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  1. Thanks guys for the feedback.   I'm going to recommend she does the service.  It will give peace of mind and keep the car in good condition.   She tends to keep cars for many years 10+ years so makes sense to look after it properly.

    The journeys she does are also lots of small journeys 5-10miles and from what I've been reading this is not good for the car and its oil and fluids so better to get some fresh stuff in there so its performing at its best.

  2. My Mum has asked if she should bother to get a service done on her 3 year old VW Polo with auto gearbox.  It was serviced this time last year and since then the car has done 1500 miles so she is thinking there is little point.

    I'm inclined to say for the sake of £200 and peace of mind get it done.  Will the oils and consumables happily last another year and perform well?

    Normally I prefer to go above and beyond what's recommended because I use my cars hard but this is a very lightly used car so I'm on the fence a little bit.  

    Wondering what you lot think .... 

  3. 7 hours ago, 92spicer said:

    (105db drive by, 92db static)

    I think you have that the wrong way round?  The static measurement is Sally taken at around 1m away from the car so is usually higher than the drive by limit where the microphones are on the side of the track so several metres away from the car.

    My NA car when with standard air box, sports box and 3rd car delete was ~98db static and on the edge for Bedford track.  I think you'll be fine with a 105db static limit.

  4. On 22/02/2022 at 21:39, pixelmix said:

    Does anyone run 265/35/R19 on the rear to fill the arches a bit better (both in diameter and width)?

    I have 10mm wider on the front from when Michelin PS4S were not available in correct width for the 18" wheels.

    I don't know if they are cosmetically any better but was told on here that a Lotus engineer said 10mm wider front or rear is not going to mess the handling up and is totally fine. 

  5. @EGTE, I think you had the Radium CAI not the BOE Fab?

    I've tried a car with the Radium and BOE CAI and the Radium is by far the much louder of the two.  I think BOE judged it right by adding more noise and drama but keeping it sensible so it's still possible to have a conversation on the motorway without shouting too loud or without upsetting the neighbours when you start the car early in the morning.

  6. 😭 But I haven't put my order in yet! 

    On 31/01/2022 at 19:36, NedaSay said:

    Hum, if they are using an evora chassis, they modified it to fit the V12 longitudinally. In other words they created their own rear subframe or asked Lotus to provide one of the subframes built for the DB Esprit. The Xtrac gearbox is longitudinal not transverse so there's not really any point to make this available for Evora owners

    If that's true, Oh my! 😍 even more want!  Dear Gordon please can you sell designs for your T33 mule as upgrade kits for the Evora! 

  7. @Bravo73 can you elaborate? Do they not have a clear record? 

    I have never had any dealings with them in the past but seen posts by JeyEmm and others on YouTube and the web recommending Thorney inspections and warranty for McLaren cars.

  8. Had the BOE CAI fitted for a couple years now and I am a BIG fan.  The noise is a bit louder but also much more mature sounding.   You are increasing the quantity and quality of the sound.  Definitely makes the car feel faster with more mid range torque and improved throttle response.  

    In my opinion if you have a Lotus sports back box already then CAI is the first thing you should look at (rather than exhaust mods) when trying to make the sound better.

    I demoed a car with the Radium CAI, (not sure if this is still available) I found it was louder than the BOE and might be a bit too loud for some.  BOE was judged just right for me.

    There are a few threads of people creating their own DIY kits.  Just depends on how handy you are and how much time you have.

  9. Totally agree with you @MJON

    I just assumed that level of power or that kind of throttle map would only be enabled in track mode or ludicrous mode or what ever Tesla call their super fast mode and would be hidden away in the menu system and not something you could accidentally turn on.

    But even still with that in mind, I don't see why huge SUV / family wagon needs to have this mode at all.  I guess its because it gets the headlines.  I also think its because EV cars used to and I guess still are thought of as boring so having these headline grabbing figures makes them seem cooler and appeal to people more? 


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  10. 13 hours ago, MJON said:

    Agreed, but a large SUV “for the drivers” nah! Mind you, zero to 62 in 3 seconds… Why 🤢

    Creating a good efficient electric drivetrain has the byproduct of it also being capable of high torque and quick 0-60 times.  I don't think everyone is particularly aiming for 0-60 in 3 secs they are just trying to create high quality efficient electric drivetrains.  For sure the sporty brands, Lotus, Porsche etc... will need that quick launch for reputation but when you see Kia's and VW etc that can also do very respectable quick launches its most a byproduct.

    Think of it a bit like tuning a turbo engine, whereby with a different map and telling the waste gate to allow more boost you suddenly have more power.  Yes I have simplified this a lot but its pretty much what happens.  You can take an efficient 1.0 litre turbo 4 pot good for 50mpg and 100bhp.  Give it a retune to produce twice as much boost and suddenly its producing 200bhp (and considerably less than 50mpg).

