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  1. Both cars are looking great Stephen. Nice seeing the mica yellow again in some of your older posts..sure it's being well looked after with its new owner.
  2. Looks very nice Stephen. I bet you can't wait to pick this beauty up.
  3. Hi Tim, look forward to seeing you next week and I am sure you will love this very special lotus Esprit S4S. The drive home will be an epic journey to Essex.
  4. Well I have a viewing next week on the S4S.lets see how it goes this is a very nice example even with a twin exhaust
  5. Thanks tocus but mines is lower in miles
  6. This is an easy fix . I have the splitter end so it can be added back on and re painted no drama really. I think this is a very good example of an S4S and I can't see an exhaust being an issue when you look at the whole car .
  7. It's an easy return to standard tail pipe. It's only the splitter that's modified not the bumper. I actually prefer the twin pipe.
  8. I liked the Evora S so will probably go along that route.
  9. Yea guys it's up for sale . This is an amazing car and in exceptional condition. Not expecting to sell this soon so I Will still have a few drives out and enjoy It's a right hand pipe but I expect it will be to loud for you
  10. Ok I was surprised with the power and they are very quick?
  11. Already done that Barry.they are fairly quick cars.
  12. Had the Esprit detailed this weekend. The results were outstanding. The paintwork is in very good condition but this brings it up to as perfect as can be.
  13. I think to many buyers won't pay the asking price even when the car is priced accordingly. Let's see how prices go in the summer. What is the difference on a winter sale and a summer sale price if any.?
  14. Nice system Jacques . My PNM back box has a larger silencer than yours but still sounds good. I have the PNM de cat pipe and the manifold would be a great upgrade are there any choices in these or only Alunox.
  15. They have a very nice Norfolk Mustard S4S car to.
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