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  1. Yes amen to how amazing Williams racing were under Frank's stewardship.  Racing was in his blood, he lived and breathed racing.

    Good point re Ricciardo, in the Red Bull days he seemed very fast and was on par with Max.  In his Renault days it looked like the car was holding him back and then when he joined Maclaren it looked like he just needed some time to get used to the car and he would be up and running but I don't think that has happened.  He's got a couple lucky results and good performances but in general he's not been anywhere near the pace of Norris.  I'm sure Norris is a very good driver indeed and will hopefully become very successful in years to come but Ricciardo should be able to be in the same ball park.

    He seems like a good guy and has showed some amazing talent, it would be good for him and the sport if he can find some form back and start challenging people higher up the order a bit more.

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  2. Not a great race to watch while hangry, I was shouting at Bottas through the TV to stop being so slow and overtake more cars.  Both in his first session when it wasn't clear he was on a 1 stop strategy and possibly looking after the tyres a bit and after the puncture where he didn't appear to make much progress through the field.

    Good day for Lewis but I think Toto would have wanted more points for Merc and will be disappointed in Bottas' performance even considering the puncture.  Unfortunately also a great day for RB and their damage limitation for the drivers competition and catching up for the constructors champ.  I was really hoping Merc would be able to extend the lead a little bit this race.

    I'd like someone who knows their F1 Apples to do a analysis into Bottas' drive.  Was he actually doing a pretty good job balancing tyre life and speed for a decent final position and just got scuppered by the puncture.  Or even considering his 1 stop strategy was he a bit slow?  Because thats how I interpreted his race.  

    I think its honourable of Merc to keep Bottas in place till the end of the season but you have to wonder how much larger the lead in the constructors champ would be if they had put George in for these last few races.  Can't they fake a positive COVID test for Bottas so he has to isolate next two races and get George in the car.  It'll be a win win for everyone, well apart from Red Bull!

    I started this season being a neutral supporter (well life long Williams supporter but then these days they're not really doing much so I'm essentially a neutral), but as the season comes to and end I'm becoming more and more of an anti-Red Bull supporter aka a Merc supporter! 

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  3. Well thats a load of crap from F1!   I was expecting an investigation into the incident at the very least and hopefully a penalty for Max.  But for them to look at the video and claim nothing further needed doing ... ?

    Well I guess that at least puts an end to the lawyers and they can get on with racing again!

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  4. On 17/11/2021 at 16:36, mg4lotus said:

    Mercedes also need to win the constructors championship in Toto's mind. So that will strongly influence his decision and strategy.

    Classically the teams have always favoured winning the constructor's championship over the driver's championship as the constructors champ is what decides the prize money.  While neither RB or Merc necessarily need the extra prize money from winning as apposed to coming 2nd, its all about prestige and being "the best" for them.  I get the impression that getting the constructors champ means more to Merc than it does to RB.  I think RB are all in with Max (its really "Team Max" rather than RB) to such an extent I can totally see RB using Perez as a pawn to mess up Hamilton's day so Max can win the drivers champ sacrificing the constructors champ for RB.  I don't think Merc would do that.

  5. I just read up on the new V8 engine in the Z06 and from the stats it looks like a really great engine! 

    The Americans don’t usually compete at the high end favouring big heavy and simple engines but this appears to be right up up there and packed full of good tech and engineering.  We’ll done Vette! 

    Just wish Lotus could have done something similar before waving goodbye to the ICE but fully understand Lotus had very different constraints and requirements for their new cars. 

    Not read any in-depth reviews on the C8 but I thought it went round corners we’ll enough? Combined with that engine I think it will put up a good fight.

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  6. A lot of eco friendly or green ideas are more expensive than the normal options.  You do it because you think it's the right thing to do and want to reduce your impact on the earth not because it will save you money.

    The main stream public will need to start transitioning to that mentality in the years to come as I think the current normal options may end up being banned and taken off the market ie ICE car engines.

    But I agree with @C8RKH in that I'm not sure all the new solutions are viable or deliver on the promises they claim.  We have limited resources and we need to choose wisely, we can't just keep jumping on every new bandwagon that comes along otherwise we end up using even more of those resources.  After all in a lot of cases the greenest thing you can do is just keep using your old thing and not buy a new thing even if the new thing is "green".

  7. Oh hello! Interesting indeed, can't wait for more information! 

    I'm loving what Toyota are doing at the moment regarding performance cars and seem to be breaking out the mould a little bit and doing things differently to your average performance car so would be great to see a collaboration between the two old friends.

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  8. I have an aftermarket ECU, no warning lights on dash and the OBD2 code reader was not able to talk to the ECU at all.  Even the car garage tried with multiple pro level code readers and could not chat to the ECU.  This is another avenue of investigation as it was not expected.

    The solenoids were swapped over from the faulty bank to the good bank and there was no change in operation.  The bad bank continued to misfire and the good bank continued to run well.  So the solenoids them selfs were ruled out.

    The mechanics at the local garage thought it was the lack of oil pressure preventing the solenoid from working correctly not a faulty solenoid.

  9. My car is currently very poorly.  What started of as an intermittent misfire ended up in a constant misfire with one whole bank of the engine not firing at all.  This was traced to low oil pressure so the VVT-i was not operating correctly and the timing was totally out so the    .  At idle the car was only producing ~7psi when Toyota's spec for the 2GFR engine states minimum of ~12psi.

    This was diagnosed by a local car garage, the car is now at my preferred place ES Motorsport awaiting further investigation to figure out what the root cause is and hopefully get the car fully running and zooming round the roads once again.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar and what the cause of the issue was?

  10. I'm also insured with Classic Line with an agreed value for my Evora.   I had to send pictures of the car and a list of reasons to support my valuation and any receipts to show proof.  They were more than happy with the information I supplied and it didn't take me too long to collate the information.

    I recently renewed with them again and as my car's valuation hasn't changed they are happy to take the previous valuation and I didn't have to send in the supporting material again. 

  11. 22 hours ago, scotty435 said:

    Not sure having never had a 2bular fitted to any of my Evora’s. All I can say is the Janspeed and decat is a great sounding combination without being to load.

    Totally agree with this.  If you want to take further still, next stage would be to add a CAI, adds an extra level to drama without making it too loud.

  12. Not a great quali for Red Bull. I think Red Bull are going to have to think hard about strategy.  It’s probable that Max can get in front of Bottas at the start but not very likely to get past Hamilton too unless he does a kamikaze move at turn 1. Gonna be an exciting start., looking forward the the race. 

  13. If you want a rough idea on how the touring and sport setups will differ.  Try and get a ride in an Evora S1 NA and Evora 400.  I imagine the difference between Emira's touring and sport setups will be something vaguely similar.

    The NA version is more softly sprung and makes for a great road car as it absorbs the bumps very well and keeps the car tracking the road better.  The 400 version is stiffer and has different geometry as it was designed to be a slightly more aggressive car compared to the previous version.

    I've asked a few places about suspension geometry and damper upgrades for my Evora and each time I'm told because I use the car as a daily driver with the occasional track day the standard set-up from Lotus is pretty hard to beat unless I go for fully adjustable Ohlins.  Just goes to show how good Lotus's suspension setup is, even when I try to spend at a garage they refuse because they're not sure they can do a better job.  A track setup would be a different story and there is much room for change here.

    If you are passing by South West Herts you a welcome to sit in my NA Evora and try out the suspension.

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