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  1. Motul RBF660 is recommended a lot for Lotus cars.  Thats what ES motorsports use in my car and is suitable for track use.  Available via Amazon if local shops are closed at the moment.

    This is not a definitive list but these are the symptoms I had with my failing master cylinder.

    - clutch pedal had no resistance and would fall directly to the floor and not return, required hooking with your foot and bringing back up.

    - clutch pedal would also pump up, eg soft at first then stiffen up, like when you have air bubble in the break pipe that works its way out to reservoir.

    - brake in the reservoir was a little brown and cloudy.

    - there was no noises coming from the engine bay, eg pressure plate making any grinding noises etc.  There was no knottiness felt in the clutch pedal as if something mechanical in the system was broken or damaged.  Just a smooth pedal with no resistance, until the pedal pumped up and then normal operation would resume for a bit till it went soft again.

    The master cylinder is in the front clam and I don't think there is a way to access it without taking the clam off.  Maybe if you have a endoscope thingy you might be able to stick through some hole and locate the master cylinder to see if its leaking etc? 

    To flush fluid without a bleeder tool.  You can open the bleed nipple on one calliper and pump the break pedal while adding new fluid to the reservoir making sure it does not go dry. Keep pumping till fresh oil comes out the bleed nipple with no bubbles.  repeat for all four corners.  Similar process for the clutch but you need to open the bleed nipple on the clutch slave cylinder which is in the engine bay above the gear box.  There is a post on the lotus talk about bleeding the clutch.  I think you may have to remove the airbox system to get a decent view of it. 

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  2. What car would I like Lotus to make?  Hmmm tricky one...

    On one hand I'd like them to make a ~£50K Alpine competitor.  I really I'd like them to stick to supercharged engines ( I like the power delivery) but I guess a turbo inline 4 will be the only option stay competitive, regarding power and emissions.  It needs to have easy ingress, even easier than the Evora.  Current Evora levels of interior quality and I think in terms of tech what is offered in Evora is fine, reversing camera, Sat Nav / Car play, Bluetooth, done!  I think it will help get them in the mainstream a bit more, sell higher volumes and help to generate a bit more revenue and profit.  A bit like an updated S2 Elan but with rear wheel dive. I think that maybe better for the company.  

    But for purely selfish reasons I'd like them to make to make a £100K junior supercar ie an update to the Evora (ideally if they can make that for ~£50K then even better as I can just about afford one 😉 ).  I'd want a proper drivetrain in there, don't mind if its bought in from outside or developed in house but I don't want compromises to the layout.  I want it longitudinally mounted, get the weight lower down and shift the weight balance just a tiny bit further forward (get rid of the +2) and a proper gearbox with a good shifting action.   I know the latest Elige and Evora models have a good shift but its taken ~8years for them to get there.  With a proper drivetrain hopefully they should be able to produce a great shift from the start without having to spend a long time to develop it.  Also if they can shed a bit more weight from the Evora then even would be great but imagine thats gonna be pretty hard for something that isn't a stripped down cup version.  I think I'm asking for Exige handling with Evora refinement?


  3. Good article, I think it describes each car pretty fairly.  Good to see the cars are actually close and the result comes down to personal preference. eg I could use the exact same words as the writer but my conclusion would be the Evora, just because for me the feeling and connection you get driving the car at any speed not just 80mph+ is amazing and trumps everything else.

    Also really nice to see the press are taking more notice of the Evora.  There are 3 "vs" threads near the top top of the Evora forum list, slightly different combinations and different mags.  I do feel in past years the press forgot about the Evora and it wasn't involved very much in group tests and articles beyond an initial review of a new car.

  4. I'm not sure how much you can look into those figures with the virus lockdown situation going on.   But there is something in the numbers, most car types are down ~95%+ on sales compared to April last year but BEV sales are only down ~10% compared to last year.  Seems like BEV buyers really want their cars while others are happy to wait till the world resumes.

  5. BOE Fab and Radium are the popular CAI suppliers but both are based in US so could get costly regarding import duty etc also with the current virus situation it could take a long time to arrive and the exchange rate is not great at the moment.

    I believe Komotec do a CAI kit but its only for the Evora S.  This is sold in in the UK via Hangar111 so get in touch with them to see if can be fitted to the NA too?  This was on the expensive side as its made from carbon.

    The other option you try is the Alias23 system for the V6 Exige.  It's made for the Exige so a bit of modification will be required to get it to fit a NA Evora.  Certainly the connection to the throttle body is different.

    Shop link:

    Forum thread link:


    Will it make any power?  From reading posts on here and the US forums it does free up a few HP but usually people have also done a ECU map and other mods so hard to find an example just looking at the benefit of the CAI.  Certainly the sound is amazing and in my opinion os what the NA should've sounded like out the factory.  I love the whooshing, sucking in noises you can hear from the passenger side air intake vent.  I went for the BOE Fab design and got it done with full exhaust system and ecu so I cant comment on what difference just a CAI makes on power but I think for the sound alone its worth it! 

  6. I guess it’s so rare some people me included might not twig what the car was before it went past? 

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild? 

    Going back to the main topic. I’d like to see more ev  town / city cars. Cars that are small, cheap and short range. 

    Most journeys in this type of car are short and a range of 80 miles would easily see out a few days before charging was needed. 

