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  1. Yeah I think very few companies are working on hydrogen and oxygen powered rockets, out of the big players I thin only Blue Origin?  Those are the ones that produce water as an emission.  Then of course you have to ask how ecologically the hydrogen and oxygen were obtained.  Most people are using jet fuel plus additives or methane as the fuel.  I think some companies have ambitions to use bio mass produced methane to make a less impact but don't think anyone is actually doing that yet?  So there is the potential for large emissions if launches become a LOT more regular than they do now.

    The SN9 test flight was amazing to watch as ever.  Shame that second engine didn't fire up properly on landing but still good of us to see a BIG boom!  I also thought it was a pretty ballsy move putting SN10 so close to the launch and landing site!  I wonder if any small fragments from SN9 exploding have damaged SN10.

    I'm hoping we'll see SN10 laugh soon.   Just need to bolt on the engines and figure out what went wrong on SN9 and correct that for SN10.  Hopefully it was in the software so its a quick turn around rather than a hardware change which could take longer to fix.

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  2. Be careful having Mich on the front and Pirelli on the rear the Mich have better grip especially in cold and damp conditions so will shift the balance of the car towards oversteer.  It won’t make the car un-driveable but when pushing it you may feel the back end is not as stable and wants to wonder.  

    I got a puncture on the rear right on a road trip round Spain and the couldn’t find I a replacement Mich super sport so had to make do with what ever I could find on the rear axle.  I could definitely feel the difference and struggled having confidence at speed with the car. It was sooo much better when I had same tyres on all four corners. 

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  3. Having a quick look on the Alpine website the C1100 camera has an RCA connection so any headunit with a RCA video input should work.

    Just clicking on a few head units on the Alpine website and looks like most if not all the head units with a screen are compatible with the camera.

    If you do a search there is an old thread on here where someone has very kindly traced out all the pins on the OEM connector that should tell you where to plug the reverse indicator wire to.  Or if you decide to go for a new headunit it should help you out with a full rewrite to ISO standard plug or what ever the new unit comes with.  

    Found it, this post has the wiring diagram.


  4. Most the issues are quite common niggles but usually not found all on the same car.  But in my opinion they are niggles and as I said even after you've invested a few £ to sort them the car is still good value.

    I've had my 2010 Evora for 3.5 years now lost count of how many miles but must have done 15K-20K in my ownership its on ~75K now.  The clutch was replaced on warranty when I bought the car.  2nd year the AC condenser seized and needed replacing and last year the clutch master cylinder needed replacing.  Apart from that its been fine.  In my opinion for a car that age and that many miles I think thats good going. Can remember costs but neither issue was crazy amount and reasonable to get sorted.

  5. @C8RKH I'm only a track day newbie and no Gavin Kershaw by a long way ...  but round a track I much prefer the lower weight of the Elise I tried at LDA.  The Exige 350 was amazing too but as a noob I felt more comfortable with the Elise, the lighter weight was just easier to deal with and I felt comfortable getting close to the limits and fine with the Elise squirming about under heavy braking etc.  My Evora feels even heavier and cumbersome still, you can feel that heavy engine and more rearward bias in the Evora.   Maybe with some weight stripped out it could be better?

    Don't get me wrong as you know its still a great car and much better than other brands, I don't have space for another car so my car has to be jack of all trades and its pretty darn good at it but if it was my track day / special day car and I already had VX202 and Sport 410 I'm not sure a NA would cut the mustard?

    How different is a VX2020 from the Toyota engined Elises?  Didn't they start getting more comfortable with touring pack options around that time?

  6. I haven't been following prices that accurately for while but I would say thats a reasonably priced car.   Most issues sound like little niggles that can be sorted, maybe double check regarding the AC issue.   but even if you have to pump in a few £K your self to get those sorted.   I think you can have a very good condition Evora with low milage for £26-28K  which would still be a good price for a well sorted LE.

    So double check everything maybe get a professional inspection done and if you are comfortable taking on a small project and spending a bit more on the car then I think you can end up with a pretty nice motor.

  7. Usually its got a good sign if the head honcho leaves so quickly but I didn't really think Popham was a good match for the Lotus brand.  As people say probably bought in just to get Evija sales.  New guy Matt, looks a better fit for the brand so overall I think the change is good.  Fingers crossed for a good innings and hopefully Popham hasn't left behind a load of problems for Matt to sort out. 

