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  1. Engine must be up to temperature for sport mode to be engaged and fit it to give you full revs. 

    You can trigger the traction control and afterwards the sport mode will still be able to be selected (assuming engine temp is good).  There is no safety feature in terms of the car thinking the road is slippery so won’t let you engage sport mode. 

    Is the traction control light on all the time or just monetarily when accelerating too fast and you break traction? 

  2. I can’t help with what the cause might be. But if it does come to replacing the catalytic converters then for that price you should probably get an aftermarket system.  Many options out there with sports cats giving sounds and power boost while passing emissions tests. Or if you don’t need to worry about emissions then you could even go for straight through exhaust too.  You have options available from 2bular, Hangar, Larini, Komotec and possibly a few more. 

  3. I need to adjust the cross gate moment on the gear shifter mechanism as its currently very hard to find 1st and 2nd gear.  Currently there is too much movement so if move the stick to the left till the stop, I go past the gate for 1st and 2nd gears.  If bring the stick back in a tad so its not hard on the stop, the stick slides into 1st and 2nd no problems.  So I think I just need to adjust the mechanism a little bit to get this correct.

    Whats the easiest way to access the gear shifter mechanism?  Does the leather shroud just clip off with some trim tools? Or do I have disassemble the whole centre console?

  4. It's funny how the talk is all on the Merc 2nd driver seat even though the contract is signed and Toto stating they like to honour their agreements.  Rather than Merc's number 1 drive slot.   But both Merc and Hamilton would be crazy to go anywhere else so I guess its pretty much a done deal they just need to agree on how much?

    I think its highly likely Russell will get the 2022 contract for Merc and I can see Hamilton staying on for another year even if he wins 2021 WDC, I think he genuinely loves it and as long as he's getting regular podiums he'll stay in the sport.

    I'll feel sorry for Botas if there is isn't a good F1 seat for him in 2022.   I think he's a good solid driver and while not an exciting personality seems like a nice enough guy.


    Fingers crossed for Perez getting the Red Bull drive and hopefully he can get on top of the car and get good performance out of it.   There are a few good drivers in F1 that given a competitive car can achieve the odd podium here and there but rarely get given the opportunity to shine so fingers cross for Perez next year.

  5. Yes sure down the main straight you might be faster at Bedford but the corners felt like they were taken at slower speed compared to Silverstone.  Which as noob I was more comfortable with, may not apply to everyone.


  6. I can recommend Bedford and Donnighton for a novice.   Silverstone is fine too as it has massive run offs but the speeds are higher so a bit more scary at first.

    Bedford is exceptionally good for a novice, as said lots of run offs and well sighted corners and the speeds are generally lower. 

  7. Agree with everything Colin wrote above. 

    Regarding track day insurance it’s best to shop around. I’ve found policy coverage broadly speaking very similar so just go on price.   I’ve used Morris in the past but now have normal insurance plus track days included with Reis.

    If you are a total novice I would also recommend the Lotus Driving Academy.  They properly teach you how to drive a car round the track and constantly pushing you to go faster.  I learnt so much that weekend and really enjoyed it. 

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  8. Sorry a bit late to the thread but thought I post in case anyone else come across this in the future.

    There are many companies that will recycle your old catalytic components and give you money for them.  They are made from rare and expensive materials which can be salvaged so there is still value in them. 

    When I changed my headers for Larini ones I got quotes of £70 to £120 for my old headers.  Not going to change your life but will pay for a fancy meal out for not very much effort.


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  9. Oh just spotted this thread! Please keep it updated with any news, I’m very interested.  Thanks for the info already posted will have a look soon. 

    Ive been speaking to ES for while now about cams for the NA engine. Last time we spoke they were not ready yet. I think Dave said they produced more torque but same peak power? 

    They have a set of cams for the supercharged engine that are fully developed. Just the NA engine needs work. I guess most people prefer to swap for a supercharged car and then upgrade further. 

    I’ll give Dave a nudge and see what’s happening with the NA cams. They are usually too busy with the race cars but hopefully with the shorter season this year they have some more resources to work on the cams 🤞🏾

  10. I also got a BOE CAI fitted and I think every car should come with one as standard.  The extra induction noise is amazing adds a lot more quality to the noise not just volume (which is only a bit louder).

