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  1. Hmm I maybe talking bollocks about the Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 being old and past it.   I just found reviews from 2017 and it compares very well against the Conti TS850P.   So while it is an older design tyre and Michelin have bought out newer designs, the Alpin 4 is very good.

    This winter tyre stuff is hard work! I've rung round a few places to get advice and for a performance car they just don't know what to recommend.   I guess with summer tyres there is lots of feedback from customers and their own experiences but little with winter tyres.

  2. The only Pilot Aplin that fits my car are the Pilot Aplin 4 and the design is a few years old.  If going Michelin I think I'd rather go for the new CrossClimate+ which got very good results on Auto Expresses winter tyre test and came in second place!

    Or mix and match the Contis, use the TS850P up front and TS860S on the rear.  Thats got to give me better performance than the older Michelin design?


  3. Right OK had a look at some other tests going back a few years and compared the relative performances of any reference all season tyre and summer tyres to the winter tyres and ...  its very condition dependant on which tyre works when.  There are some tests that show the winters give little to the summer tyres in the dry tests and outperform them in aquaplane tests and some showing the opposite.

    But I think I've come to the conclusion the winters are probably the better compromise to make.  As it's when the conditions are really crappy that I'll really need their strengths.  When its warm and dry (relatively speaking for wintertime) it's easier to stay within the tyres limits and not need the extra performance of the summer tyre.  But when its cold and wet its easier to over step the line and need the extra grip of the winter tyres.

    So now the puzzle of which exact winters ...  The top 3 tyres at the moment are Conti TS850P, Conti TS860S and Verdestine Wintrac Pro.  Unfortunately neither come in exact size for my 18/19 wheeled Evora, which requires 225/40/R18, 255/35/R19.

    Conti TS860S is a new tyre made specially for high performance cars.  Has better performance in the dry than the TS850P, similar in the wet and slightly less grip in the snow.  The closest sizes I've found are 235/45/R18,  255/35/R19.  The rears match perfect but fronts are wider and much taller profile so I don't think these will be suitable?

    Conti TS850P is a very good winter tyre winning in previous years tests, sizes are 225/40/R18, 235/40/R19.  Fronts are perfect but the rears add 1.5% to the diameter and 20mm narrower than standard so not sure if they will fit the wheel?

    Verdestine Wintrac pro:  Very close performance to the Conti TS850P but slightly better in the dry.  Come in sizes 225/40/R18, 235/35/R19.  So again front is perfect fit but rears are 1.9% smaller in diameter and also concern over if the tyre are too narrow for the rims.  The rears also come in 245/40/R19 which is 2.7% bigger which might be a bit too much?


    Any advice on which tyre size to go for is much appreciated.   Would it be sensible to mix the two Continental tyres together to get the correct sizes front and back?

  4. I think a lot of the general public don't know Lotus have a history of using advanced technology and ingenious engineering to gain performance advantages.  They think they're just a plucky little British car company.  I imagine the halo car and the collaboration with WAE to some extents is about informing people that actually Lotus is no stranger to using new tech and highly engineered cars.

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  5. Thanks guys will have a read of those links.

    For clarification, I was always proposing running two tyres but was thinking of using an all season tyre as my winter tyre as its dry weather performance is far better than the winter tyres.  For sure when the temps warm up again I will be running my usual PS4.  Cost is not an issue its safety and performance that are my main objectives.

  6. Take a look at the results of the various test results for winter and all season tyres.   Often the tests are performed with a reference summer tyre and reference all season / winter tyre too.

    In dry and wet conditions the braking, handling and aquaplaning scores the summer tyre and all season tyre often score better than the winter tyres.  Summer tyres loose out massively in the snow and ice tests but the all seasons are mid pack.  Hence why I'm thinking of going for an all season tyre.  The conditions found in Hertfordshire are rarely snowy over winter so I'm happy to compromise on snow performance.  It's usually single digit temperatures with a mix of dry and wet, the all season tyre shows comparable performance in dry to the summer tyre and better performance in the wet compared to summer and winters?

    I was set on getting a winter tyres but I'm now more confused than before and thinking an all season tyre might be better for me? 