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  8. @Barrykearleycan you explain this comment to me please?


    sadly people die and they do everyday believe it or not. Many will before their time undoubtedly due to Covid. It’s about time a proper route cause was carried out.

    I don't understand what you are trying to say.   As far as I understand it, the root cause is known; it's Coronavirus.  People have shown to have similar symptoms which have been traced back to be caused by Coronavirus.  The tests show people had positive tests for coronavirus.   Therefor its reasonable to suspect Coronavirus killed them.

    I think I'm miss-understanding you? Can you clarify please?

  9. @Buddsy yes the graph is most likely to be true, I don't believe you have fabricated it.  But what do you think it says?  I don't think it says what you think it does?!

    I suspect you are trying to show that death rates are similar to previous years and there is no pandemic?  While your interpretation that death rates in 2020 are similar to the years 1996 and 1999 may be correct for those weeks shown on the graph but it does not show that the pandemic is false.

    You need to take into account trends and use more recent years and use an average of a few previous years to give a fair representation.  eg the graph at the bottom shows since 2000 in general deaths have dropped ~25% I don't have the figure for 1996 and 1999 but I suspect total deaths where higher.  You have also not taken into account we have spent majority of past 12 month in lockdown or some sort of restricted movement situation.  Which in general has reduced a lot of potential for deaths by many means not just infections.  And you have not taken into that the inflection numbers and deaths lag behind a few weeks so are likely to show more deaths if the graph would continue a few more weeks. 

    Also counting death rates is only half the story, there are so many people ill in hospital and its the amazing medical staff and new medical equipment and our increased knowledge about the virus that are keeping them alive.

    If you normalised your graph according to time, effort and cost spent treating people, I'm sure the stats for this year would far surpass any other.  (Thats a hypothetical suggestion as I wouldn't have the foggiest on how you would quantify that)



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  10. Errm couple points, as per @mg4lotus I think he has confused Rover K series with Honda K series engines. Yes people have put Honda K engines in an Elise but he was talking about Lotus going back to their roots which would be Rover K engines?  Which are a bit old now and would not pass emissions tests.

    Secondly I thought the Elise was not sold in the US as it doesn't meet their standards? So thats a no goer.

    If he wants it in an Evora, then as far as I know the Honda K engine was only made in I4 configuration and in smaller displacements than the Toyota V6 so unlikely to get similar power even if you could squeeze the longer engine into the bay.  I think the newer version are Turbo charged so you could possibly get similar power but then I don't see that power delivery being as good as the V6.

    And finally whats wrong with the Toyota engines?  I think they are great, the one in my Evora is awesome lots of praise for the V6 and the ones in the Elise 220 I tried at the Lotus driving academy were really good too.   Nice linear power delivery, great sound for a 1.8 inline 4, supercharger gives decent torque low down and made me wonder why I spent extra on the Evora! 

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  11. So your point is; not everything the government tells us is true? Sure I agree that’s true. 

    But .... WMD was done by a coalition of a few countries not the entire world.  The evidence wasn’t really visible unless you were a non government agency with top security clearance.  And when eventually questioned by the everyday person it soon fell apart. There were also motivations for those governments to go to war claiming WMD.  

    COVID is world wide, literally every country is aligned with “the lie”.  The evidence is easily available to people. You can see it for your self in hospitals and from peoples accounts. And finally I’m not sure what the motivation would be to lie about COVID? How is this benefitting the government?

    Also bringing Goodwin into this... really?  Again a very different situation to what is happening now.

    Regarding much reduced health services for non COVID patients, that has been well documented from day one. Many health professionals saw it coming and raised concerns. Again another reason why the COVID measures are important. Hospitals are taken over by COVID patients, it’s very hard to keep the hospital 100% clean so often it’s better to delay treatment for some conditions rather than risk catching COVID in the hospital.

    In the summer when we managed to reduce infections hospitals were able to start normal procedures again. But since the recent increase in inflection those treatments have had to be put on hold again. 

    Staying home does not only help save lives through reduced Covid but it also helps save lives though normal nhs operations allowed to carry on. 

    The effect on people’s mental heath has also been noted from reasonably early on in lockdown 1. The government used extra funds to tackle this problem. Sure a lot more can be done to help these people. But issue has been acknowledged from early on. 

