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  1. Yep my Evora NA is currently at ES motorsport getting a few power mods done.  Original plan was for induction kit, exhaust headers, new cams and aftermarket ECU with custom mapping.

    There was a problem at the cam manufacturer and the delay would be too long so I'm getting everything apart from the cams done and I'll take it back later on in the year for the cams.

    The ECU swap will keep full OEM functionality apart form TMPS sensors sometimes these can be a bit iffy.  ES Motorsports have asked SCS to try and fix this but I haven't asked if they were successful and it was a feature I was willing to give up.  Traction control is present and I believe the setting that ES / SCS use allows a bit more playful nature in standard mode and as far as I understand you can tweak the settings in the code not sure about adding a rotary knob to adjust, I'll ask when I go to pick the car up and I'm not sure how it works with the traction control system in the Exige which I think is self learning to grip conditions on track etc ..  again I'll ask a bit more info on this when I go to pick up.

    The cam profile they had in mind for me would have kept the car still very drivable on the road no rough idle, emissions will naturally increase from the mods but should just about be fine for MOT (hopefully!).  They can go more aggressive on the cams if you want but what you gain on track performance you loose in everyday drivability.  There were no mods to injectors or valve system needed with my cam change.

    I due to pick up the car on Monday so will report back after then (please be dry and sunny when I drive home 🤞🏾😁)

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  2. I used a pair of these on a recent trip to Croatia.  Build quality was god for the price and a bit better then what the high street offered (Sports Direct, Millets and other outdoors shops).

    If you're not going to use them frequently then I think they're good for the money, otherwise maybe spend a bit more on a fancier pair that might be a bit harder wearing.  The elastic was a tiny bit loose for me and in tricky situations could slip off but for light usage ie just walking about on the beach gentle swim in the sea they were fine for me.   But I think that all depends on the fit as they are held on with elastic.  There are some versions form the same seller with velcro straps that should stay on a lit firmer.  

  3. 3 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    The OP is in the Netherlands. It is highly unlikely that he is going to ship his car to the USA to get the work done!

    Just as a side note, BOE offer download of their ECU tunes.  I think you need to buy a cable to connect a laptop to the OBD port so you don't need to send them your ECU or ship your car over.  If you're going for full BOE package then I'd imagine their tune works quite reliably as all components are known quantities but I guess a proper custom tune on a rolling road/dyno is always the best assuming the person doing the mapping is experience and good at their job.

  4. ES have plenty experience with modifying the supercharged ones but mine is the first NA car they are doing with a cam change so no hard figures yet but they are predicting around 30-40bhp increase with all the work I listed in my first post.  Due to the mess up at the cam manufacturer it'll probably be a few months before I get the cams changed but I'll update the forum with results from the other mods once the car is finished.  Swapping for a Evora S is probably the best financial sense but I wanted to keep the NA going so listened to my heart and not my head.

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  5. Exactly as @Bravo73 says.  I'm getting some other work done at the same time and don't have an itemised price list so its hard for me to tell the price of just cam change and I don't want to start making up prices for ES and any trouble that might cause.

    ES have told me for the Evora, a cam change is definitely a clam off job there is virtually no access to a cam tensioner or something so they have to take clam off to gain access.  It is possible on a V6 Exige but not the Evora.

    The ES package they are offering me is 100% suitable for the road and car should remain very drivable.  They are doing a custom tune so I presume  you can ask them to make the tune as aggressive as you want.  My car is the first NA car they are doing with the current dyno they have so they don't have any graphs to view at the moment.  But they are predicting a very slight torque decrease at the bottom end but mid range and especially top end should see significant gains.

  6. The last interview I read about the SUV was by Popham who said something along the lines of:  the SUV was not their focus the sports cars are priority.  If and when Lotus do a SUV they would not want to repurpose an existing platform and just add a different body shape and Lotus badges, it would have to stand up to the core Lotus values, ie lightweight, beautiful handling, etc ..  so most likely a new platform design by Lotus or at least a new platform they have had significant input and influence into.

  7. Thank you, I believe the colour is called Burnt Orange? Need to double check.

    I wasn't sure about pressing the buy button when went to see the car.  I totally loved the colour but I'm not an "orange car" kinda of guy.  Stood on the forecourt staring at the car for a while and I thought to my self "f*** it, you only live once" and a car like this deserves a bold colour!  Thankfully everyone who's seen it has been very complimentary of the colour.  No one has accused me of being a show off footballer .... yet! 😊

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  8. If BOE can't help you out then have a chat with ES Motorsports.  My S1 Evora NA is there at the moment to get similar work done, BOE Fab induction kit, Larini exhaust headers, sports cat, new cams and aftermarket ECU with custom tune.  