  7. Oooh they managed to put the cut out slits in the roof! Didn’t notice that on the first pic. Is that a like glossy carbon wrap on the roof? That’s looks really nice, might have to copy you.  

    I have barge boards but have not fitted them yet as thought it might make fitting the wrap harder. 

    Hmm gonna give them a call tomorrow and ask to keep some carbon wrap in stock for me to take a look at on Friday when it’s my turn! 😁

  8. Anyone able to point me to a test done with summer tyres in cold buy dry conditions to see how performance carries with temperature? 

    I’ve been looking at a few of the test results on and looks like in dry and wet conditions the braking distance is significantly less with their control summer tyres. 

    Its really just the snow braking and handling where the winter tyre wins out. Even the aqua plane test the summer tyre wins.

    This seems contratry to the usual advice given of “if the temp is below 7c a winter tyre is better”

    The all season tyres fair better in dry and wet tests than the full winters but still behind the summer tyres.

    In the south of England we rarely get snow that lingers around on the road, maybe a few days a year.  So it’s cold days with either dry or wet roads conditions that I’m buying tyres for. I was thinking of getting some all season tyres or winter tyres but now I’m rethinking after seeing the test results? 

    Anyone able to counter my train of thought? Or have I misinterpreted the data? 

  9. I have an unfitted BOE induction kit for the NA Evora (assume its the same one as the Evora S) sitting in my flat.  I can take some pics and measurements if that helps?  Is it just the box containing the foam filter that's of interest or any other part of the kit?

  10. On 24/01/2019 at 09:57, Bomber133 said:

    Shame it is US based as import duties and fitting costs may make it uneconomical.


    From a read of the description sounds like the kit contains some hardware but also their intellectual property in knowing what and how to make modifications to the existing box.

    You could maybe ask them too split the two and price up the hardware and IP separately.  If the hardware comes in significantly cheaper than the IP then you wouldn't have to pay as much on the import duties as you only need to ship the hardware.  The IP can be emailed across.

    Dunno if that will work  ... just a possibility to ask about? 


  11. Nice job looks good. I think the black suits your interior colours better, adding a yellow badge in the mix might cause a clash of colours?  How did you get the old one off, is it just a stick on one too?

    Nose badge comes off with a bit of gentle heat and piece of fishing wire to get under the badge then work the wire all the way around. Or you can use a thin bladed screwdriver wrapped in cloth to prevent damaging the paint work.




  12. 7 hours ago, phenoyz said:

    what it the difference  between a VALVED vs. NON-VALVED exhaust?

     anything major i.e sound, performance?etc

    I'm no expert so it might be worth double checking with Jim at 2bular.  But I think the non valved version has a louder sound than standard car and possibly a bit of extra performance (although most the performance gains may be in the headers not the backbox).  The valved version is essentially the same but has an extra mode to make it quieter.  In the quiet mode this may come with a small penalty in performance but I think this is very small and you may not notice it.  I believe he can also make a non valved exhaust for the track which is quiet enough to pass the strict sound limits in the UK and also give high performance.

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  13. Yep Porsches are lovely and very capable cars I just don't think they are drivers cars.  I've had a go in an older 911 GT2 and my Evora NA felt more raw and special with more feedback.

    The SUV(s) and the sports cars are two different sectors and need two different strategies.  The SUV has to follow the Porsche model closely but just have a bit of that "Lotus magic" to differentiated it.  It's pointless making it totally raw.  The people who appreciate a raw car aren't going to want an SUV, they know it's just not feasible to have both in one car.  With the Lotus badge the SUV will have a sense of something new and exclusivity about it and also it will have true sports car heritage behind it, not just an other large volume car with a big engine in it.  I think that will attract people towards it.

    For the sports cars, if the new strategy is to copy Porsche I think it's going to be a long uphill battle.  I mean why would buy something trying to copy Porsche when you could just buy a Porsche?  I think the balance Lotus has with the Evora was spot on, more involvement and fizz than your average car and enough creature comforts.  They just need to refine and polish it up.  I haven't stepped into a 410 or 430 Evora so it possible the standard is already there?  But what they really need to do is market the car and actually let people know the car exists!  A smaller lower priced model similar to the new Alpine would also sell well.

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