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  1. Put some lead weights in your right foot and you have engaged sports mode 😄
  2. I think it’s 6800rpm and 7200rpm with sport mode. The engine loves to revs right up to the redline. Makes a fabulous noise trying to chase the sonic rings.
  3. Balls! I forgot to do mine, will make sure to do it tonight. If it wasn't for this thread I would have totally forgotten and then wondered what the fine was all about! 😄 Makes sense the older generation are less technology and computer literate than the younger generation and they have been prioritised in the vaccine roll out! If I shake hands with my dad who's had the jab, will it automatically transfer my information too? 😂
  4. I think that interview totally backfired on them, I think the public have much less support for them now. It's a shame the way they conducted them selves bought up important issues like racism and mental heath but without any real substance. As a result I think it has tarnished the reputation of these issues and people may not take them as seriously as they should because the Markle's have cried wolf. There are so many "🤨WTF?!" moments in that interview, from not thinking what joining the royal family might entail, to expecting titles and protection without doing any royal work etc ... and the lack of detail around anything, it was hard to take seriously and ended up really annoying me. Also while I absolutely despise Piers Morgan and think the less of him in public life the better, I'm not sure his exit was justified? Maybe he had already chalked up enough points from previous shenanigans and this one tipped him over the line?
  5. Whoop whoop! the best kind of news! Luckily wasn't them ringing to say there is a delay.
  6. The latest high performance tyres from Conti and Goodyear are getting very good results in the tyre tests, in fact on pure dry performance they get slightly better results than the Michelin PS4S. But where the Michelin still comes out on top is in the wet, comfort and wear rate. The PS4S give just a tad bit more compliance and a better ride which I think on an Evora might be noticeable, maybe on big heavy fast German saloon it wont make much difference. Also the wear rate of the Michelin tyres is a good chunk better than the others so overall works out better to go for Michelin but I really wouldn't complain if I had the top end Contis or Goodyear.
  7. New EV car brand launched by the Geely group: Not much info on it just yet.
  8. I think for tyres Kwik-Fit should be fine surely? It's quite a simple job they do day in day out. You're not asking them to do any complicated diagnostic of a fault on the car, which where I would absolutely not trust them.
  9. Yes agree, lots of mods to the induction and exhaust at the same time can be a bit on the loud side. My car has extensive mods to both and is around 101db on the static test on track days so I'm limited to where I can take the car. It is certainly on the loud side for an everyday car, not Lambo loud but it wont be for everyone. Now the novelty has worn off a bit on the amazing symphony the engine makes, I have thought about a switchable back box to quieten it down for everyday driving. If you have a standard car and you are looking to pep up the sound a little bit, in my opinion the CAI is first thing I would go for. You get more drama from the induction noise and it effects the exhaust note too. Next up a decat pipe, then headers and finally back box.
  10. For CAI suppliers: Radium - US based, that I think have stopped making Evora CAI. I guess the market is very small and they think they have saturated it. BOE Fab - US based so will have to pay for shipping and duty etc ... but I believe is still sold. They do versions for NA and S engines. Komtec - do one for the S engines, I don't think they make one for the NA engine Alias23 - do one for the V6 Exige which uses the same supercharged engine as the Evora. He's on here and might be interested in developing one for the NA engine. As far as I understand it's only the connection to the throttle body that is different. ES motorsport - I think they can maybe put something together for you. As far as I know they don't have a kit sitting on shelve but they have done it before and may be able to make you one. Fitting looks OK a little bit tedious due to the restricted space in which to work but non of it looks hard. There are detailed instructions on the BOE Fab and Alias23 websites and the steps are quire similar. I got mine fitted by ES with a bunch of other mods, but I was planning on doing it my self and it didn't look that bad.
  11. I also think an induction kit makes a big difference to the sound of a NA engine and highly recommend it.
  12. Whether or not you get bully and aggressive drivers mostly depends on the organisers as that kind of dictates what kind of crowd you get. All organisers have it in their rules that kind of behaviour is not tolerated but its up to the marshals and organisers to enforce it. I'm fairly novice only done handful of track days and so far I haven't had too much trouble. I've done days with Javelin and MSV which are towards the budget end of the spectrum so attracts everything from Renault Clio's to Mac 720S. They were both run well in my opinion and I didn't have any issues and felt comfortable driving round on the track. Don't know if I got lucky or the chavs knew bad behaviour is not tolerated by these organisers regardless of the cheap price so they didn't turn up. As already recommended, get an instructor to show you the ropes, I cannot stress how much this helps! Not only will you go round faster but you'll also do it with more confidence and safety as you wont be doing silly things that might make you crash. Very highly recommend getting some tuition. Post up on the forum if you book a day, there could be helpful experienced forum members to show you the lines etc to help you on your way. I once did a track day at Silverstone and was I nervous due to it being a new track for me and it was wet. But @Bravo73 and @alias23 were also in attendance and were very helpful in calming my nerves and taking me on passenger rides etc ... they really helped and I was very grateful. Also don't forget the Lotus Driving Academy, you'll be in their Elise's rather your own car, but they really teach you how to drive fast and safe. Its not just an experience day where you have a big smile but learn nothing. I did the full course, had loads of fun and learnt so much about car control.