    Unfortunately the cam manufacturer has lost my cams and replacements will be delivered in a time frame when ES motorsports are away racing so there will be a big delay in me getting my car back.  So we've postponed the cam change till later on in the year.  But it's certainly a modification that ES can offer.

  9. How about adding an Audi R8 to the list?  Awesome engine in the back means its pretty fast but also I believe inside and the general feel of the car is quite refined and easy to drive which may come in handy for the trip to the supermarket or dentist?


  10. Holy sweet *@£$ %£$@ £$*@. That yellow 430 is gorgeous! 😍 The colour looks amazing in that photo!  So glad its totally out my price range otherwise I'd find it hard resist.

    If you buy it, can I have a ride in it please?  You might want to put some plastic covers on the seats before I get in. 😁

  11. I've driven an older Vantage V8 was surprised at how much worse the suspension was compared to a S1 Evora.  The Aston felt heavier, lower and less wanting to change direction but also had an uncomfortable ride, normally you have one or the other but the Aston has neither.

    I've had a passenger ride in a Mac 720 and the suspension in that was amazing.  In comfort mode and at normal speeds its very supple with each wheel moving independently to isolate you from the road bumps and vibration while in sport or race mode lets the car corner flat with little dive or lean and it was driven by someone who really knew what they were doing so the suspension was having to work hard.  If its a similar system in the 570 then I think you'll be very happy with the ride quality.  But the internet is full of people saying it has enormous running costs so might want to rethink that if you are going put some decent mile on the car.

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  12. Regarding ECU tuning bit late to the party but....  BOE fabs and Komotec are the only ones I know of tuning the original ECU.  BOE has a service where they will provide a custom tune based on your setup and wants but as far as I know its not a live map done on the rolling road  but they are based in the US so live mapping on rolling road is not an option for the UK guys anyways

    Otherwise your options are aftermarket ECU.  Costs in the region of around £1500 - £5000.  I'm aware of ES Motorsports, Hagar111 and Calibrated Performance offering aftermarket ECU and 2Tublar have said they are working on one but I have no idea when that actually will be .... 

  13. There are a few posts on here about using a 4XX series clutch on a S1 but has anyone actually done it? Or it is just theory?

    My S1 clutch started slipping at around 55K last year.  I enquired at Hoffmans Lotus about getting a 4XX clutch and lighter flywheel as the replacement.   They said they'd never tried it or heard any one that's fitted a 4XX clutch in a S1 and wasn't sure if it was possible and suggested I just use the standard clutch.  They also recommended for a road car the standard (heavier) flywheel would be better (assuming it was possible to fit a lighter one) as it feels smoother as a lighter one would spin up and slow down quicker.

    At the time I was happy with the standard flywheel and it was the right decession but after some tuition and time learning the car I'm driving it more aggressively and enjoy trying to heal and tow on downshifts and now think a lighter flywheel and a more responsive, quicker revving engine might have suited me better? 

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  14. I believe Elise Shop might be the UK seller for the WinAce stuff I mentioned.  I'm not 100% sure so apologises if I'm wrong.

    Yep once you pop its hard to stop.  I have carbon side boards and rear diffuser.  Tempted to get the ducktail boot panel trying to resist at the mo.   Also looking for front spoiler ....   ah when will it end!

  15. 3 hours ago, Techyd said:

    I agree - overall I prefer the S1 styling to the 400 look but the front could be a little more assertive.  Can I ask where you sourced the front bumper from?

    Try on the classifieds I've seen GTE body parts pop up before.  ES Motorsports sometimes have some spares kicking around.  Stratton cars are rebuilding the GTE Evora they may have some spare bumpers?  Failing all that a company called Win Ace makes a copy that looks similar to the Evora GTE bumper.   I've not got their parts my self but feedback from other posts online suggests their work is good.


    12 hours ago, tim_marra said:

     I would quite like the current front/rear bumper style, but not sure it would work with the S1 tailgate.

    WinAce also do a ducktail spoiler rear hatch similar to the GT4XX sport models.  I've thought of replacing the one on my Evora with a carbon one from WinAce.  makes the car lighter and adds the slated hatch to aid cooling.  But costs £££

  16. While at the UK driving academy, was speaking to one of the engineers who said they spent a lot of time and effort making sure the car has good crash safety.  It has the potential to go pretty fast and they need to take that into account to make sure the occupants are safe.  He was very fond of the replaceable crash structures and sub frames also the roll bar which they strengthened and made sure it was fixed in such a way as to provide a higher level of safety than was the norm in the car industry.  It's not as strong a full roll cage but its better than the offerings from a lot of other cars.

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