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  1. I haven't looked at how the door is attached but its possible the door / hinge can shift dropping its position.  Not sure how far out of alignment you need before it stops working correctly but the shut lines look OK.

    My issue was most certainly the mechanism getting gunked up with dirt and grease preventing it from working correctly.  Once cleaned and lubed up its working smoother than did previously.

  2. Success!  I have the door open!

    I noticed the passenger side door latch mech was full of dirty grease that could be clogging the mechanism from opening fully, hence my door would slightly open and be loose but not fully open.  Was thinking maybe with a bit of a force and speed that might encourage the latch to fully open.

    So standing outside the car, with the window down, so I could grab the door with both hands, I opened the handle and gave the door a firm, sharp tug and hey pesto second attempt door opened!!  Waahoo!  😁😅

    And as thought the latch mechanism is full of dirty grease stopping it from working smoothly.  So this evening I'm going to dump the contents of a can of WD40 to clean the grease out and finish off with a generous spray of silicon spray to relubricate it.  Fingers crossed its a permanent fix.

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  3. Possibly because the weight is so low down it doesn't effect the handling as much?

    What are the reviews like on these new crop of electric track cars? Rimac and the others sorry cant remember their names but I think there are few available these days? I've only seen the Rimac on The Grand Tour etc so not a decent in depth review but I don't think Hamond was complaining that it felt heavy and couldn't handle corners.

    Edit - I totally forgot to take account of the ICE!  Yep EV system only, you could probably hide the weight as its low down but ICE + EV system yep that could a bit heavy. 

  4. I had a poke about on the passenger door to see how that works and to me it seems like the door latch is clearing the first bar on the striker but not second bar.  I don't know how this would happen.  The passenger side latch mechanism is a little gummed up with dirt and grease, possibly this is preventing the latch from working?  My only plan of attack at the moment is to somehow get some stay lubricant in there to see if that will free up the mechanism. 

    Any other ideas or things to try much appreciated.

    I did not some research into taking out the door card and appears you need the door open to access bolts in the hinge and underside of the door. So I have no idea how I'm going to gain access to that without being able to open the door!   :(

  5. Lovely cars I demoed an early 4.3 egined one.  Was a very nice experience and looks so super cool.  But for me preferred the lightness of the Evora the feel and feedback and the ride quality of the Evora.   I still want to own a Vantage at some point but currently the nimbleness of Evora wins possibly when I'm older and I just want to cruise around the Vantage maybe a better car ... ? 

    Prices of Vantages is pretty low at the moment,not sure how much lower they will go.  So if you do want to own one this is a good time.  

  6. Went to get into the car this evening after work and found drivers door wouldn't open.  "No problem I thought", the door unlock pin has been a bit sticky recently and not fully opening.  "I'll just lock it and unlock it again, that'll do the trick".   Door unlock pin rises a bit higher this time, "great, door should open now?" .....  Nope! 

    The door is unlocking and when pulling the door handle you can hear a feel the mechanism move and the door is released and opens a few millimeters but it doesn't open fully.  There appears to be a second bolt or catch that the door is stuck on.

    Luckily passenger side door still opens fine and weirdly it's not that hard to shuffle over to the other side so I can get in and out. phew 

    Any ideas what could be wrong? and how to fix it?

    incase it helps car is a 2010 NA Evora


  7. Hi all, sorry for the late reply, I'm on work trip in the US so little time to log onto the Lotus Forums.

    So I picked up the car on Tuesday and took if for another test drive around the roads near car garage.  The test drive took in roads with cambers both ways and the car behaved consistent on both cambers.  On a flat bit of road taking hands of steering wheel the car tracked straight and did not wonder off line.  It follows the camber more than it did before weights the steering wheel up more than before but I'm told this is normal.

    I was also surprised to find the car garage do not use a laser alignment machine and use a string and parallel lines to set the car up! 😮  I didn't know this method was still used and I'm and told they are well versed in this method and can get accurate and consistent setup with it??


    So I think the car not feeling right initially was down to a few things.  

    - Previous geometry was off and I got used to it so I need to spend some time readjusting to it.  Finding a road with right hand camber it behaved consistent to left hand camber so the car is not pulling left just following the camber. 

