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    15 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    Which is kind of ironic, unfortunately. 

    Lotus has never been about maximum power. 

    Totally agree, Lotus always been about extracting a large amount of overall performance from small amount of resource.  But in my opinion the hypercar is change in the current way of thinking and embraces the best of Lotus's heritage and new ideas to create an buzz and hype and interest in its cars.  Lotus has never made a hypercar (well I guess the term hypercar is a relatively new one too but I hope you get my point) and hypercars are all about huge amounts resource, taking the dial and turning it up 11 if not 12!  But its a Lotus so think we're more likely to see something with similarities to Koenigsegg rather than a Bugatti.

  2. I've always wondered about the lack of suspension servicing required in the standard dampers.  In the mountain bike world all suspension forks and rear shocks require a basic service of changing the lubricating oil change after 20-100 hours of use depending on the manufacturer and a more advanced services changing damping oil and seals about once a year or more often depending on usage.

    I found it odd that on a high performance car and one where the suspension and damping are one of the best assets such as an Evora that regular service of the suspension is not required.  I enquired at Hofmans Lotus about this and they said if its not broke don't fix it.

  3. Oh looks nice. Presumably the badge on the front nose is just a decal stuck over the enamel badge?  Otherwise that's a ridiculous price!

    Also how did you do the black "LOTUS" lettering on the rear of the car?  I have an burnt orange Evora with black highlights (sports racer wrap and black wheels).  I think the rear lettering in black might look better than the chrome lettering at the moment.

  4. Fantastic story @hyperviper, what a great first post, welcome to the forum! 

    I think that's why Lotus's are so well received so well by the public its because the owners tend to be a different kind of person, a lot more friendly and sociable.  I've tried to say hello and compliment to a few other nice car owners and they can be so stuck up and unwelcoming.

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  5. On 04/07/2019 at 10:56, mik said:

    @DBG I dont suppose that is available online? I do love a good tyre test - evo magazine has done some great ones in the past.

    If you like a good tyre test check out its the same person / people as the video @Techyd posted about cup2 / PS4S / PS4.  They try and collate reviews from different sources and is very interesting if you like stats and tyres!  search for a tyre you are interested in and scroll down a bit and they should have a list of links to past tests the tyre has been in.

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  6. @C8RKH no actual experience of the tyres on the 410 but I did a crap load of reading last year when my tyres needed replacing.  The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S got some great reviews many people saying for a car that isn' tracked and used everyday come rain or shine its probably the best high performance road tyre available looses out a little in handling to the CUP2 but really not that much.  The Pilot Sport 4 are still pretty good but I think the small premium for the 4S is worth it.

    There are also some good reviews for Goodyear's new Eagle F1 tyre and Continentals range of high performance tyres.  They were both fresh on the scene when I was researching so there wasn't many comparisons with the MPS4S but its been a while now so might be some tests where the 3 are compared together.

  7. Congrats on the purchase, it's a gorgeous car! 😍 I am slightly biased owning a burnt orange Evora NA with SR wrap so yours is effectively a better modern updated version of mine, some of the short fallings corrected and all the good bits remain but turned up a couple of notches.  I'm glad someone took it off the market as I was starting to look into selling one of my kidneys to finance buying this lovely machine!  😉😄.   Wishing you many happy traffic free miles of motoring!

    A super car in the hands of a super owner! After out chat Jimmy I'm looking at planning an Irish road trip for next year. Anyone interested?

    Oh yes please, I was in Galway last year and the roads on outskirts looked amazing with great views.  I was also in the south many years ago and same there too, lovely scenery and windy roads.

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  8. I only have basic understanding of car suspension so this maybe wrong but in general the rear of the car wants to be stiffer than the front, and having an overly stiff backend compared to the front tends to shift the balance towards oversteer.  Having the rear not much stiffer than the front leads to more docile handling and understeer.  But I think most of that is handled by the spring weight not the damper so should only see small change in handling.  You may notice more body roll in hard corners and bit more front end dive when hard on the brakes.

