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  1. ohhh lovely car, hope you enjoy it, I love the way it looks and all extra bits of detail they have put into the body, the vents and bumps and grooves etc 😍

    I think this is what the last gen Europa was supposed to be but seems as if Alpine / Renault have done a better job or certainly created a bigger hype about the car than the Europa?  I haven't tried a Europa or an A110 but the A110 appears to be causing more of a stir and getting more positive reviews than the Europa.

  2. Thanks @a7esk but I think I'm having second thoughts about fitting a Radium CAI.  There are a few threads about it causing engine issues and running the engine lean and some allegations that its not engineered correctly.  I'm no expert in the area, I asked for feedback on this thread but no one replied, so I'm going to play safe and not go for a Radium intake, until I can get some more knowledge and make my own mind up.

    Sorry for making you go through the bother.

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  3. On 26/07/2018 at 20:54, Hakim0v said:

    other than that, I have a question for you guys. On my 400, I had very nice backfire sounds when downshifting at low speed, which I don’t have now on my 430 (600km only on odometer). Any idea or thoughts?

    Did your 400 have exhaust valve button and did the pops and crackles only happen when valve was open?

    If I remember correctly the 430 doesn't have an exhaust value button?  (I think to comply with some new regulations) The exhaust valve is preset to open at certain revs (~4K rpm???) its not manually controllable.  Maybe this prevents the exhaust from sounding as characterful as it could be?

  4. fantastic news, hope you enjoy your car! 

    Regarding the AC, I believe you access the AC coolant valve from the driver's side front wheel arch.  Remove the wheel, remove the liner and you should see the valves and pipework.  Nothing rocket science so any half decent garage should be able to do it they just need to know the procedure.  I think there was a post on here a few months ago where a forum member did a DIY job?  Have a read and show your local garage. 

    No idea about the self locking feature sorry.

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  5. The alarm should should sound a beep or two if you try to lock the car with a door or the boot lid open. If it’s not doing this, then I guess the car thinks everything is closed and it’s not a micro switch problem. 

    Which then means it could be a central locking actuator problem? I think it’s not unheard of the actuators needing to be replaced after a while?

    Also what happens when you push the central locking button on the dash? If similar problem then you know the problem is not in the remote side of the system?

  6. hmm lack of sports pack could be a problem when you come to sell it on.  It's a highly desirable option that most people will want when buying the car.  So just something to think about.

    Hard to judge the price, it doesn't have many option packs but it does have a very low mileage.  I'd personally prefer a car thats done more miles but with more options so I'd not want to go past low 30's.

    If you want to add the arm rest later,check the prices for this as it could end up better to buy a car with that option already fitted.

  7. Might also be the photodiode used to detect the oncoming car is designed to detect a wavelength not produced by the LED lights.    LED lights can be made to generate a very narrow band of light and also photo-diodes can be made to only detect a narrow band of light so the mirror does not dim on a sunny day for example.  Normal car headlights could be outputting a different spectrum of light that the photo-diode is designed to detect and is not present in LED lights so the mirror electronics do not dim the mirror? 

  8. Yep its a bit crap, there are a few reports fo people getting it fixed and then happening again so it points towards a poorly engineered design rather than manufacturing fault.  I think a reflective shield for the windscreen is the only preventive measure you can take?

    Mine hasn't got any worse than my photo in the thread linked above.  Currently just living with it but it is a bit annoying when I give lift to someone and they always say "whats that?" pointing at the air bag cover.

  9. On 19/05/2017 at 20:39, nigelh said:

    The only annoying thing with the SPH-DA120 is the inability to use 3rd party navigation apps with CarPlay, but this is an Apple issue rather than Pioneer.  It means I still can't get TomTom running on the phone to display on the Pioneer - although this looks like it will change soon if you are willing to jailbreak the phone.

    FYI for anyone reading this, iOS version 12 will support 3rd party NAV apps.  I believe the Beta release is out already and you can register to use the beta.  I'm not sure when the official release for iOS12  is out.

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  10. I've been reading about the Radium CAI and there are a couple threads on here and other Lotus forums about some problems.   The threads are long and I've only had a quick browse but it seems like possibly the problems are only in some configurations not all or possibly installation error?  Need to take a detailed read to understand whats happening in the threads.

    Does anyone know the threads in depth?  And the combinations / conditions where the radium does not work well?

    @Bibs I take it you are aware of the old threads and happy there isn't an issue?

  11. Howdy all,

    I want to go on a track day soon and wanted advice on buying the right gear. Eg helmets and gloves etc...

    Does anyone know of any good buyers guides to help me pick something good? 

    Helmets are mandatory so that’s first on the shopping list.  I have pair of driving shoes that a friend gave to me.  I think gloves and suits are optional on track days but would be good to get some insight into what to buy in case I feel the need for these items too. 


    Thanks in advance 

  12. I've owned an Evora for just over a year now and did a ton of research on the forums and the web as wanted to have a good understanding of the costs of Evora ownership.  I really do believe they are solid cars with respect to the mechanicals.  Its a Lotus so there will be some niggly issues such as rattles from stuff on the dash working loose or a window not sealing 100% and letting a tiny drip through when power washed etc. but generally these tend to be niggles and not show stoppers and usually have an easy fix.  There are very very few reports of any costly mechanical failures.  Have a read of the buying guides on this forum and else where on the web to get a good idea of costs.  Certainly on mine there hasn't been any costs other than normal servicing and ware and tear items such as tyres and brake pads.  It doesn't cost much more than my 2008 Seat Ibiza to keep running. 

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  13. I echo the comments above regarding Evora N/A vs 997, I also tried a Vantage V8.  The Evora doesn't have the same interior quality but it is still a very comfortable and nice place to be.  The Aston had better interior build quality but looked dated, Porsche best of both worlds.  Neither the Porsche or the Aston could complete on driving feel and handling.  The Evora just felt so light and nimble with lots of feedback through the steering wheel.  The suspension on the Evora is much better than the others; they were a lot stiffer and harsh over bumps.  The softer, smoother Evora flowed over the bumps much better than I was expecting.

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