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  1. Just signed up for a full day on Sat July 2nd! Can't wait! I did the full Lotus licence a few years ago (and thought it was amazing!) but I've not done any track days for a couple years now so thought it would be good to refresh my skills a do a full day. Hopefully set up me up well for some more trackdays later this year!
  2. Give it a rest Jos! In changeable conditions it's ultimately up to the driver to make the call when to come in for a change of tyres. The team can give advice on if the tyre window is approaching but only the driver can feel the car and the grip and balance it has in those conditions and make the prediction if swapping tyres will be beneficial or not. Sergio drove amazingly well and made a brave choice well before any of the top runners and in my opinion thats why he won and what well deserved win it was!
  3. Congrats welcome to the club! Once you've had a while to get accustomed to the Evora I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on Evora vs Elise. As amazing as the Evora, I think I just have a preference for less mass. I don't daily drive my Evora as much as I used to so I think I can put up with the Elise's compromises. Regarding the mirror, try giving the folks at ES Motorsports a call. They have a bunch of spares in their shed, more than what's listed on their website or eBay shop. For the under tray, replacing bolts is a good move. I have an aftermarket diffuser on my Evora and fitting was a pain as all the bolts had corroded and did not want to come out. I had quick look around but couldn't find a specific off the shelf kit. I looked on Deroure ( at the parts diagrams and ordered separate bolts my self. Possibly ES Motorsport can also help you out this?
  4. Just caught up on the weekend's action! Oh wowza, what a great race for the neutrals (or Williams F1 supporters like me)! Lots of plot twists during the race. Felt sorry for Charles, did everything he needed that weekend put the car on pole and stayed out in front and looked like he was in control. Great to see Merc have the proposing issue sorted and the drivers have a car they drive with confidence. George put in a really good performance especially defending against Max that was some great racing. I think Hamilton had a great recovery drive, he only finished ~20sec behind George even though new got a puncture only a few corners into the race. I think the C4 coverage did not do him justice at all; he was right at back one moment and then by magic without any air time 30 laps later he is 6th and making his way up to 4th!
  5. Ohhhfff! Far too expensive for what it is, needed to be closer to £4K.
  6. Depending on what the issue you have, yes they do work, when used in the correct situation. First step is always figuring out what the issue really is. As with anything there are some good fuel additives and there are some poor ones that don't do much. The risk with additive bottles is people try and used them too concentrated. Stick to the advice on the bottle; if it says mix with minimum 30litres of fuel then stick to that. Don't think if I make it more concentrated by pouring it into an almost empty fuel tank it will get to work faster. Premium fuels from the likes of Shell, Esso and others are essentially the fuel additive bottles you can buy separately premixed into petrol in the correct strength. So for general purpose keeping your engine clean and working well I just use premium fuel every now and then rather than an additive. If there is a specific problem and there is a specific product for that then yes I would use an additive.
  7. I had dirty MAF issue many many years ago, can't remember the error code number but threads on here suggested my symptoms pointed towards dirty MAF. Absolutely no expert on this but I read some stuff online that generic switch cleaner or Isopropyl alcohol is not suitable and can damage the sensor. Don't know if that is true or not. I popped into my local car spares shops and asked for MADF cleaner they had this stuff: Which seemed to do the trick for me. I think as long as its MAF cleaner and not some generic solvent you are good to go. Good brands that I look out for are Liqui Moly or Wynn's
  8. The cycle industry went through a "carbon is fragile" phase about 15 years ago, now there are no concerns on its strength people just buy what ever fits their budget. Carbon cycles are far more repairable than a aluminium alloy frame, sure many people can weld Alu but not many can heat treat it so usually Alu frames are scrapped. The whole metal deforms while carbon shatters is also not an issue for cycles; carbon bikes will take much greater force before they eventually fail compared to a dent on an Alu frame and many times the bike should be not be ridden with the dent. Not saying those concerns for road car wheels are not valid and I understand that a cycle frame and car wheel have totally different uses etc... Just that technology moves on and new stuff finds a way to make things better. @ramjet do you make them in correct size for an Evora? If you need real world daily driver testing for them, I'll happily test them out on my Evora! 😉
  9. My understanding was that the paint needed to be fully cured before applying the PPF. Time taken to fully cure depends on the type of paint and the environmental conditions. I think the "wait 1 week before apply PPF" is for when the paint system takes a while to fully cure and the car has been stored somewhere cold. On the flip side, if the paint curing has been accelerated by apply drying lamps and kept in dry warm storage etc ... I think you can apply it the next day. The bodyshop will be able to advice you better, they should know the paint products they are using and how they react etc...
  10. I got my sports racer wrap done from these guys: They were great and are recommended by me. I believe they also do the wrap work for the Lotus garages nearby too and are very familiar with doing jobs on lotus cars. Can’t remember the cost as it was ~4 years ago when I got it done but I think it was something like £300
  11. I used to use a sticky rubber pad on the dash. It’s made of some super sticky rubber compound that grips to the dash and the phone without using glue. It gets a bit dusty after a while but you just run it under a tap and it’s clean. Let it air dry and it’s ready for use again. I have use it for some very spirted driving and the phone has not gone sliding off yet… I now use a wireless car play adapter so the phone just stays in my pocket.