  9. I may be wrong but I thought I was only the rear dampers that changed for the S?

    @EGTE there were plenty available last night when I posted the link.  Maybe all sold out?  might be worth giving them a call. Click on any advert from the Lotus shop and scroll down to find the phone number.  Its the second time I've seen them pop up so maybe they'll pop up again?  

    You can also try ES Motorsports who may some new / reconditioned units for less than a brand new one from Lotus.

  10. 7 hours ago, Lotus Ed said:

     and to have a BOE CAI installed. 

    Oh you're going to love the sound.  Just had one fitted to my car and I can't get enough of it.  Love the way you can hear the engine sucking in air and then at higher loads the throaty roar of the induction kit!  Should've some as standard on the Evora 😄


    4 hours ago, au-yt said:

    As 400 is the first car i have owned with TPS so its good to have an idea  of the life of the TPS batteries. It's almost worth changing batteries every few tyre changes.

    I'm not the world expert on TPMS but I haven't some across any TPMS sensors where you can just change the battery you have to buy a new sensor. ☹️ I'm sure its just a standard button cell type battery like CR3032 so should be totally possible to get a replacement.  But the sensor body is usually sealed plastic and I think prizing it open will damage the casing.  Doubt it makes much problem for the sensor to have a damaged body as I doubt there is much moisture or anything else inside a tyre to damage the electronics.  Its an other car industry con 😉

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  11. Spec / money ratio seems about right ball park figure.  Its one of the later SR cars and low mileage so will be a bit more money but I think they've priced it correctly.

    I found Snows fine to deal with when buying the car but their preparation of the car was poor.  They did not diagnose a faulty MAF sensor properly and called me very late to tell me the car was not working, I was literally just about to board a train from London to pick the car up when they called to delay the pick up.  They also did not clean the car properly and did not fix the paint chips they said they would.  I don't think they are shady just unorganised or lacking in quality control, so ring up before hand to check everything agreed has been done before you collect.

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  12. Nothing more to add other than from what I understand about the system I think Chrome Orange is correct.  The sensors don't need to be programmed with a position the system is self learning in this aspect.  I think the manual says to drive for ~7miles for it to detect everything etc ...  but for me when I replaced all 4 sensors it only took 3miles for the system to be up and running.

    If you have faulty sensor(s) that need to be replaced have a search on here there is thread or two about replacement alternatives that cheaper than the ones from Lotus.

    Also I know your pain about changing the clock, how did they manage to make it so annoying to change the time!

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  13. Yep picked up the car on Monday and I'm pretty happy with the work they've done, car sounds amazing now and you can feel the extra power at the top end of the rev range.  I'll make a new post with details of the work as its probably not appropriate on this thread.

    But regarding the questions you had earlier.

    Traction control - Basically put the Delta ECU that ES Motorsports use has ability to use what you want.  You can put your own parameters or use the factory parameters and you can retain the race mode that the V6 Exiges and the newer Evora have.  It is possible to add a rotary dial to easily switch between different modes but SCS (the ECU suppliers) or you will have to code this up on the ECU they don't have the feature currently but as far as they understand it is possible.  The setting they have put on my Evora is a bit less intrusive than the factory setting even in non sport mode so should be a bit more fun and engaging when driven at the limit.

    Regarding CAM profiles - the profiles are defined by ES motorsports and sent to piper cams to get machined from blanks.  They have been refining the profile over time and are pretty pleased with what they have at the moment.  It shifts the torque further up the rev range so the engine keeps pulling in the higher revs, there is small loss at the lower end of the rev range but most if not all of that is regained by using the variable timing.  They also said yes they can go more aggressive if that's what you want but as said earlier it turns it into a track day / race day engine and not so good for the road.  The cam change required some other hardware changing to I think they said the followers or springs are also changed but did not mention the injectors.  They know the Toyota engines well and run many race cars so think they know their stuff pretty well, have a chat to them with your requirements and I'm sure they can come up with a solution.

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