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  1. Hello Bibs, Hovering of the steering wheel was to clean the alcantara finish. First it was soaked with Advanced Interior Cleaner and then sucked out by the wet Vac. Did a great job of refreshing the finish. Hello Bazza thank you for your comment. Yes I agree we need to put in product cost with one of those floating arrows. We have started some more in-depth demo where we explain what we are doing and why. Here is a video like this we have just released. I will feedback to our video team about prices.
  2. Please share your comments on the video style. Did you learn anything about ValetPRO or our products? What would be of interest for Lotus based detailing Videos?
  3. This is the product we ended with. It pH neutral deep cleans all types of car fabrics safely. If your alcantara has lost it suede effect then our advance Interior cleaner will revive it.
  4. The interesting thing about pressure washers is most washer used are low cost machines. These machines work on PSI and not water flow. High PSI is normally the issue with damage on a car plus low water flow normally makes the user direct the nozzle too close the paintwork. This make stone chips very vulnerable to the lacquer peeling. Best pressure washer work with low PSI and High water flow. The best analogy is if you have a thimble of water and through it at someone at 100PSI it would be annoying. If I through a bucket of water at someone at 100PSI it would knock them clean of
  5. ValetPRO make two products that would do this job. Black to the Future, this is a long lasting trim dressing designed to revive faded Plastic bumpers etc. Or you could use our Classic Protect, This is an emulsion that is weather resistant and adds gloss to plastic and vinyl trim inside and out. Working around windows I would advise that with any product you accurately apply the product allow it time to seat in to the trim and then buffing any access off. This will give you the best results and make sure the product is sealed in. This method with work for other products on the mar
  6. Name: Lotus Elise 111s Click to view: Lotus Elise 111s Made a stencil up to show my company name in the Alcantara. Though it was quite cool and worth sharing.
  7. I have an Elise S2 111S and have an opportunity to get a cheap Honda V-tec engine. What's involved in an engine swap? DIY or take to an expert?
  8. Looking at the Hydroshoot this will not replace a pressure washer. But it will help with rinsing and maybe worth the investment for that. To comment to the above comment that pressure washers will lift stone chips - Its true pressure washers can lift compromised clear coat. However its happens due to poor use of the pressure washer. If used correctly a pressure washer is not going to cause damage and is why all professional will use one. Pressure washers are the best way to clean your car as they help rinse the heavy grim off before contact with a wash mitt or sponge. A hose or Hyros
  9. let me have a think about this. There maybe another option. Would you be able to visit ValetPRO?
  10. I would never paint plastic unless they have been chemically stained. From what I can see in the photos a product like Black to the Future will work a treat. If your near Newhaven your be welcome to pop in and see us at ValetPRO and we can give you a demo. Working hours only.
  11. Black to the future will do a great job on this. Oils can be used but sometimes these intensifies the issues as the oil ends up cooking the plastic surface in the sun. Black to the Future is designed for the job and should last 2+ months before reapplication is required. If you do try please let me know what you think. Photo shows an example of treated plastic before and after.
  12. OK sorry for the slow reply. We did some test in on some Alcantara tub chairs at the office. We have developed a new fabric cleaner that does a good job on this fabric, being balanced pH it less harsh of fabric surface. Although looking up the Alcantara fabric details it looks like very robust fabric. If you want a sample of our new fabric cleaner please let me know I will send you a sample. Its not been released as yet so feedback would be useful.
  13. Your right if you use a Polish it will remove some or all of your ceramic coating. So a polish is not needed. For cars without ceramic coatings, polish prior to waxing is ideal. What it does is help remove bonded contamination on the paint surface. (your find contamination still sticks to ceramic coating albeit less). By removing contamination from the paint surface it gives the paint the ability to reflect all the light from the paint surface which aids the gloss and visual impact of the paint. It gives a better base for the wax to shine from. There are lots of ways to deep clean
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