  13. Not seen the wide angle shots of grey/ green test mule before. Love the past its best caravan in the background and the muddy path its being driven on. Where the hell are testing it? 😂
  14. Congrats and welcome to the family! You picked a good time to get the new car. Days are getting longer and warmer, the conditions are getting better for windows down driving and enjoying the lovely sound of that V6 engine!
  15. I thought black side sills from the factory were painted on? Double check its not clear protection film over painted sills? I got my NA Evora wrapped by these guys: to match the sports racer black pack look which also has the black side sills. They have a lot of experience doing Lotus cars and had all the templates on file so might have GT410 shapes on file too.. They were nice folks who did a great job.
  16. I've seen Mr Bean move home using his Mini. I'm guessing you have one of the newer Mini's which are much larger. If he can do it I'm sure you can too! 😜 I have a camper van but it has a relatively spartan interior so I could probably fit a few of them in the camper van and deliver them too.
  17. Might be interested in it, please keep me in the loop. I think ES motorsport have already put some spacers in my undertray to help with cooling? I’ll have to double check. But this sounds like a more comprehensive solution.
  18. That would just be a good guess based on normal habits and energy consumption. Might be OK as a rough guide but I think if you are going to use it to tax people on their EV usage then you'd need to be more accurate. It's a pretty small step technology wise to enable electricity providers to see when you are charging a EV. but it would require new tech, eg smart meters and the car charger to talk to the smart meter etc ... So would require adoption by everyone for it to work. I don't see people with existing systems paying extra to "upgrade" their chargers and meters etc ... so I don't know if it will be practical to start charging extra tax on EV usage? Maybe have a two tier system something similar to water billing, whereby anyone with out a water meter pays a flat fee based on their house size and pipe diameter? and people a meter pay for what they used? But yes I guess there is a money hole that needs fixing as people shift away from using less petrol and deseil in their cars and more towards electricity.
  19. Yep also use my Evora as daily. Gets used for commuting to work, supermarkets and general getting about. I have a camper van as my other vehicle which gets used if there is any particularly large items to carry and for mountain biking duties. I don't have any kids so I find the practicality it offers is more than enough for general use. Not found the Evora to be much of a problem so far. I try and commute either before or after the rush hour so start / stop traffic is less of an issue. Parking the car is fine too, sure you have to be slightly picky and not just go for the nearest spot but I rarely have to go far to find a suitable spot to make getting in and out easy. I also use winter tyres too so it behaves very well in cold, wet or freezing conditions with very little stress.
  20. The symptoms sounds exactly like my car that needed a new master cylinder for the clutch. Not an expert but don't think there should be any wetness on the push rod of the master or slave on a hydraulic system. The seals should be preventing any liquid from escaping. I think in a standard car the air box is in the way and you can't see the slave cylinder from the top. You might be able to hold a phone while recording a video and get it down into position to see the cylinder then examine the video afterwards. If you search on Lotus Talk forum there are some great guides on clutch fluid changes etc that should be able to help you out with location and getting access to it. Clutch replacement is £2000-£4000 and you could be doing damage with it not working correctly and accelerating the wear rate. It don't think there is any harm in letting the car sit for some time and then getting the work done but it's probably not great to carry on putting lots of miles on it.
  21. As the thread is over 2 years old I’m guessing the OP has sorted his gearbox issue out. You maybe better off posting on here:
  22. +1 regarding mud flaps scraping. Happened to my car on a speed bump outside my gym. Like you I thought it was somewhere in the middle of the chassis that was scrapping but couldn't see any witness marks on the underbelly. I got a mate to look closely as I went over the bump and he confirmed it was the mud flaps that where catching. I'm not really near you (Hertfordshire) but if you need a product tester I'm happy to put my name in that hat. Happy to travel down if restrictions will allow it. In normal times I use my car daily so gets covered in all the usual crap from the roads so might be a good test for the coating.
  23. ohhhh hello ... new naturally aspirated engine sounds very interesting. Can’t wait to find out more!
  24. Is that weird vibrating noise at the end of the video clip supposed to be the Evija’s sound? No thanks from me, I won’t tick that options box. I’ll just go for the standard ev motor wizzing noise.
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