    ES motorsport have a aftermarket induction kit for the V6 Exige which is almost the same engine, just a slightly different throttle body connection on the supercharged cars.   They might be able to modify it for the NA Evora.

    3rd Cat delete pipe also gives the car a more mature sound and again a slight increase in volume but not crazy loud.   Should be a relatively cheap upgrade as is ensentially a pipe with bend and fitting for a sensor.

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  11. Regarding tyres I have used PS4, SS and currently using PS4S on my NA Evora with 18/19 wheel combo.

    If you are looking for good sporty ride just for the road and not too bothered about absolute ultimate grip then the PS4 are a very good tyre you will not be disappointed.

    If you want to do a few track days and or drive the car hard.  Then I found the SS coped with the higher temps a track day generates better than the PS4 and its grip and performance stayed more consistent and you do longer stints before the tyre got too hot.  The SS was slightly poorer on the roads in wet and cold conditions but far from terrible still very usable in those conditions unlike a Cup2 which would require you to be very gentle.

    The PS4S is not available in the correct width for the 18inch front tyre but after advice from here saying a Lotus handling engineer said it was OK to change the width a little bit with no effect I went with full PS4S all round.   On the road at normal speeds very hard to tell the difference between the other tyres.  Out on fun drive on some good roads you can feel the slightly quicker turn in a bit more grip and feedback too.  No problems in the rain either.  I have not had a chance to use the tyre on the track yet, hopefully next year!

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  12. Another endorsement for ES Motorsports from me.   I've had some power and mechanical upgrades from them and I've been happy with the service and am very confident in their knowledge about the cars.  When I first started the journey with them, Dave spent a lot of time on the phone and emails with me explaining what mods they would recommend and why those over other mods etc.  I'm currently waiting for a cam upgrade from them too, but mine is a NA engine and they have not fully developed the profile for the NA engine.  The supercharged engine has fully developed cams and should be straight forward job for them.

    I will also stress that they are a race team first and road cars take the back seat and Dave is a very busy man.  It can be frustrating trying to get hold of him at times but when you do get through to him I've always been been happy with his response and how he has treated me and the car.

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  13. Noooooooo! I thought they finally got their engine in the ball park for performance and reliability this year!  Wonder which engine Red Bull will move too?  I'm guessing only Renault would sell them an engine.  Are there any new comers in the pipeline?

  14. Just watched the quali and race highlights.   That was a hard weekend for Hamilton, not a very smooth quail and then the penalty also put a downer on his weekend.  Also Bottas' comment when he won the race was funny!  I think he was feeling the pressure to get better results.

    The pundits on Channel 4 were saying according to their interpretations of the rules it was a bit of a grey area and Hamilton didn't do anything wrong.  Based on that I think the penalty was harsh.  I think the stewards could have found a middle ground which would have been more deserving.

    Anyway I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer for Lewis to take Shui's record?

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  15. Just for everyone else .... 

    I love my Michelin Pilot Alpin 4.   I can't remember the exact size I got I will try and pop down to the shed and check the sizes soon.   But I couldn't find them in same size as the Yoko W Drives, I think I ended up somewhere in between the summer size and winter size.

    I'm a big fan of the Alpin 4 very nice high performance winter tyre.  I don't have anything to compare against other than the summer tyre.  In normal everyday driving there is very little difference in feel apart from the winter keying to the surface significantly better and having better initial bite and much less off a plastic tyre feeling on cold days.  When on a spirited drive you can feel the tread block move a little on initial turn in but then it settles and stays consistent.  Aquaplaning is handled much better by the winters, the tyre happily cuts through puddles without any floaty feeling go on.  Didn't get to use them on any real snow, there was a light sprinkling one morning and everyone else on the roads was clearly taking it slow and steady as conditions where a bit sketchy but the Evora felt fine, the car accelerated, turned and braked with no issues.   I didn't have to think about anything or second guess the car stepping out it was all very boring drive which I guess is what you want.

    Assuming Michelin don't replace them with anything else, I'll mostly likely be going for same again when they wear out.

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