    I’d also like to see more infrastructure put in so it’s easier to charge your car. Not everyone has a drive way to park their car and charge it.

    I’d like to see a lot more street side chargers etc to remove the range anxiety people will get from small city cars with small ranges. 

    EV cars are still in their infancy, many manufacturers have only developed one EV car which is in its first iteration.

    This costs a lotIn R&D and to get that back you need to develop a high end saloon or SUV car. So I guess I’m just going to have to wait a bit longer for everyone to recoup their costs until the cheap city run around versions are released. 

  7. On 11/03/2020 at 17:31, BatMobile said:

    Not an evora but my old exige 350 had loads of teething problems, mainly caused by a poor dealer based in Oxfordshire who kept either damaging my car or not putting it back properly.

    Wasn’t TH Boler by any chance was it?

  8. thanks all for the links above.  interesting reading.

    I wonder what the performance difference was between the engine layout in terms of handling and what the price difference to manufacture was?

    I'm guessing Lotus felt cost / performance ratio of transverse was better overall hense thats what they chose?

  9. I think it would be great to see Lotus develop a car with a longitudinal engine.  It should lead to a lower centre of gravity and allow the car to handle even better.  Possibly even opening them up to use different more high performant gearboxes to give better and more reliable shifts?  would the packaging help out with hybridisation too?

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  10. We were looking to buy a lightly used mid sized hatchback, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta kinda of thing.  There where plenty of options around £7-9K with lots of features and great condition interiors and paint work etc ... I think similar EV options that hadn't done a million miles where coming in at £13-16K and really it was the higher end cars that we would have preferred to get.

    So that extra ~5K+ pays for about 850 gallons of petrol which is good for about ~30Kmiles which is good for about 6 years for my mum's driving.

    I've forgotten take into account the servicing costs etc so maybe the EV could get a bit back but we didn't really have £13K+ to mum wanted to spend closer to 9K.

    I've done some quick rough calculations so I may have made some mistakes somewhere.  Let me know if anything is way off.  I don't have the original spreadsheet with proper values anymore.

  11. On 13/03/2020 at 12:54, C8RKH said:

    Remind me again why I would buy an EV because the running costs are cheaper?

    Fir environmental reasons, maybe. Financial? You're really having a larf!  ;)

    Yep totally agree with yo on this.  My Mum was looking to buy a new car lightly used 2-3 years old little hatch back thing last year.  She does low miles every year and rarely does trip of more than 100 miles round trip these days so I thought EV might be a good bet for her.  

    No matter which way I tried to skew the figures the EV always came out more expensive by a long way.    Looked at a Zoe with battery lease, buying the battery outright, looked at Leafs, BMW i3 etc etc ... Can't remember the exact numbers but I think going petrol rather EV saved her enough money to buy petrol for 8 years!

    Plus there's a lot written about the effect on the environment about mining the materials for the batteries and recycling them afterwards etc  ... its not just about CO2.   It's not too far fetched to think overall a VW Polo with small petrol engine doing max 5000 miles a year would have less impact on the world?


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  12. Noooo!   Clutch pedal feeling soft and not returning has returned this morning 😢.  

    Car was difficult to get moving as the clutch was not correctly disengaging and engaging when moving out of neutral and into 1st! Decided to park it up and take the campervan in to work instead.

    I'll try and have a look at it over the weekend.  Is there anything simple things I can check to help diagnose the issue before I take to a garage?

  13. Oh wow, thanks for the heads up!  Is this based on actual information released from Lotus or another "Autocar has a guess at the future"?  They do like to mock up lots of renderings based on mostly hearsay.  Might have to go get a copy! 

    If that is the new design for the Espirt, then I like it! Lots of similarities to the Evija!

    3 minutes ago, The Pits said:

    They might like to also consider the reception to Honda's expensive hybrid-only new NSX! 

    I'm no expert on the new NSX but I thought its lack of sales was down to it just not feeling very special?  A very fast and competent car but lacking any real drama and emotion?

  14. It's amazing that the wishbones designed by a computer end up looking more artful and organic than when designed by a human! 

    I remember reading about this technology a few years ago and the article showed the wishbone design as an example but they did not mention it was for genuine car.  Great to see the tech matured and is being used in a real life application.

    Also for the amount of non conventional technology and the performance on offer it seems like a bit of a (relative) bargain.

  15. I think we are a little way off from full EV sports cars for the mid to high end market, ie not a hypercar.  Battery density is not quite enough and when you start pushing the go faster pedal the range starts to drop dramatically.  But sure I recon a hybrid for the next gen cars is possible.

    As far as I understand Pophams comments regarding the SUV is that focus is on sports cars.   So maybe not off the table maybe more on the back burner?

    Personally I think the SUV fad will have gone by the time Lotus get on the bandwagon so they might as well forget about it and concentrate on the sports cars please.

  16. Thank you all for the information it has been very helpful.  I sat down last night comparing pro and cons and costs etc ...   and I think going for Super Sport all round is the best choice for me.

    The tests and reviews I've read say its a very good road tyre and deals with track use a bit better than the PS4.  I'm still a beginner so its much better spending money and effort increasing by abilities rather than increasing the tyres' ability.  I just don't think I'd make the most of the performance advantage a Cup2 would give.  Maybe in a year or two when I have more experience and skill I can think about switching over to Cup2.

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