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  1. The market is very good at this point in time. Let's hope it keeps up. Did the blue hethel edition sell that was in the classifieds?
  2. Looks like the Evora 400 and hethel edition at Silverstone lotus have had deposits placed on them. They sold very quickly !! .
  3. Looks like a nice 400 2015 39000 miles at Oakmere. That's a very good price from a dealer. Slightly higher in the miles so probably that's why it's cheaper but still a nice car. What's your guys thoughts on these higher miles cars? It's probably been well serviced with those miles you would hope.
  4. 😀😀it's 2 pipes then ,saves weight as well .
  5. I changed my exhaust to a plack silencer and this was a great upgrade for a very reasonable price. The sound was absolutely brilliant 😌
  6. I have a red 400 and since I bought mines I haven't seen a red 400 for sale. I think it's one of the best colours with the black pack and black leather. I also fitted a carbon lid and black stone guards☺️
  7. I found the 400 was smoother to drive and really does give you a better sense of speed on b roads. Trying to drive the 6.2 fast on similar roads was difficult it . The Mezger engine is ok but I prefer the 400 for the sound. Try and drive a 4xx you won't be disappointed.
  8. I had a 996 GT3.2 it was a car that I always wanted to try. It was a CS spec and had a few modifications done to it that were track orientated, ohlins suspension and RSS engine mounts ect. I don't know if they are all the same but mines was so harsh on the road. The interior was always rattling and squeaking. Didn't really do it for me. So bought a 400 and it really is so much better and more refined. The 400 also sounds fantastic. Cheers
  9. The dealer's will try and dictate the price. If your looking to buy a Evora and they are all around £50k then you haven't really got much of a choice but to pay near the asking price.
  10. Got that now cheers, quick turn around on that one.
  11. The Evora 400 at Targa Florio cars has just went up in value to £52990. Do they know something we don't. That's a large increase in price.
  12. I have been watching the Evora 400 prices for the past few months and I think they are going up in price most are over £50k now.
  13. Certainly a nicer car than the 991. Those rear carbon lids are very nice. Hope you enjoy😀
  14. Apparently it's not been paid for yet so the seller re listed on eBay until the funds are received!!! Bit strange but there you go. Interesting to see how the car market goes over the next 6 months. I don't think it's only lotus that's seeing prices fall a bit.
  15. Looks like it's up for sale on eBay? Not sure if the Evora sold it's on eBay with the seller who listed it on CC.
  16. That's not high miles really. What were your trade in prices??
  17. There is also a 410 Sport in Glasgow lotus Hamilton for £57500 with 6000 miles. This one has the rather ugly stripe down the side but still cheap.
  18. The gear leaver surround came of easily but the surround seems to be well fixed and can't budge it. Are the controls separate to the cover. I will try again but don't want to snap the bottom half.
  19. Thanks I thought it was fixed in another way. I will try that ☺️
  20. I was thinking of painting my heater control surround. How is this removed ? I presume it's fixed from the underside?
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