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  1. I echo all the comments above, great video interesting view and I like the way he thinks.   I'm not totally sold on the styling but I understand what he is trying to do regarding a design that still works 10 years from now.  He really does have a "Lotus" way of thinking and a lot if not all of what he was saying agrees with my opinions too.   There are some incredibly competent cars available to buy today but very few give you that fizzy feeling inside like a Lotus does.

    Also the line about getting out the car after a drive and looking back at the car ....   After 2 years of Evora ownership I still do that! 😍

    Oh and yes, that engine in an Evija .... would be truly amazing, I think the world would stop moving.

  2. Use the following tyre size calculator to see what the difference in the size will be:

    As far as I understand, 255/35/19 is standard fit for a S1 Evora,  275/30/19 is -1.9% difference in diameter, which is quite a lot.  A return to the standard size will make the car handle like it was intended and be slightly bigger (I'm assuming you are running standard sized fronts 225/40/18).  If you want bigger still to fill the arches more 265/35/19 is +1.2% and within an allowable deviation so should feel fine.

    If thats still not big enough your options are either move to the 19/20 wheel set sizes that were optional extras for the S1 but then that starts to get expensive as you'll need 4 new wheels and tyres.


  3. Just had my lovely Evora delivered back to me by ES Motorsports after they gave it a big pampering session.  As the car was being taken off the trailer I heard a kid from across the road saying "OMG what is that!".  I could see he was interested so I gave him a little nod to say is was cool if he wanted a closer look.  He seemed quite surprised at first, I guess not that many people welcome you to check their car out?

    He made his mum cross the main road to get closer and then he approached me and the car to get a proper look.  I had a very quick chat with the kid, he didn't know what it was but it looked "well cool" and then he got ushered off by his mum, as he was walking away his head was fixed on the Evora! 😊  

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  4. I'm torn between the two sides; on one hand he clearly has some amazing talent so would be great to see someone of his skill on the track again.  But on the other no one really has anything else good to say about him so think he should make way for some younger driver.

    I would be less torn if he was given a half decent car someone from top 3 so we can at least see him dicing about with people.   But I don't think the Renault is very good and he'll just be struggling out on his own so we wont get to see any of his great driving.

  5. I did a very similar trip last year with some mates and their other fast cars. We all had an incredible time.  The roads where smooth and twisty and sooooo much fun.  The views were gorgeous.  The food and the wine was delicious!   I think our favourite day was in the Picos so another recommendation from me.  

    Also the locals appear to love Lotus’s too! My little Evora NA got the most attention by a long way, that was in company with an M2, Boxster, AMG GT-R and Macca 540.



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  6. Yep I added the Larini after I owned the car for a bit.  I started off with Evora NA with sports exhaust and 3rd cat removed.  Then added on BOE Fab air intake, Larini headers afterwards.

    The sound is noticeably different, it is louder but also the quality of the sound is better.  Its not just the same but more of it,  hard to explain I'm crap with words.  But there is more going on with the sound the texture is better.  The air intake also adds to the intake noise, I always thought engine noise was from the exhaust but now I realise there is lots that comes from the intake too.

    Hard to say if power felt any different due to just the headers, I got air intake and aftermarket ECU with custom tune all at the same time.  Also no problem with the ECU but then again I got a aftermarket ECU with custom tune.  I don't think removing cats would throw a warning light, as from memory the original headers had the sensors plugged in before the cats so I don't think the ECU has the ability to detect any changes further down the exhaust route? Is there another sensor further down the exhaust?

  7. I’m running a NA Evora with BOE fab intake Larini exhaust headers, zero cat and lotus sports exhaust.  That all comes in at ~100db static when doing a not official test by a friendly TLFer. 

    I was totally fine at Donington which has 98db drive by and Silverstone which is 105db, never even got a sniff of a warning. So I think you’ll be ok.   The drive by sensors are placed on the side of the track so further away than the static test, so the sound has space to dissipate away hence, even though you are revving higher than the static test the sound level reading from the track side sensors is less. 

    no idea how well calibrated phone microphones are, it will be ok to get you in the right ball park but don’t think it will super accurate. 

