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  1. Hi folks, I have a 99 series 1 Elise with tan leather, the sill cover and side of the drivers seat is getting a bit worn. Has anyone dyed theirs before? I'm looking to know where you got the dye from and if you would know the colour code? They usually tell you to send a bit from under the seat but this isn't possible as there is nothing there. Thanks.
  2. Thanks a lot, I'm not sure if I will sell or not. I took it for the MOT this year and my ass was numb by the time I got home. I might just have to bite the bullet and put on some weight...
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of selling and would like to know how much my car is worth if someone could give me an approximate value that would be great. 1999 Series 1 Elise Red with cream interior 59,000 miles with a service history, it has a hard top and a shower cap.
  4. The main dealer is usually a bit on the expensive side plus a good specialist tends to have more knowledge I have been caught before with Audi.
  5. Hi Folks, Can anyone recomend a Lotus specialist in N Ireland, I had a look through the forum and all I saw was a horror story but no name. Feel free to chime in, it will probably be March before I take it out on the road but it needs a service and MOT prep. I got it in Hollybrook they said to bring it back to them but as they fitted the wheels on the wrong sides I'm not sure that would be a smart move.
  6. Here's a blog post on engine cleaning -
  7. Snow foam doesn't really bring much to the party, its a bit of a gimic, people like pictures of cars covered in foam... Fall out remover - Ironx - gtechniq w6 fallout remover - Gyeon Q2m iron are all about as good as each other, this will also clean your alloys. Clay - no one is using clay bars anymore get a clay towel or clay mitt, they are 10 times faster, last longer and can be used again if you drop them. Tardis - you should use a good solvent tar and glue remover, this will also remove any wax or sealant on the paint, its also great for cleaning tires and rubber. Polish - are you going to be using a machine or polishing by hand? Glass - don't forget the glass, polish it as well and coat it with a good nano coating e.g. Gyeon view. Wash - Gwash by gtechniq or bathe by Gyeon bathe is probably better of the two. Tyre dressing - gtechniq, Gyeon and Zaino are exelent. Don't use a wax all the cool kids are into ceramic coatings now. If you aren't comfortable applying one go for a long lasting sealant like carlack 68 the klasse twins or jeff werkstat. You also have c2v3 from gtechniq or wetcoat from Gyeon which is probably the better of the two. Interior dressing 303 aerospace protectant, meguiars matt dash or gtechniq c6 matt dash, meguiars glass cleaner is great and smells good too, dodo supernatural leather cleaner is the best. If you want to go totally mad and degrease engine and door shuts use billet hammer. I think that should cover most things any problems feel free to hit me up. Shopping wise :- - free postage and great advise about products and how to use them. - dw5 for a 5% discount. free car care eBook
  8. No way could I do any mechanical work on my car but I can detail. Yes most of the products are available to buy in the shops excluding approved detailer ceramic coatings. But detailing to a high standard is more than just buying and applying products. Quite a few 'detailers' can't manage it either, some will use a wax or a sealant as these contain fillers and mask any surface defects untill a month or two down the line when they have washed off. This is mine, this had been 'detailed' before sale and this is what it looked like after i removed the wax with tardis I wet sanded it as it had orange peel Now it looks like this witth Gyeon on top
  9. Would you take your car to a mechanic and pay £50 pre hour or more? Is there a difference between a rolex and a casio watch? Why do you feel that detailing is any less skillful than other work? If it was just a wash and a polish everyone could do it. The truth is it's so much more that washing and polishing. Two people can use the same products on a car and get totally different results. Have a look at the detailers work, what products they use ceramic coatings etc, you are paying for their skill and knowledge and should get a top quality service.
  10. Thanks for the kind welcome. I have a S1 Elise, it's all covered for the winter as well. NI BMW have a bi weekly meet in the Drumsilly Hotel, I went to that a few times but kind of felt like a spare prick at a wedding. I used to own an M5 it was a great car but it was too powerful to get any real fun out of so that why I sold it and got the Elise.
  11. Hi Folks. Is there a Lotus club or any sort of cars and coffee meets in N. Ireland?
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