    - The roads on my commute have higher camber and HGV width tyre grooves worn into the road which exaggerate the problem. Taking some timeout and driving on other roads showed the problem was not as bad as the roads on my commute.

    - Tyres will be slightly worn into the old geometry and will adjust a bit as they wear again.


    So in summary I just need to drive the thing a bit more and recalibrate my self.   Cant wait to get back home and get some more miles in the Evora!   Thanks all for your help and suggestions.


  8. Thank you all for your comments.  My commute to work (most of my driving since the wheel alignment) is on roads which have sagged due to heavy load and have two HGV tyre width grooves in them, that combined with uneven wear from the previous incorrect geometry maybe leading to unbalanced feel of the car?  So maybe I just need to let the tyres bed in? Maybe I'm just being over sensitive? Maybe I'm wonky not the car?   

    I've checked the paperwork I got when I last had the car with them.  There is no wheel alignment measurement numbers.  But there is tyre tread depth values.  Both fronts are even with 6,6,6 . Rear right are 5,4,5 and rear left are 5,5,5.  Anyone know what Michelin PS4S start off at?

    I'm no expert but would that be enough to tell the front was aligned correctly as there is even wear across the fronts?


  9. I think it would depend on your personal preference.  I'm normally care a lot about good quality sound and have a goodish hifi at home.   But in the Evora there is so much noise from the engine, tyres, wind etc ...  I don't think a high quality sound would make much difference.  So for me the stock speakers give a good enough sound for me, (I'm not convinced my sub is working either).  So for my preference I'd probably just take the sub and amp out if they are not working and save a bit of weight.  But there are many others here that say the sound quality is terrible, so adding a working subwoofer and freeing up the door speakers from having to produce the deep bass can only help increase the quality?

  10. So when out driving on a B road, with a bit of camber to the left as our roads in the UK normal have (I guess opposite for Europe), does your car track straight if you take your hands off the wheel or only gently hold the wheel? Or do you actively need to steer and add weight to the right to keep it straight?

    I need to double check with my car as I only drove it a little bit before taking it back but it felt as if the wheel wanted to stray to the left if I took my hands of it.

    I'm not really sure where to go from here?  Garage have taken car for a test drive and said its fine.  Maybe I need to take the technician for a test drive tomorrow when I go to collect the car?


  11. Howdy All,

    I recently got a 4 wheel alignment done on my S1 NA Evora.  Upon collecting the car I felt the car was following the camber of the road much more than before and I have to use more force on the steering wheel to keep it straight and resist the direction of the camber.

    I took it back to the garage asking them to check the alignment as to me it doesn't feel right.  They took it for a test drive this morning and called me to say everything is fine.  Car is tracking straight on the flat and yep on cambered roads it follows the camber and thats whats supposed to happen.

    They say I've out I've got used to driving a skew car hence it felt balanced even on cambered roads and the so now the straight car fells wired to me.  So just looking for some other opinions, does your Evora follow the road camber and do you need apply a bit of weight on the righthand to keep it straight? This is my first high performance car so I don't know if thats normal or not but on other normal slow cars (Seat Ibiza, VW Polo, BMW 118) I've driven I never actively felt the car following the camber.

    May thanks, Jai

  12. There have been a few reports of the camera not working after a few years but the radio unit should at least change to the rear camera input and just display a blank screen.

    Check the settings on the radio unit to see if the rear camera input is enabled?  If thats all good and the unit is not switching to the camera input then I guess the radio is not receiving the reverse signal.  I would pull the radio unit out and get a multi meter on the reverse signal input and check that is active.  I don't have a wiring diagram for the radio but if you search there are definitely old posts where people have labeled the input pins to the radio.

  13. sorry to hear about the break in, hope the little ***** that did it get caught. 

    I guess the usual advise of calling every dealer you can and tell them to keep a look out for you is going to be best bet to finding a new one.  Follow the classifieds forum so you get an email when there is a new post.

    I work in St Albans so can go take a look at the white one posted by @auRouge if you are not local.

  14. Assuming my S1 Evora with close ratio gearbox has similar ratios to the 400 then I’d say it’s a pretty good compromise for a road car.  

    Getting a good 6th gear motorway cruising rpm puts a limitation on what you can use.  So I think Lotus have got the balence about right. 

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