  8. Paul, 

    I imagine they are doing or have planned to do significant testing of the car we just don't know about it.  Quite often the car manufactures themselves tip off the camera men when and where they are doing the testing to create hype.  It's rarely a camera man hiding in a random bush in waiting to get luckily and for a prototype to pass by.  The Lotus press strategy at the moment appears to calm a measured approach, not creating too much hype around the car so I imagine thats why you have not seen as many "spy shots" articles in the motoring press.  One of the articles above says they had a few test cars about in Europe that they had to quickly get home due to COVID lockdown measures across the world.  Lotus also have their own test track so they can test, tweak and refine the cars all within company grounds.

    I think this will be one Lotus product that won't have the usual Lotus "quirks", the engineering and quality control will have to be absolutely top notch.  You can get away with quirks on a ~£150K low volume production sports car but I don't think it will be acceptable on a £1+M hyper car and I'm sure Lotus know that too.

  9. I have a S1 Evora with the 18/19 wheels, am currently running Michelin Super Sport (SS) used to run the Pilot Sport 4 (PS4), I found the SS can cope a bit better with high temps during the handful of trackways I do and are a better balance of compromise for my circumstances.  

    Current tyres are getting low on tread and will need replacing soon.  I was just going to get another set of SS but I have realised there are some retailers in UK now offering the Pilot Sport 4 S in 235/40/R18 size.   I'm pretty sure I couldn't find any PS4S in vaguely the correct size last time?

    Reviews all state the PS4S is the better tyre, higher performance and less compromises so ideally would the tyre I'd prefer to get.  The Lotus recommended size is 225/40/R18 on the front will there be much difference in the handling or feel of the car using a 235/40/R18 tyre instead? 

    Any got experience running a wider tyre?

  10. Nooo ...  TdM, must not click on the link....  I might accidentally press the buy button! 

    @Bravo73 My car is actually with them at the mo!  It went in just before lockdown thinking I'll get it serviced and sorted before trackway season starts...  There's been a few complications and delays but hopefully will get the car back later this week.  I've got a few other mods done to the car so spent too much money already!  Think I'll wait till next year! Never know ...  fingers crossed Michelin may decide to make the PS4S in the smaller sizes? 🤞🏾

  11. I've had an issue where the flap wouldn't open and had a similar embarrassing moment at the petrol station forecourt but issues getting it shut.

    my problem turned out to be some shampoo / cleaner residue that pooled in the filler cap depression and then dried and went gummy and stuck the flap down.  Wasn't hard stuck but just enough to overcome the spring that flicks the door open.

    Might be worth spraying some PTFE spray in the hinge and mechanism?  Or carry a spare roll of duct tape?

  12. I think exhaust valve was introduced in the S model?  

    I have a NA with the Lotus sports exhaust and 3rd cat delete.  It's just about OK for track day noise limits.  I've driven at Bedford Autodrome I can't remember what the figure was but its one of the lowest limits in the country so you are good for there you usually good for most places.  On the static test mine just about passed, I was told it was close to the limit.  On drive by noise, I had to short shift on small straight as I was getting close the limit.  But it was just a little earlier than normal and everywhere else on the track I was OK so it didn't really detract from the experience at all.

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  13. The NA sound is pretty good from the outset but I can highly recommend an induction kit and exhaust headers to improve the sound, it will add a bit of volume but will give the car a more refined sound with a lot more going on.  Keep the 3rd cat and depending on what back box you can modulate the volume, a few different options from trackway quiet to out shout a lambo and anything in-between.

  14. Oh and regarding the "ultimate track day car" statement from Lotus.   hmm I'm not sure I agree with that.  Don't get me wrong this will be an extremely high performance car but I just think theres too much against it to call it a track car.  The weight while amazing for a BEV is pretty high for a track car and also where the hell are you going to charge it?  The powertrain sounds like its been designed to give consistent power all day long.  Rather than the current crop which give max power for 2 laps and then overheat and throttle back.  But just don't see this as a track car.  Reality is most of these cars will be in a collectors garage but the few that do go outside and get their tyres dirty I see this more of a road car than a track car?  Well planned road trip in the Alps making regular stops at charge points etc... 

  15. I know I'm biased but that is one hell of a good looking car!  Absolute beauty!  I don't think anyone has bought out a car as elegant and one that performs as well is this (predicted) for a while! 😍

    Can we chip in a few bob each and a get forum car to share around?  😉

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