    Similar with EV drivetrains, the drivetrain will spend most its time in the "100bhp tune" and produce good range but the motor controller can very easily just request more current from the battery and suddenly you are in "200 bhp tune".  Of course it can't maintain that for long, batteries will deplete very quickly, over heat etc.... so the car will soon have to revert back to the lower tune.  But for a short while a 0-60 launch in 3sec is totally possible.

  11. 1 hour ago, ramjet said:

    Anyway, saw the rear end of the Polestar 2 and was not very impressed at all.

    I think the design is quite polarising.  You either get it and think it's great or just a big slab.

    I've only seen a glimpse of a Polestar on the road and I quite liked it looked classy and understated in white.


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  12. Yep my usual is Tesco momentum 99 octane and occasionally a tank of v-power when I want to treat the car. 

    The official word from Lotus is that the Evora runs fine on E10, maybe you need to give it some time for the ECU to adjust for the new fuel?  Maybe after a tank or two the car will run fine? Not sure I could be bothered to do that I'd rather just run premium E5.

  13. I've not tried any sort of E10 fuel yet as I always go for 98+RON.  When I did try E5 95 RON I felt the car was a bit more sluggish.

    For a high performance car I would always recommend high octane fuel as it just frees up the engine.  Sure on a 2012 1.4 Polo, I don't think there is much to gain to using high octane fuel and would just stick to normal unleaded but for an Evora, super unleaded all the time!

    Regarding Shell V Power vs normal high octane/ super unleaded.  If you can afford it go for Shell V Power every fill up, I believe the additives are certainly worth it and do help to clean out your system and help keep it running smoothly ( even on a non performance car).  But I'm not convinced you need to use it every fill up.  Maybe every 4-6  fill ups switch over to V Power.  Make sure the tank is reasonably empty so the V Power is not diluted.

  14. 20 hours ago, Cdm2018 said:

    question when the kit is installed there’s a big gap left will this cause any issues ? 

    No issues on mine, the BOE Fab induction kit comes with all the brackets, fixing etc you need to hold the whole assembly in place.  You have the positive side effect of a less congested engine bay so its easier when you are spannering away in the engine bay.  I know how much you like to fix things your self, 😉

    20 hours ago, Cdm2018 said:

    Also as I have been running this E10 fuel which in my perception still makes car run lumpy even after 3-4 months should I return back to 95 Ron petrol as the intake might need it ? 

    I thought E10 fuel was 95 RON, its the super unleaded 98+ RON that has less ethanol content.  Not sure if its possible to get 95 RON unleaded with lower than 10% Ethanol content?  Thought the current choices are 95RON E10 or 98+RON at E0/E5. 

    Either way I would stick to what you use normally unless you get into problems with that fuel.  

    The car's ECU will be trimming the air to fuel ratio and advancing or retarding the timing to get the best out of the combustion cycle.  It will very quickly default back to "safe and slow" settings but will slowly optimise incrementally for better combustion.  Each time you change a variable by a large amount the ECU is likely to go back to default safe settings and then slowly over time increasing things again as it learns the new system.  So if you normally use E10 95RON then keep using that, but I would always recommend using the higher octane anyways because you know more POWWWWEEERRR! 

  15. Yep as the above, use a trim tool to prise it off, work bit by bit around the edge, on my S1 interior I don't need to take the knobs off or gear knob to just get access behind it.

    One clip on mine was held on super tight and the trim panel would not fully release.  For ages I was looking for a hidden fastening that did not exist but then just threw caution to the wind and put some more force on the prising tool and the panel popped off.

  16. If you are OK with the price and want an easy life get the GRP one.   I think its the same as the BOE fab one, which I have and I can highly recommend.  Improves the quality of the sound a lot and only increases it a little bit.

    Otherwise in theory it should be possible to get a Exige V6 version working on an Evora with a but of modding.  I would have a chat with a Tuning company or Lotus independent as I think a Lotus dealership is most likely to just say "No" as its not an OEM part.

    Try having a chat with Dave at ES Motorsport.

  17. I have a Noco charger, might even be the GB-40 linked above (mine looks identical) and a standard lead acid battery in my car and highly recommend it, nice bit of kit.  Its very small and lightweight (in keeping with Lotus' philosophy).  I keep it behind the drivers seat and its come in very handy helping others and my self get going again.  But note its only suitable for cars with lead acid batteries.

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  18. I would think Exige / Evora headers are the same.  I would think the back box is also the same between them.  The mid pipe might be different between the two as the engine packaging is slightly different.  So maybe some customisation needed connecting the cat delete pipe to the backbox but should be too hard for a exhaust fabricator to sort out.


    As far as I know, bore sizes where increased for the supercharger engine as I guess more flow rate and less velocity was needed as you have forced induction.  Smaller bores and higher velocity gases is probably better for the NA engine.

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