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  1. electro_boy's post in Reversing camera - image back to front was marked as the answer   
    Should be something in the settings of the head unit on reversing the image or not.
    If it's an aftermarket unit, sometimes there is a wire you cut to make it reverse image or not.
    eg this camera from amazon, check 5th picture down:
  2. electro_boy's post in How to remove gear stick shroud on NA Evora? was marked as the answer   
    Sorry for delay, I only recently found time to take a look at the car.  The job was super easy in the end.
    The silver trim for the HVAC controls and gear leaver shroud all come off in one go.  It's just held in with trim clips so just some gentle leveraging with trim tools and the panel popped off and I could access the shift changing mech.  The opening was a bit cramped but I could access everything OK.  No need to take the whole centre console apart.
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