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  12. 15 hours ago, Beady said:

    Also if I am adding a pair of 55w spotlights - same question - what cable size? (not on the Lotus)

    One 55w spot light running on 12V will draw 4.6amps. (Watts = Volts x amps => amps = watts/volts, 55/12=4.6)

    You then need to know how long of a cable you will be using and then from that work out the gauge of the cable.   Use the following table as a guide:

    So if you needed a 5m length of wire per light and you are running at 4.6amps you would need 16AWG at a minimum.  I would go up a size to give some head room and go for 14AWG instead (smaller AWG number equals thicker wire)

    FYI I'm just amateur hobbyist at the best so please double check that advise

  13. Oh I was hoping Lotus might be able to use Merc engines.  Geely has a stake in Daimler if I'm not mistaken?  I would have thought Mercedes engines would have been a better fit for Lotus rather than the Volvo engines that many people were speculating.  But then it is a Lotus tradition of taking a very average engine and making sound and feel great, so I'm sure even with a Volvo engine the car will be great.

    The extra tech to bring into line with German cars I think was inevitable if Lotus want to go for mass market.  Hopefully they are smart about what features they choose and how they integrate them in.  If they can implement them in away so that for people who prefer basics are agnostic to the tech and its almost hidden away running in the back then that shouldn't upset too many people.  But then cameras, sensors and wires all have weight so you don't want them there if you are not using them.   hmm thats gonna be a tricky one to get right, fingers crossed they get it right.

  14. @ILLATOUCH great work, please keep us updated with progress, I find this stuff really interesting but am total newbie hopefully some time in the future I'll have the knowledge to give something like this a go.


    1 hour ago, IanA said:

    However hope that they are considering profiles as a drop-in performance upgrade for standard engines as well as profiles for built engines, as going too far would require changes to engine management and many would not want to go that far.

    @IanA I believe Komo-tec can reprogram the Lotus ECU, they don't require an aftermarket unit installed.  So while it would still be an extra expense to get a new tune it wont be as expensive or difficult to add a aftermarket ECU.  I would think anyone going for new camshafts would probably be prepared to get a optimised tune as well.

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  15. From what I understand the aim of this new car is to increase everyday usability to make it more viable for the mass market.  

    I'm guessing it'll be pitched at something like a new version of the Elan M100.  Really nice fun chassis but not as hard core as the Elise or Exige.

    Pistons head article also says the price range will be from ~£50K to ~£100K.  So I'm guessing it have many many more options than Lotus normally come with.  Eg many different engine sizes, different suspension upgrades and body kits and areo options.

    Possibly a basic model will have a 4 pot engine and suspension optimised more for the road.  Top end having a forced induction V6 with fully adjustable Ohlins suspension and lots of carbon body panels and wings and spoilers for the track and lots of options in between???

  16. I don’t have the kit but from what I understand it’s not active.  It simply allows you to alter the damper settings using the touch screen installed inside the car.  It has 3 presets and each preset can be adjusted to your liking.  I believe the kit gives you full adjustment of the compression and rebound settings and is symmetrical across an axle, i.e. you set up the compression and rebound for the front wheels separately to the compression and rebound damping for the rear wheels.   You can’t do some weird setup whereby the left is different to the right.  The controller box is a roughly 6inch screen (diagonal) and maybe 4cm thick and can be installed where ever you want.  For the Evora the common place is in the glove box.  The are some servos or actuators on each damper and a bunch of wires connecting it all together.

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  17. @Mattmahope I think maybe Dave Carr the owner of ES Motorsport has it on his Evora?  I don't think he's on this forum so might have to give him a call.  He does respond to emails but I find phone calls are are more responsive.

    The price for the suspension seems ok to me but the mechatronics kits feels like way too much money for what is quite a basic bit of electronics, maybe I'm missing something?  It might be difficult installing the kit but as far as I understand it the £4K is just for the kit, fitting is extra.

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  18. hmm 8 years would have been iffy for me if they where brand new but used ... that would be a bit too old for me on something like an Evora.

    I don't know what the going rate for a set of wheels is but if they are official Lotus wheels and in good nick £450 sounds good to me?

    Regarding winter tyres vs new summer.   I'm a big advocate of running separate summer and winter tyres since switching over a few years ago.  But mine is a daily driver if you do limited miles and I guess with COVID most people are doing considerably less miles it might be hard to justify new winter tyres for this year.

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