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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm looking at this Esprit V8 more and more. Does anyone know this car? If so, anything I should be aware of? All the best, Sheldon
  2. Hello, I have just fitted a twin exhaust to my GT3. The tailpipes on my car now exit on the far left and far right hand sides like the early V8 Esprits. I am very serious about buying the part and I would like to buy it asap please. I could not see photo. Is the colour of the valance black? Also, would you you have the bolts that secure it to the body? Is there any way you could come down on the price to say
  3. Thank you. If we can do it, then anybody can! I think the wiper motor is put under alot of strain. Kind regards, Mark.
  4. Thank you for your excellent advice. My Dad myself managed to get access and change the wiper motor. The most awkward job was getting the nut undone that lies behind the A-pillar plastic trim. I've attached the photos to encourage others to do this job. Thank you again! Kind regards, Mark.
  5. Dear All, My wiper motor has broken and I refuse to let a specialist scam me with a hefty bill to replace it like they did last time! I have done all the rest of the work on my Esprit with the help of my Dad and mate, Rob so this is a job I would like to do. I have a GT3 with the new interior. Could anyone please help by telling me the following: How do I get access to the wiper motor unit? Which part of the dashboard do I need to remove? I can feel the motor by lying backwards on the passenger seat and putting my hand up behind the glovebox and centre console but I want good access to replace the wiper motor and to also replace the arm to drive the wiper spline. Please could you help me's raining more and more now!! Thanks, Mark.
  6. Hello! How do you get access to the wiper motor? I had to have mine replaced last year 2006 and it cost a fortune in labour. I would really like to do it myself next time. Last time we tried to remove the glove box (from the latest interior of the Esprit) but could not get access to it. Thanks, Mark.
  7. Hello! I have just returned from 2000mile round trip of Scoltand over four days and the roads were simply amazing! No traffic and beautiful scenery. I can see why petrolheads go on about "driving in Scotland". My GT3 (who was nicknamed "Princess" by my travelling companion) was such an easy car to tour with and I felt so silly not to have taken another friends' advice on driving upto Scotland. I started in Surrey, and headed up to Glasgow. The next day we drove through the Grampian Highlands to Inverness and stayed on the non-tourist side of Loch Ness. We then drove up the East Coast and then travelled round to the North Coast to stay at "Tongue". Ben Loyal and Ben Hope were amazing. We stayed overnight there. I then drove to Durness, and down Ullapool and then to Torridon where we stayed overnight. The last day was spent heading back to Glasgow and then back to London. I would be interested in knowing which parts of Scotland other Esprit drivers have found to be great, because it is so beautful to drive through (when the weather is good!). If anyone has not ventured up there I would encourage you to do it! The driving experience was pure and magical. Mark.
  8. Hi Stuart, I had wiper blade/ wiper motor arm problems which I posted recently. If you search for topics "Wiper Motor" you should see my post on what the problems were. Let me know if my post rings any bells. Worst case scenario - wiper motor replacement. All the best, Mark Sheldon Lloyd
  9. Hello, Has anyone had to have their wiper motor replaced? And if so, were you able to do it yourself. My wiper motor broke away from its mountings on my 1998 GT3. The first symptom was the loud slapping noise the wiper blade made as it came down onto the rubber rest (I thought that this was an Esprit foilble for a year!). The next problem was the wiper arm catching the windscreen causing me to replace the windscreen. The final problem was when my wiper motor broke down in the pouring rain whilst driving on the motorway (a bit scary!) The S4s/V8 manual shows the wiper motor unit being on the opposite side to the driver. We found we could put our hand on it blindly by feeling from underneath the glove box, or by taking out the front speaker and putting a hand through the hole. I got it repaired by Pat Thomas at Keveldon motors and it is great now, but even Pat said that it is one of the hardest jobs in his 35 years of repairing Lotus cars. He mentioned that the wiper motor was put into the car before the two halves were joined together! I would be interested to know if anyone has had similar experiences. Thanks! Mark.
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the kind advice! That's great! It was really good meeting you at Oxford. Did you get your boost problem sorted?? Safe driving, Mark
  11. Dear All, Just after the Oxford meeting on August 29th, I noticed a small crack developing along the bottom of my windscreen just where the wiper motor arm is. I posted the problem on the forum and no one replied! Which reassured me that either this problem soooo boring, or that it was uncommon. After taking my car to RAC windscreens, I was told that that my wiper arm has been slowly rubbing against the windscreen, scratching it and then with the added vibration from the road, a crack had developed. My Dad and myself tried our best to raise the pantograph arm on my GT3 a little higher by placing washers under the bracket that goes aroung the motor arm. did not work, and could actually smooth out the grooves on the motor arm spline meaning a new wiper arm motor unit (a real pig to get to!). After much looking, we realised that because the windscreen wiper had been bent all the way back (by someone previous- I hope!) that the metal clip that covers the wiper arm springs was not flat any more, but was now a "V". This clip had scratched the windscreen - over the last 2 years!! Thankfully, my insurance will cover the cost of my windscreeen (
  12. HI Guys, I have developed a small crack on my windscreen on my GT3. The spring hinges on the top arm of the pantograph have been slowly rubbing against the windscreen and the vibration has caused a crack to appear. Has anyone else had this problem? I took the whole wiper pantograph and bracket off, and tried to raised the bracket (at the bottom of the windscreen) by placing some washers underneath it in the hope that this would raise the windscreen arm, but it really needs another 10mm. What is the best way to do this? I don't think I can get it much higher and I don't think I need a new wiper system but I need to increase the height of the hinge mechanism as it sweeps across my windscreen so it does not rub against it. Thanks for any help. Mark.
  13. Hi there, I know you probably know this already, but on the >modifications, there is an article on how to upgrade our horn. Mark.
  14. Hi there, I had the same problem on my previous 1988 Esprit Turbo. It was a actually a leaking fuel tank. But check the list below (from The Esprit Fact File) before doing anything. Fuel leakage and/or fuel odor Deteriorated fuel vent hose (located under the carpet behind the rear window on the engine side) Leaking fuel feed or return line. Tanks overfilled. Evaporative canister filter clogged. Fuel injection system not functioning properly. Leaking fuel tank(s) Mark.
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