  12. @sunbeamgls, you might want to try asking the same question in the Exige V6 section. They are more likely to track their cars and do mods for the track so you might have better luck.
  13. yep agree with you there @eUKenGB. Lotus could quite easily give a rough indication of what they are working on without having to commit themselves to hitting certain figures. eg "We are working on a mid sized saloon EV platform. Aimed at the mid range price point to compete at BMW 4 series, Audi A4 etc level. And we are looking to severely undercut what the current cars on the market weight. We are aiming for sporty GT cruiser type of car, suitable for everyday use but still real essence of for the drivers when on a Sunday morning blast" That gives you an idea of what they are working on and if that appeals to you or not and you can decided if you want to hang on and wait for it. It also doesn't commit them to producing a car that hits some specific figures eg if the car ends up costing £60K instead of £55K, its still in the ballpark and there wont be any black lash.
  14. Well done to Max, apart from the slow start on the sprint race he drove a flawless race. Great to see him doing ballsy but fair overtakes, seems like he has learned and become better compared to last season. Good to see Charles had the hunger for more than just 3rd and was pushing for that extra place even towards the end of the race. Shame he made a mistake and dropped down so far. But this what I want to see, drivers pushing as hard as they and taking a chance that something might happen and thinking with their hearts and not their heads! Come on F1 2022 more of this please! Also agree that Merc missed a trick with the strategy for Lewis. Its happened a few times in the past when Merc find them selves mid table and taken the wrong decision or just played it safe and not ended up anything special. Seems like they only know how to plan a race from the front.
  15. Thank you @RedViper, I watch a lot of the Tyre Reviews content but have missed that. Very interesting, I may be having a look at BMW spec tyres when I need new ones.
  16. Did I miss some news? Do we have an unveil / release date for the GT4? Or are you under embargo and only allowed to state its coming soon?
  17. @mg4lotus, interesting question that I have no idea how to solve. Generally speaking F1 rules do not allow surfaces to deform and change shape so I think option 1 might not be allowed. I wonder if the fix has to be mechanical rather than aerodynamic as per @EldonZ. Possibly any aero solution just leads to porpoising again as it doesn't matter how the negative pressure underneath the car is relived wether its through your flap that opens or the under body air flow stalling. Either option leads to the car producing more and more downforce until a threshold point and then the downforce is reduced and then back to building downforce again and repeat. I am no aerodynamicist so that may all be totally incorrect, just thinking out around.
  18. Don't suppose you took a cheeky look at the Emira Gt4?
  19. I guess most people either use their car as a daily so the Mich PS4S makes a lot more sense or a Sunday special car so use the Mich Cup2 as spec'd by Lotus. Contis and F1 are middle ground in between them. Also I find Lotus customers tend to stick to OEM spec as Lotus are renowned for their chassis tuning more than others so don't want to ruin the world class handling. If the community want to club together and buy me set of tyres I'll happily test them out on my NA Evora 😉 Still need to read up fully on the PS5 but that was my understanding too.
  20. I don't know what it is about them but I am really liking Ferrari v2.0. I have always respected them as they have such a deep history but when I got into F1 towards the end of the Schumacher days I was really not a fan due to some dirty tactics etc ... But I'm a big fan the current incarnation of Ferrari, very glad to see them back at top and doing so well. Fingers crossed Merc can figure their car out soon and have some upgrades. It would be really good to turn that 2 way fight for the front into a 3 or 4 way fight. Similar for the McLaren too, looks like the track suited them today but I think the next few are slow speed corners and we may see them drop towards the back again. Overall I've been really enjoying F1 this season, seems like the new rules are working and the cars are able to follow better and there seems to be a lot more scrapping going on throughout the whole field!
  21. If you still want a sporty feeling tyre have a look at the Continental sport contact 7 or the Goodyear eagle f1 super sport. They can’t match the all round road tyre abilities of the Mich PS4S but they have a sharper turn in and more feedback. Lean towards the Conti for road use and towards the Goodyear if you do track days.
  22. Mixed feelings about the Eletre, I think the design is OK certainly very different and bold design, individual details are very cool but not sure I like whole thing. I was surprised by just how big the car is, there can't be much out there thats bigger than it? Don't think it will make a good daily driver in the UK but then at £100K+ I don't think its intended as daily driver. I've no idea what a high end daily car costs these days so maybe that is acceptable? Let's hope the people it's designed for will find it appealing and buy lots of them. I think Lotus are aiming towards the higher end in general with all their cars so I don't see them making anything small and cheap like Renault Zoe but I hope the next few cars are smaller proportioned and aimed at a bit more everyday usability. One thing I've picked up on from a few comments on here and other websites, I really don't understand the concerns of made in China? China is one of the best if not the best manufacturing nations in the world. They manufacture things to a specification. If that specification is low end then the product and its manufacture end up low end. If that specification is high end then the product is manufactured using higher quality materials and better build quality. There are many high end brands manufacturing things in China and their products are considered to be very good. As long as Lotus design the product well and have a high specification for the manufacture of the product and choose reliable partners to build it, I don't see what the problem is.
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