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  1. hmm not convinced by the look .... Lots of interesting and nice elements but as whole package I'm not sold.
  2. Really really happy with the responses that the Eletre is getting in the press! Just wish the reviews for the Emira were similar and not mixed feelings.
  3. I would recommend going for aftermarket headers and sports cat. It gives a better noise not just more noise and also frees up the engine to breathe a bit better too. I guess the usual 3 brands are 2Bular, Larini and Komotec? I have a Larini system in mine, it was recommended by my garage as it has longer headers than the 2Bular and gets better exhaust scavenging and more performance on the NA engine. For the supercharged engines it doesn't matter as much which option you go for. Otherwise my setup is the same as yours. BOE CAI and Lotus sports exhaust. I find the noise level is just the right amount not too loud but plenty of drama, doesn't drone too much on motorways and has more sophisticated sound.
  4. Yeah it's probably just a slower than anticipated start due to the many factors of the world being crap. I imagine the order book still remains pretty full and the factory are making them as fast as a they can. Just the usual doom mongering by newspapers to our attention.
  5. Yep very positive reviews so far! Looking good for Lotus, hope its a great success!
  6. Mine was done by the fantastic folks at ES Motorsport. Give them a phone call and say Jai sent you. I think mine was the first 4XX shifter to S1 swap they had done. They were not sure if it was possible either and had to look into it. I think in the end it was a relatively easy straight swap. I got a new shifting mechanism and new gear cables plus some other bit and bobs like new brackets and bolts etc to make it all fit. I think the 4XX Evora's use the same shifter as the newer ones in Exige with the exposed linkage and possibly the same one as in the Emira. Certainly mine looks very similar if not the same. It's a shame it's hidden away in the centre console. Don't know exactly what I paid as I was getting a whole bunch of other work done at the same so there might have been some savings as the car was already dismantled etc and it was a while a go now ... I might be WAY off on the price so please give ES Motorsport a call and check in with them. It transformed the feel of the shifter straight away, much more positive and sturdy feeling. Still can't rush the box but changes are significantly more accurate and makes a great mechanical noise.
  7. Yeah read some news snippets about Toyota's new battery tech but none of the articles went into any detail at all. I think they are close to a viable consumer steady state battery but not sure...
  8. I think I remember reading a thread about someone upgrading to Ohlins dampers and required different mounts? Have you tried searching in the projects section
  9. This +1. I did some quick googling so sorry if my numbers are not super accurate but hopefully they give an idea. The average car alternator outputs around 500 - 800 watts. A UK 13 amp plug socket can output 3000 watts and you said takes 5hours to charge the battery. If your car can charge the battery in 90mins then its roughly putting out 3 times as much power as the plug socket so around 9000 watts so more than 10 times the power of a top end alternator. Same thing with a generator ... a generator with a higher output will require more energy to turn the input shaft. Energy cannot be created it can only be transferred from form to another. A generator takes in mechanical energy (kinetic) and turns it into electrical energy. So if more electrical energy is flowing out then you must have put more mechanical energy in the first place, otherwise you have magically created energy and solved the energy / cost of living crisis! That extra mechanical energy going into the generator in turn must have come from somewhere too ... it must have come from the engine; which has to work harder by putting in more air and fuel and creating a bigger bang in the cylinders and creating more torque. In some racing cars, folks often remove the alternator as it will be sapping up some power from the engine. They rely purely on the battery to provide enough power for the spark plugs for 1 race and then charge or replace battery for the next race. or they install the smallest alternator possible to reduce the drag on the engine.
  10. @LotusLeftLotusRight, When the battery is being charged by the engine the energy being put into the battery has to come from somewhere and that must be from the engine. So your car will be using up more fuel when in charging mode as the engine has to power the wheels and the generator. Whether its better to keep on full hybrid mode the whole journey or switch back an forth to electric only when in town etc ... thats a very tricky question and depends on so many factors and how the car is setup. It could turn out the engine and gearing is tuned to be efficient when on the motorway and charging battery. So by turning off battery charging and reducing load you are not gaining much and it's better to have the electric mode for around town. Or could be better to just keep in hybrid all the time and let the car figure it out or could be better to just use up the battery and then stay on pure ice with no battery charging and only charge via a plug socket ... very hard to tell due to all the different variables. Best thing would be to try an option for a few days log the result and then try a different combination and see if there is a difference and which one works better for you.
