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  1. 100% agree, global finish and weldings are very nice ! Can’t wait to see the Titanium version for the E400
  2. Nice and clean !! Can’t wait to see the titanium version for the E400 ! do you already have an idea about the weight reduction compared to stock E400 exhaust ?
  3. Thanks a lot for the valuable answers and hints ! in my case I heard the gearbox chatter noise while test driving an Evora 400....honestly I can definitely live with it ! This car drives like a dream ! But if there is a small mod to cure this noise I would also do it to make the car just more pleasant ! Definitely not a show stopper for me as I am still negocating with my Lotus dealer ! thanks again !
  4. Thanks for the answer Julian ! Anyone else can give an input ?
  5. Hi Guys, Does anyone of you either own an Evora 400 or Sport 410 from 2017 production or know someone that does ? If yes could you please confirm (or deny) wether there is no gearbox chatter at low rpm in 1st or 2nd gears ? (As per a lot of current Evora 400) The question came from a youtube video, where James from JayEmm is test driving an Evora sport 410 and noticed that there was no gearbox chatter on the manual sport 410 he was driving. If the answer is positive then I wonder what has been changed by Lotus to manage that Thanks for your help !
  6. Thanks Barvo73 and nice work ! You car look very cool in this setup ! I definitely like this ducktail on Evoras I think it rejuvenate the design ! Thanks again for the feedback about the installation, I now know what to look for optimal setup. I hope the stock brake light on the Evora 400 is a direct fit with Lotus OEM carbon bootlid from the 410.
  7. So I understand there is no easy straight fit upgrade for the E400 from Larini if you want new header and sport cat... I hardly find other brands providing such exhaust kit for the E400, I only saw silencers from 2bular or quicksilver... did I miss something ?
  8. gts1

    Hi From France

    Just to keep you posted, the Maserati is on Sale, I have a potential buyer, so let’s cross fingers... On the Lotus Evora 400 side, I am still negociating with my Dealer and also with Lotus directly as I want the car to be perfect and personalized. The forum has been of great help knowing the car better and try to avoid the standard evora 400 small issues from the beginning... hope to post pictures and videos soon !
  9. Hello Guys, Has anyone mounted a 410 ducktail carbon bootlid on an evora 400 ? Now that the parts seem listed and priced I am looking for a little feedback about installation, does it require other parts to fit ? Or is it just a straight forward swap ? thanks
  10. Hey Guys, Anyone have news regarding Larini for evora 400 ? It seems from their website the Evora 400 offer is more restricted than on regular Evora or S.... No sport cat, no header ? Or are they the same on the 400s has for the NA or the S version ?
  11. Thanks for the feedback !! Much appreciated ! Regarding your seats did have the lotus tweak with the additional reinforcement bar underneath the seat ? all in all, no big issue it seems with your evora 400 experience ?
  12. Thanks a lot for the answers ! Regarding the roof I think i will forget the idea based on what you said, I thaught it was more a kit than bonded, soldered and everything. Concerning the Tailgate I'd prerfer negociate trough my dealer with Lotus to get the Lotus official tailgate as for me it is a key criteria for buying the car. Now for the battery I was said that it requires a lot of other parts to be changed like wiring and maybe the alternator and other electric bits....I think I will also forget that one for now. Any advice for the known issues aside of the noisy seats ?
  13. gts1

    Hi From France

    The Only way around the Arc de Triomphe is.... Take a deep breath...and Drift around like hell ?
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