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  1. thanks Bibs, now following the Herts / Essex / Cambs group.
  2. @Kimbers, are you planning on renovating the air intake grilles with them in situ or clam off job? I'll be interested in following your progress and see what you end up doing. All of my grilles, (front bumper, engine etc) are looking rusty or chipped and need a bit of LTC. I was hoping to give them a touch up while in position without taking bumpers etc off, but I'm not sure how to tackle the job.
  3. Thank you all for warm welcome and kind comments about the car! Sorry I didn't join in the meet up, by the time I was driving past Ely it was almost 10pm, I wasn't sure if you guys would still be about and I was knackered after a long day so I carried on driving to Norwich to my hotel. Is there a way to sign up to the group so I get auto updates of future meet ups and events? @Sparky, are you a Hemel local? or do you work in a garage fixing Lotus cars? Would be nice to know someone local who is good with spanners. @elise 147, I presume thats your green Elise in your avatar? Don't think I've seen you about, will keep an eye out. Did spot a nice purple Elise a few weeks ago and exchanged waves. Feel free to get in touch if you fancy meeting up for a drink or drive sometime. @Trevsked, ahh I use to go to school in Ricky! You might spot me, my parents live in Northwood so often drive through Rickmansworth on my way to them.
  4. Hi All, I'm back from my Bronze level training day and I had such a great time and highly recommend it! The hospitality was great, a big thank you to Guy and the whole team for making us feel very welcome, keeping us fed and watered all day. I really enjoyed the factory tour and seeing the assembly line and the cars in different states throughout the build process. The Team Classic Lotus tour was fantastic too, the smell of the workshop as you walk in was amazing, its a proper old school engineering place with lathes and metal working machines. Was amazing getting so close to the classic F1 cars and seeing inside the gubbins etc. Guy was very knowledgeable too and it was really interesting learning about the development of Lotus and F1 cars thought the ages. The track driving was SOOOOOO much fun. I'd never been on a track or driven a car in anger before so the first session was a massive eye opener for me. The sheer grip of the Elise is amazing, the track was quite wet from the previous evening's rain but that amazing little car just stuck to the road. Totally agree with the comments above that the Elise is definitely more than enough car to have a LOT of fun with. The instructors were really good, they are taking notes as you drive and correcting any mistakes you make or encouraging you get on the brakes later or accelerate faster (within limits of the car and driver of course) and you get a briefing before you start your session and quick debrief afterwards and then a proper debrief at the end of the day. You get the same instructor through out the day so you build up a bit of a rapport with them and the notes they take during each session means you get a real personalised experience. The demo laps at the end were amazing, scared the crap out of me, the line through the chicane was crazy and their ability to play around with the weight transfer of the car using the brake and throttle to go from understeer to oversteer was amazing! To summarise, the whole the day was very good, I learnt a lot and enjoyed my self throughly. I really recommend singing up for the scare your self sensible experience or if you want to learn how to drive a car round a track then sign up for the driving academy courses. Thank you to all at Lotus for a really amazing day!
  5. Thanks for the invite to the meet up. I'm on my way to a hotel near Hethel tonight as I'm doing a driving training day there tomorrow so I will be driving past. But I have some work commitments this evening and was planning on driving up much later this evening. If I can get out of my commitments early I'll pop in at least for a quick one to say hi.
  6. electro_boy


  7. Hello All, I've been the proud owner of a beautiful S1 Evora since late last year and I've been lurking around the forums for a bit now, thought I would pop out the shadows and say hello! I've had a quick browse through the intros section and looks like there are a few Lotus owners nearby (I'm from Hemel Hempstead), looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you folks. Here is my lovely Evora bathing in the autumn evening sun ...
  8. Thank you Guy looking forward to meeting you and the driving experience. Do you know what time the whole training and experience day finishes?
  9. Good to hear some very positive feedback. I'm booked in this Friday for the bronze Level training day. I've never done a track day before so looking forward to driving a car fast for the first time. Also looking forward to learning LOTs of things about how to correctly drive a car round a track. Just hope I'm not the slowest person that day!
  10. Hi All, Just thought I'd post an update. So I'm very happy with the service I got from Hofmanns, the car is running very nice again. The work was carried out on time and to a good standard. Good communication from them about whats happening and they even did a couple extra bits and bobs like an firmware update and most importantly they adjusted the gear shift so it is working sublimely now! Very happy about the service from them, I would definitely recommend them and happily use them again.
  11. @Alfa2Evora thank you for looking into this, appreciate it buddy. Sorry for the late response, I've been flying about a lot for work and ski hols, no time to sit and reply to car forums.
  12. Looks pretty good but I think I prefer the look of a Diflow diffuser. Anyone know how much they cost imported into the UK after all the taxes etc .. ?
  13. Sorry forgot to update the thread. Gave Hofmann's a call on Tuesday morning and they can fit me in next Wednesday and have. alone car for me to borrow. So I make that a win win win! Proper Lotus dealer with a good reputation, shortest waiting time out of everyone I rang and loan car available making logistics easy. I just assumed they'd be rammed due their reputation and popularity so didn't initially think to call them. @azim thank you for the feedback. Good to know they are factored trained and I have another Lotus option nearby if I need.
  14. @2GOOD oh really, thanks for the feedback. I just assumed they'd know their stuff as they are listed as a Lotus dealer and not just a serve centre also their stock is premium end cars. Will give Hoffmanns a call tomorrow and see when they can fit me in. I can drive there in an hour but if they don't have a loan car available it could be a pain to get home.
  15. Howdy, has anybody used Lancaster Lotus in Amersham recently? Seeing if anybody has any feedback on them regards getting your Lotus fixed. They are showing as an official service centre on the Lotus website but appears they are actually a Jaguar dealer, so I need to double check the info on Lotus website is up to date. I've had a not great experience using a non Lotus independent garage previously and all the official Lotus dealers near me have long waiting times so wondering weather to go ahead with it at Lancaster or wait a bit longer for either Hexagon or Silverstone to be free?
  16. thanks for the help guys Looking at the pic darcivic00si posted, I'm guessing that the exposed end of the hose near the fuel filler cap is connected to the air vent on the rear clam when present. So the open end of the hose that I have currently pointing in the void above the engine should be pointing towards the bulkhead or connected to something towards the bulkhead?
  17. anyone .. ?? Would appreciate it if any fellow Evora owners could take a quick look into their engine bay and see where the hose connected to the right hand air duct ends up. thank you.
  18. Hello All, I recently got my Evora (2010 NA) back after a clutch change and noticed this air cooling hose in the engine bay (see attached photo). I've only had the car a short while so I'm not an expert but I don't remember the hose terminating in this position before? Just wanted to check the hose is terminating in the correct position or if I need to re-route it or should it be attached to something else? It seems like it will just be blowing cold air over the top of the engine which doesn't seem correct to me? thanks in advance ...
  19. Hi Hedgehogfromhell, Did you go ahead with your testing? Did find any changes to sound, performance or behaviour with the resonance chamber removed?
  20. Agree with the above, really interesting thread. I have no intention to modify my Lotus (well not yet anyways) but have enjoyed reading this thread.
  21. Thanks for the info, will give this a try if I ever have to take the radio out.
  22. sorry to drag up an old thread but Internets could you provide a bit more info on how you got all the extra gubbins out (the navigation and bluetooth modules) please? Sounds like you have to remove the glove box to get access to them? Was this difficult or requiring special tools? thanks Electo
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