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  1. You could maybe try some Sugru to repair the hole in the seal.  Its a mouldable glue that stays flexible and rubbery.

    I don't know how much a new seal is but I imagine its not cheap so might be worth giving a quick go with Sugru to see if  you can repair rather than replace?  I may have some spare in the tool box send me a pm of your address and I'll post some out to you if I can find it.

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  2. Regarding the car from TH Boler.  If you decide to go with this car and there is some work required on the car I'd prefer to negotiate money off the car rather than getting them to correct the car.

    I bought my car from them summer 2017 and while they were OK to deal with and very fair fixing things on the car they took a very long time and then needed to do each job multiple times eventually I got annoyed and they allowed me to get the work done at a Lotus service centre and they pay the bill.

    Each time I had a complaint they would happily accept the car back and offer to fix it so I have no issues on that front just the execution of the work required wasn't the best.  So while I'd probably buy another car from them I'm not sure if would have it serviced by them.

  3. I'm thinking about going along to a track day at Bedford Autodrome but I'm a little worried about the noise limits there.  The limits on the day I intend to visit are 101 dB(A) Drive-by 87.5 dB(A).

    I have a S1 NA Evora, I believe it has the Lotus motorsport exhaust otherwise as far as I know it is stock.  

    Will it pass the noise tests?  I don't have a sound meter or know anyone with who has one so I don't have a method to check my self. 

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  4. From the link it says the black is good for 200 degreesC.   Would that be good enough?



    JJC Flexible Ducting Hose Neoprene Or Silicone Brake / Hot Or Cold Air Induction




    JJC single layer ducting hose. Constructed from temperature resistant materials and features a wire helix to allow tight bends to be formed without kinking.


    Single Layer Neoprene

    Temperature Range: -50 Up To +200 Degrees C



    Single Layer Silicone


    Temperature Range: -80 Up To +310 Degrees C

    JJC ducting hose is the perfect solution for brake ducts, air intakes, cockpit ventilation and other low pressure / vacuum applications.


  5. On 01/12/2018 at 22:25, gregs24 said:

    It doesn't have the premium pack as the advert says and the airbag cover is warped - this is a fiddly job to fix as the clips will have broken. Front bumper is lower on the nearside for some reason

    @gregs24 How can you tell there is no premium pack?  What was included in this pack? thanks.

    @fillpoke the airbag cover popping up is a cosmetic issue.  The passenger airbag will still work fine just the cover becomes warped and sticks out its a common fault on many Evoras.  Its a straightforward job but takes a lot of time as I think lots of dash needs to come out so it can be expensive to get fixed.  Maybe have another look at the car and see if it bothers you.  For me it doesn't bother me, I really don't notice it when I'm driving but as others have said it does effect them.


  6. Howdy all,

    I'm keen on getting an aftermarket rear diffuser for my S1 NA Evora.  When I was first looking for an Evora I demoed a carbon grey S1 with a Diffflow rear diffuser and thought it looked great but I didn't end up going for that car.

    So having a quick look around for aftermarket options seems like I can only find Reverie making them in the UK:

    Does anybody have one and care to share your thoughts on it?  Is well made? Is it really as simple to fit as the instructions make out?  Price is reasonable compared to a Diffflow one which costs $600 so after shipping and taxes won't be far off the Reverie price.

    Another options out there I should look at?

    thanks, Jai

  7. Temperature dropping to the bottom of the scale doesn't sound normal.  Mine does get cooler when I get to stretch its legs a bit and warms up again when going slower ~30mph in traffic.  But the range is from around 50% when bumbling around town and cools down to 30% when driving a bit faster, it won't ever get down to almost zero.

    No idea what the problem could be but check the coolant levels are correct?  Is there a way to check the coolant is actually being pumped around correctly?  Or any additional temperature sensors you can access using the OBD2 port and an app on your phone? 

  8. On 27/10/2018 at 13:59, Nathan Pitman said:

    It was a great drive and I felt much more confident and able to push it along than I do in the Evora. Maybe the Evora is just too much car for me?

    I had a similar thought when doing a Lotus Driving Academy weekend course earlier this year, when comparing an Elise and Exige.  I had a lot of fun in both cars but for my beginner skills I was more comfortable with the Elise, I was slower (4pot vs V6 engine) but felt better in control and could explore the limits better in the Elise.

    The Elise was a cracking car and I really really really want one but I only have space for 1 car and I don't think the Elise is quite up to being a daily so I would need an everyday hatchback or something to accompany it.   So currently have a S1 NA Evora, kinda hits the middle ground ... but hopefully one day when I have space to store a couple cars, I'll have an Elise....

  9. I know the rolling chassis was designed and tuned by Lotus and then handed over to Aston to complete the car. So you’d think Geely would just look in-house to design a car if needed? 

    Although article states the deal includes tooling and other design knowledge.  

    I’m not in the business of making cars but I imagine it’s a long way to go from a prototype rolling chassis to actually figuring out how to manufacture it.  Plus all the  other gubbins you need to make it a car and not a rolling chassis.

    This could give Geely a short cut to production for a new model? And the chassis design was done by Lotus so kinda still in-house and not outsourced. 

    On 23/10/2018 at 16:48, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    He was probably too busy praying!


    That wasn’t the cars fault was it? I thought it was Hammonds fault he crashed? Totally misjudged the corner? 


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