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  1. Hi guys - so sorry for my delayed reply. Thank you for your continued support :-) Let me clear up the confusion about the photos. The 1st image I posted was a mistake (an image I had on my computer but not of my own car; just realized this now). The 2nd image is my actual car. Let me answer all your questions: - before removing the gear shifter, I put the gearbox into 2nd gear (I know this is an absolute must-do) - when I put everything back together, I put new oil into the gearbox [I was able to engage 1st gear after that... with some difficultly (as always) The car sat for about 2 months and now I'm no longer able to engage 1st gear] - there is no noise/grinding when I try to engage 1st gear... the shifter physically cannot be pushed into the 1st gear slot - 1st gear does not engage whether the car is turned off or running - the pin/ball that the fork pivots on inside the bell housing appears to be just fine... all these elements were in good condition when I removed/re-assembled them I jacked up the rear tires of the car (one at a time and both at the same time) but that does not change anything. Is there anything left for me to try? please bare with me if it takes a few days to reply, I run 2 small businesses that consumer a lot of my life :-)
  2. And one more thing... before the installation of the new clutch, my clutch cable used to be nice and tight (on the clutch side). Now it feels pretty loose, I can wiggle the whole thing very easily with my finger (and both parts of the cable on both sides of the clutch fork move around). The adjustment nut (on the left of the clutch fork) is tightened all the way... so I can't tighten the whole assembly any further. Could this prevent me from pushing the shifter into the 1st gear?
  3. Thanks for your input guys. I'd still like to confirm that I fitted the clutch / clutch cable properly - so I took some additional pictures. The areas marked in red in the pictures is what I'm questioning. Should the clutch fork not slide onto these red areas? Does this look correct to you guys?
  4. Hey guys - the first gear in my Eclat just vanished... after the car has sat for a couple of months. I can put the shifter into all the other gears however. Could this trick possibly help me?
  5. Ramjet - I jacked up just one rear wheel, moved it back and forth and 1st gear still won’t go in. pbharcourt - can you please clarify what you mean? TAR - the diagram you posted (thank you!) appears to match the way I’ve got the clutch cable connected. any other ideas guys? I’m very grateful for your troubleshooting tips here :-)
  6. Thanks for the suggestions ramjet. The shifter won't go into first gear without the engine running either. I jacked up both rear tires and that doesn't change anything. Anything other suggestions guys?
  7. Hi everyone! I recently hired Active Engines in Canada to rebuild the engine for my Lotus Eclat S1 (5-speed Lotus gearbox) and I'm very pleased with the way the engine runs. When I first reassembled everything, the first gear was a little tough to put the shifter into but I expected that because the first gear was like this since I bought the car 3.5 years ago. After sitting for a couple of months, I took the car out yesterday and now the first gear won't engage at all. The shifter won't physically allow me to move into the first gear. When putting the engine back in the car 2 months, I also replaced the clutch with a 3-piece kit from SJ Sports Cars. I remember that something with the clutch cable didn't look exactly the same with the new clutch in place (and thought I would address it later). Please take a look at the attached picture. Is it possible to adjust the clutch cable to correct my problem... or does it sound like I'm out of luck and I'll have to rebuild the gearbox? Your help would be really appreciated :-)
  8. Drawfiler - based on everything I read about this engine, my understanding is that different cams/cam sprockets can be used in different combinations. If your combination allows you to set the correct timing and the engine runs fine, than I suspect things should be alright (but perhaps someone with more technical knowledge can confirm). TAR - I received my yellow cam sprockets last week and plan to drop the car off at the engine shop tomorrow for installation. To clarify - the engine did not run well before the rebuild. Two of the cylinders showed really low compression, that's I had the engine rebuilt. It appears that whoever owned the car before me may have changed either the cams or the cam sprockets and they are now mismatched. I'll report back on this issue soon.
  9. Thank you very much for this advice TAR - sjsportscars is the place I ordered all my new engine parts from :-) I just placed an order for the 102.5 degree (yellow dot) pulleys from them. I'll install these as soon as they arrive and post an update here.
  10. Hi TAR - thank you for confirming my findings. Since I have Spec 6 pulleys, when the blue/red timing dots are aligned I'm getting 100 degrees on the intake cam and 110 degrees on the exhaust cam. However, according to the sheet above I should be getting 102.5 degrees on both the intake and exhaust cams (since my cams are Spec 5). I suspect this is why my engine is not running smoothly. How do I achieve correct timing in this case? Please help!
  11. Here's an image that shows the cams with 2 grooves from my Eclat - you can see the grooves are clearly visible between the sprockets and the cam housing.
  12. Hi everyone, Suave here from Canada - happy to join this community! I picked up a 1979 Lotus Eclat 2.5 yrs ago and recently had the engine rebuilt, but unfortunately I cannot get it to run smoothly, and I'm hoping you guys can help! After some research, I determined that my issue might be incorrect timing. The engine appears to be equipped with the camshafts that have 2 grooves (see picture below, this appears to match camshaft Spec 5 as per the workshop manual). Can anyone confirm that I'm interpreting this correctly? The 2 grooves can be seen clearly between the sprocket and the cam housing. The matching cam sprockets should have yellow timing dots as per the manual. However, my cam sprockets have the blue/red timing marks on each cam. See pic below. The blue/red timing marks are facing towards the engine (toward the rear of the car). This would indicate that I've got non-matching camshafts and cam sprockets... can anyone confirm that my findings are correct? Would adjustable cam sprockets solve my issue? Any input would be greatly appreciated - I really need your help.
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