  11. Not had time to watch these yet. Anyone give a quick summary is it good stuff? 🤞🏾
  12. Are these shifters better than the 4XX shifter or only an improvement on the S1 shifter? I’m very happy with the 4XX shifter’s performance on my S1 NA Evora.
  13. I use my head to hold it up, it's so light weight you barely notice! 😄 Serious reply: The boys at ES put in a little rod with a hinge, similar to a rod to keep a normal car's bonnet up. The rods sits horizontal along the edge of the cut out for the engine when boot is closed and then hinges up and vertical and the end locates into a hole in the engine cover to keep it stable . Not sure if that came as part of the package or they rigged up something?
  14. Just caught up on the weekend's action and its a mixed feelings from me. While there seem to be lots of action in both the sprint and the full race and kept me engaged the track limits were a joke, especially these extra penalties post race. The system does not work, they need to rethink it. Put gravel traps, barriers and walls back in place. I don't want to see drivers getting hurt but I do want to see them handling risk and I do want to see them penalised (by the track not the stewards) when they get it wrong. I think that is part of the reason some folk look back at previous years and think that current racing is lacking a little something compared to years gone by. In the "old days" (and you don't have to go back too far), there was a lot more jeopardy and a higher probability that a car would not finish, whether that was from a mechanical issue or crashing due to pushing the limits too far. Feels like that's all been sanitised a little bit in the track design and rules and regulations. I think now they have the cost cap in place, they should remove the restrictions on number of engines and gearboxes used per year. Let the teams decided for them selfs what the correct balance is in terms of money spent and performance gained and replacement parts.
  15. @cdco, yep if I remember correctly the rear dampers and springs are stiffer on SC Evora compared to the NA Evora, fronts are the same. Stiffer rear I think would lead to a bit more oversteer balance but doubt the change from NA to SC was big enough to notice unless really pushing on.
  16. Thank you for the update @#84. Can you give any more details on what work you did to the gear box and where you sourced the parts from, how much it cost etc...? My gearbox is currently broken (lost 4,5&6 while doing a track day) and waiting on diagnosis as the car garage is busy at the moment, so I don't know what's gone wrong yet. But would be good to have some idea of upgrade parts for when the garage get round to looking at my gearbox.
  17. Any feedback regarding quality of components from Win Ace vs OEM and also weight difference?
  18. Thanks for the info folks. To me it's a little disappointing that the weight is not closer to the target weight.
  19. It's an Alpine branded camera and should be one of their off the shelf models not a custom made for Lotus job. So searching for an Alpine camera from other sources might come out cheaper than one sourced from Lotus.
  20. Initial reactions are, I'm not happy to hear they exceeded the weight target. But ... any idea what other comparable cars weight? 2500kg sounds like a lot but if its less than comparable competitors then I can forgive them.
  21. Ohhhhfff they just made one of the most gorgeous cars into a bit of minger! Great they are out doing some extreme stuff with the Evija but could we have a lap of the standard road going version please?
  22. My 2p on this subject ... I don't really care how many Lotus have sold and if its a financial success or not. For me this was always just an engineering show of force and marketing exercise to relaunch the Lotus v2.0 brand after Geely took over. So from my point of view I don't care if they sold 1, 10 or 130. Just get one fully fledged production car completed and do the rounds on Top Gear, EVO etc ... and get people excited and frothing and gain some new Lotus fans and write off the loss as R&D and marketing. From what I remember didn't the original Bugatti Veyron sell at a massive loss? VW group just wanted to see what could be done if you gave engineers a blank cheque. Similar to the Lexus LFA and possibly many other examples ... None of those are considered a failure, everyone still looks very fondly at them, even though some of them didn't sell in high numbers and some of the them didn't make any profit. So I don't see why the Evija can't be in a similar vein?
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