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  1. Esprit S4S Mica Yellow

    Ok I was surprised with the power and they are very quick?
  2. Esprit S4S Mica Yellow

    Already done that Barry.they are fairly quick cars.
  3. Esprit S4S Mica Yellow

    Had the Esprit detailed this weekend. The results were outstanding. The paintwork is in very good condition but this brings it up to as perfect as can be.
  4. Prices Soaring

    I think to many buyers won't pay the asking price even when the car is priced accordingly. Let's see how prices go in the summer. What is the difference on a winter sale and a summer sale price if any.?
  5. Nice system Jacques . My PNM back box has a larger silencer than yours but still sounds good. I have the PNM de cat pipe and the manifold would be a great upgrade are there any choices in these or only Alunox.
  6. Esprit S4S

    They have a very nice Norfolk Mustard S4S car to.
  7. Time to start explaining

    I really want to hear the comparison between the S4S and the V8. Barry has owned both so should be a good review once he gets it up and running.?
  8. Time to start explaining

    This is very nice but mica yellow is a far nicer colour?
  9. No problem I thought it might give some fellow enthusiasts a chance to listen to the sound. It is quiet on a motorway run. If you go through the rev range then it's a lot louder and loads of pops and bangs on the over run??
  10. That's my PNM S4S twin back box. They make a very good product and so easy to fit. The sound is very good with the cat removed I think.??
  11. New car

    Lovely looking car with a very low mileage. Is this one of the lowest mileage Esprit going around.
  12. New Exige 380 ordered

    Nice one Stephen, what a car to do the NC500 in. We did this last year in the Evora and it was fantastic. Enjoy your new toy when it comes.
  13. Esprit S4S

    PMSL no thanks . I would rather keep the S4S every time. The later interiors on these cars is terrible ? I only made this upgrade for looks I like it.??
  14. Prices Soaring

    It's on pistonheads now Barry.
  15. Prices Soaring

    Which one sold Barry... a sport 300?