg (sorry that’s probably spelt wrong) who I think are on the cutting edge but I think (never driven one obvs) they are still engaging cars to drive. The tech is used purely to increase performance. Oh! and also the fact that Popham keeps saying current Lotus values and DNA is top of the list and something they are striving to keep in the new cars. So for me that negativity is quashed ... until they release the cars or real hard evidence of what the new cars will be like. Then I’ll happily get the torch and pitchfork out and march to Lotus HQ in an angry mob when the cars are big heavy luxury barges.
  18. I don't think anyone is saying don't speculate. I think they're saying let's not automatically think it's all going to be crap and against the Lotus values. Regarding what features would be unacceptable ... I'll keep an open mind and say it's more about how you implement and use the feature, so won't discount something straight away. But anything that detracts from the Lotus DNA would not be acceptable in my books. If the cars became heavy and had little or no thought on use of aerodynamics or driving feel that would all be very sad. Sure if Lotus suddenly say the next flagship car will be a 4 door saloon with massaging chairs, auto parking and 4 zone climate control all weighting in at 2000Kg ... then I will be very sad and disappointed in the direction Lotus are heading. Applying pure speculation on my behalf because there's been about 2 sentences said on the automation side of things. To me it sounds like a having a driving coach in the car with you, showing you quicker lines, better technique and hopefully getting round the track faster. I hope you still have to drive the car and perform the actions its telling you otherwise whats the point?! But maybe if your braking point is way too early into one corner, it might modulate the brake to not apply as much pressure as you asked, turn the steering a bit differently than you asked as your entry speed is higher. Some sort of indication would appear on heads up display or something... So the driver is aware the car took some action and some modification of technique is required and the driver knows what to change on the next lap. Now I'll admit that, applying this much automation in car will add some weight and remove a lot of feel and communication with the car which the whole point of buying a Lotus but lets hope the engineers can come up with solution to this? Lotus have a track record of thinking out the box and coming up with some amazing solutions to problems.... Obviously if I bought the 311 or its replacement in 20 years time I'm clearly an experienced driver very seriously into track days and after that very raw race car feel and I won't be expecting this feature built in or even an optional extra. But I if bought an Espirt or its replacement in 20 years, I might be after something less track focussed and happy to accept +50kg weight penalty for this feature.
  19. I'm not sure you have read the all article? Yes autonomy is mentioned but its also mentioned it won't be implemented as per the usual way of the car driving you from A to B while you sit back and have a cuppa. Lotus are looking to do other innovative things with the autonomy tech. eg you take your car on the track and the car shows you how to improve your line and lap time. For me that is embracing the future tech and still in keeping with the Lotus ways.
  20. @Green beret Do you know if you are running a 3rd cat in your system or not? There is one cat converter on each bank of the exhaust manifold as standard and also a 3rd cat just before the back box. You can pass UK emissions and MOT test with just the manifold cats or the 3rd cat. Replacing the 3rd cat with a straight pipe is simpler and cheaper to do compared to replacing the exhaust manifolds so is quite a common mod. 3rd cat removal definitely makes the car sound louder and you hear more pops and bangs on the overrun and the low rev burble of the engine is more noticeable too compared to car running all cats. My car is currently running with Larini headers and mid section connected to the Lotus sports back box and temporarily running with zero cats. Makes a fantastic noise and very loud bangs when lifting the throttle also has small flames popping out the back. On track day noise metering it reaches 101/102db at 4500rpm. Standard system with 3rd cat delete I had previously had a reading of 98db. Gonna be a sad day getting a sports cat put in and retune to prevent flames from damaging the cat but need the car to be road legal.
  21. howdy welcome to the forum. Reset procedure is to wind the windows down all the way. Hold the button down for a few seconds till you hear a click. Then wind them up all the way keep holding the button again for a few seconds till you hear another click.
  22. Try ES Motorsports they have a pile of new and used spares for various different Lotus'.
  23. It's good to get wheel alignment checked from time to time in any car and in a high performance car such as Evora its good to also get the suspension geometry checked time to time too although not as often as the wheel alignment. But you don't need to check every time you change tyres. I've not found any real consensus on what a suitable interval between checks is. Some will say every year while others will say every 3 years. Just depends on how many miles you drive yearly, how pot holed your local roads are or how rough you are over kerbs on track days etc. These are all factors that will make it more likely that the wheel alignment or suspension geo could have got knocked out of alignment. So if you do 15K miles a year on very bumpy, pot holed roads you may want to get it checked every year, if you are doing 5K miles a year on buttery smooth tarmac then you could probably wait a few years between checks If you have no idea when the last alignment check was done then I'd recommend getting one done regardless of if you have changed or about to change your tyres. It doesn't cost too much £40-£60 should be ball park figure for 4 wheel alignment check. If the change to new tyres all round is not too big say ~3months, I'd just wait till you have the correct tyres on all four corners and get the alignment done once rather than doing it again when you get new rears. And if you track your car or are sensitive to set up changes then I'd recommend getting the geo checked too. You may also want change the geometry to suit your driving preferences better.
  24. From what I've read on here and talking to the garage that replaced my rear camera (who were not a Lotus specialist). Its very tight squeeze and just about possible with the bumper on to get your hand in round the back and access to the camera. The garage decided it was easier for them to just take the bumper off and get full access.
  25. What about the motors and the control electronics? Are those Lotus / Geely group developed?
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