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  1. Am I correcting in that GRP is the only place currently offering aftermarket lights for the Evora? @Dom193 What was the total cost of the lights after shipping and duty etc?
  2. Finally the Evora Roadster is launched ?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. I once had a errr lets say more mature lady come up to me while in the car and say "If I were 30 years younger, I would have already jumped in your passenger seat and let you take me for a spin! (with a wink)" ☺️ I didn't know what to say and just blushed back at her and said thanks! 😂
  4. I can see the electrification of a Lotus sports car taking a while to launch. SUV and GT car etc will come before that, in my opinion. So I can see the Emira having to fill in a long gap for the sports car fans. Maybe that time is long enough for the Emira to get some updates and maybe one of those updates is an open top version? Isn't one of the major goals of the Emira to get in high volume sales? Based on purely what I can see and no scientific evidence, I think the mass market prefers a drop top for the fun car?
  5. Not a clue, just going off the speculation that it will be another Toyota derived V6. Either the one that's currently used the 2GR-FE or one of the newer variants that Toyota make with better emissions. So it's likely that it will produce similar sort of power output around the ~430/450hp, unless Lotus decide to strap a turbo or two? The M139 engine produces ~415hp so its way too close. The V6 would have to produce closer to 500hp for there to be enough separation between the two. I also think 400hp is too high for the entry level engine. So I can see Lotus going for one of th
  6. I think the Merc AMG M139 engine has a too high power output and would be too close to the V6. It would have to be a detuned version or a non AMG version of the engine. What about something from the Ford eco boost range? They are often sold as crate engines and used by other smaller manufacturers?
  7. Woooo I'm in! It appears to be a prerecorded video rather than a live stream launch and you can't fast forward it. Lots of fluff about Lotus etc ... TELL ME ABOUT THE NEW CAR! please 🙂
  8. I think the Government has done their bit to get new cases and deaths down through restrictions and vaccine roll out etc. It's now up to us to be responsible as the restrictions are lifted to try and prevent further lockdowns and restrictions as much as we can. We need to find that happy medium between socialising and entertaining our selves but also taking appropriate measures to reduce risk of spreading COVID. I'd don't really understand people queuing up for non essential shops to open or cramming into pub gardens at midnight for a pint. I'm hoping its short term thing and now they'
  9. Ohh yes I hope so! The engine is supposed to be good for 500 bhp right? It's just the gearbox that's holding the drivetrain back from more power. In the 4XX cars they improved the shifter so even in anger it worked well but not really anything to boast about. If Lotus can come up with a solution that raises the experience from good enough to really ****ing good that would be awesome. And hopefully not too expensive for older cars to retro fit it 😉
  10. From what I understand the FIA had inconsistent rules regarding track limits at that corner. Different rules for the qualification and race. Where as normally it’ll be one rule for the whole weekend. Drivers were initially allowed to cross the line during the race, hence Hamilton crossing it many times. But then got told not to do that anyone. I also think that because Max overtook while exceeding track limits, that some how had more weight than if he was not overtaking? I don’t agree with this rule as either way, lapping on your own or overtaking, you are still gaining an advanta
  11. Do you have the factory fitted camera or aftermarket fitted camera? If factory fitted and you want to reuse the existing loom then you are going to have to buy an Alpine camera with their 5 pin connector. Or a camera that is compatible with the Alpine connector. Most the ones on eBay use the composite video standard with an RCA plug which won’t plug into the factory loom. I don’t know what the pins on the Alpine connector do but it maybe possible to remove the alpine connector and rca plug and splice the two together but you’d have to find a pin out diagram for that.
  12. Good point about Perez. I don’t think he quite gets the kudos he deserves because of the “no fuss” way he goes about racing. I’m sure Merc would prefer to have Russel over Bottas. Had Botas already signed up for 2021 season by the time Russel got his chance to shine? I think had the timing been different Mercedes would have been more confident in Russell’s ability and probably signed him up for this season.
  13. That was a good race to start the season! The two guys out at the front always kept the pressure on each other right to the end. And lots of mid order battles too! Fingers crossed it’s looking like it could be an interesting season! I also am not a fan of the new C4 commentator, he sounds like a caricature, almost as if he is trying too hard or taking the mick a bit. His normal conversation choice was fine, hopefully he just got extruded on his first day in the job and tones it down? I liked Eddie in the later days where he would only attended a few GP. He was fun a side sh
  14. From responses on here and other forums seems the camera module fails is reasonably common. So I would try that first. can you post the eBay link again please? I had a scan through this thread and couldn’t see one?
  15. No need to break speed limits etc just drop down a gear to two so you see the sonic rings more often. The VVT on mine kicks in around 3500rpm and you can feel an extra surge from the engine. When having a bit of fun I’ll try and keep the engine above there. Makes a lovely sound and the throttle response is quicker and linear and a joy to drive.
  16. Put some lead weights in your right foot and you have engaged sports mode 😄
  17. I think it’s 6800rpm and 7200rpm with sport mode. The engine loves to revs right up to the redline. Makes a fabulous noise trying to chase the sonic rings.
  18. Balls! I forgot to do mine, will make sure to do it tonight. If it wasn't for this thread I would have totally forgotten and then wondered what the fine was all about! 😄 Makes sense the older generation are less technology and computer literate than the younger generation and they have been prioritised in the vaccine roll out! If I shake hands with my dad who's had the jab, will it automatically transfer my information too? 😂
  19. I think that interview totally backfired on them, I think the public have much less support for them now. It's a shame the way they conducted them selves bought up important issues like racism and mental heath but without any real substance. As a result I think it has tarnished the reputation of these issues and people may not take them as seriously as they should because the Markle's have cried wolf. There are so many "🤨WTF?!" moments in that interview, from not thinking what joining the royal family might entail, to expecting titles and protection without doing any royal work et
  20. Whoop whoop! the best kind of news! Luckily wasn't them ringing to say there is a delay.
  21. The latest high performance tyres from Conti and Goodyear are getting very good results in the tyre tests, in fact on pure dry performance they get slightly better results than the Michelin PS4S. But where the Michelin still comes out on top is in the wet, comfort and wear rate. The PS4S give just a tad bit more compliance and a better ride which I think on an Evora might be noticeable, maybe on big heavy fast German saloon it wont make much difference. Also the wear rate of the Michelin tyres is a good chunk better than the others so overall works out better to go for Michelin but I reall
  22. New EV car brand launched by the Geely group: Not much info on it just yet.
  23. I think for tyres Kwik-Fit should be fine surely? It's quite a simple job they do day in day out. You're not asking them to do any complicated diagnostic of a fault on the car, which where I would absolutely not trust them.
  24. Yes agree, lots of mods to the induction and exhaust at the same time can be a bit on the loud side. My car has extensive mods to both and is around 101db on the static test on track days so I'm limited to where I can take the car. It is certainly on the loud side for an everyday car, not Lambo loud but it wont be for everyone. Now the novelty has worn off a bit on the amazing symphony the engine makes, I have thought about a switchable back box to quieten it down for everyday driving. If you have a standard car and you are looking to pep up the sound a little bit, in my opinion the CA
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