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  1. Its possible. It might be we can do a joint effort with a Lotus Dealer your way. Who would be best? On another note, I think part of why the day was enjoyable was the ValetPRO tour (at least I hope) Showing the lab, mixing and filling areas. Show more about our expertise in manufacturing than we can demonstrate otherwise. Doing an event with a Lotus Deal would be great anyway.
  2. Brilliantly Put. I really miss my Evora N/A Sports Racer. Love that saying. Don't Trickle (charge), Treat Yourself. That should be a TLF T-Shirt. Bib's if you make this design i'll buy one.
  3. Seen this car locally a couple of times now. So I guessing they are local.
  4. Thought this was great to see. Some old coverage on Lotus. What I find most inspiring is the first sentence stating Colin Chapmans age. Just shows what can be achieve by thinking differently and implementing those ideas. Just brilliant.
  5. The car looks fantastic. Love the wheel design. Reminds me of a rover SD1 front and a Jensen interceptor rear. Does it have an old School V8?
  6. Hello Dan, Not a problem at all. Hopefully see you at our next event or a future TLF event. Hello Rob Yes definitely up for running another event. Just need to check with my team when the next particle date could be. To all Just to say I really enjoyed the event myself. Pretty much all my favourite things in one day. Lotus Cars, Driving, Car detailing Products and Burgers. Not sure when the next event would be but if there is anything you would like to know more about, anything particular please add to this thread really keen you your suggestions. Would you prefer a longer group drive anything like that too. thank you to everyone who has donated thus far We have raised £180 for Air Ambulance. All the best Greg
  7. I believe Matt was part of Zenos. If Im correct I would ask what he learnt from running a start up like Zenos? and if it helps him now running Lotus with worlds apart funding? Some silly questions Tomato Sauce or Brown Sauce? Lager or bitter? Coffee or Tea?
  8. Hello All I have message all thous who have confirmed apart from Bib's who have been to our site before. I've given you all my phone number just in case you have difficulty finding our site. Sometime the satnav puts our postcode in the wrong area of Newhaven. Look forward to meeting you all. all the best greg
  9. I've not used any of these companies myself and would not every use them. So I'm probably not best to give any response. This is the closest product we make to a waterless wash. It cleans and protect. I guessing one of these firms would use something like this product. Designed for Caravans not Cars. There are a number of areas where a waterless wash is not going to do the job. Wheels, It would remove light road grime and break dust but not boned brake dust. Very difficult to clean the backs of wheels and therefore will not be effective. Mud heavy grit road grime. Not a good idea to use a product like this to remove heavy grit road grim. Ceramic coating is not going to help in this situation. I don't know the methods that they would adopt to clean a whole car waterless. They may have a great method. What I would add is that any marring created by a waterless product is likely to be hidden by the silicones and waxes in the product. Over the long term assuming I'm right about the products they use your find grime build up in edges, door trim, window frames etc. Wheels break dust will build up. Glass might become smeary in the rain if not cleaned off with appropriate cleaner after the car is washed. These would be my concerns. However if you use them I would be keen to hear your feedback on the quality of work from first clean to longer term cleaning.
  10. thank you to all that have donated to the Kent Air Ambulance in association to this event. The donation page will stay open till the 29th of this month.
  11. My bucket list is quite short of cars I would like to own. 1, Evora 400 manual or Emira Then there are the cars I would like to drive 1, Alfa 8C 2, Alfa SZ 3, Exige 430 4, Esprit S1 to the V8 5, Carrera GT 6, Maclaren 12C 7, Maclaren F1 8, Gorden Murray Light Car Company. Rocket 9, T50 10, TVR Tuscan red rose 11, VW IDR 12, formula ford ecoboost If I test drove these cars my list of cars I would like to own would likely change. If I had to choose one car before I died It would have to be a decision between the Rocket or the F1.
  12. Air Ambulance, Kent, Surrey & Sussex (AAKSS) Looking to raise £300. ValetPRO Hq address for the meet start at 10:30 to 10:45am meet
  13. Thanks DaveC72 your be most welcomed. We have plenty more space for any other members wanting to come. 1. @Bibs Confirmed 2. @Dan E 3. @Bazza 907 confirmed 4. @Techyd (date dependant) 5 & 6. @Chillidoggy (Retired + retired wife) Confirmed 7 and 8. @Bling plus Son Confirmed 9. @Mayevora (date dependent) Probably an overnighter for me as 8 hour round trip 10 &11. @Allan R + Rob R Confirmed. 12. @DaveC72 if I'm not too late? Confirmed This is everyone so far. I think I have removed all those who have confirmed they can't make it and marked in red those who have confirmed. There are more spaces available if anyone else would like to join us.
  14. Thanks Colin for the Update.
  15. Hello All on the 19th June we have our ValetPRO TLF day starting at our warehouse quick tour and then we head off to B road Hunting Club for something to eat and drink. Elliott who is our in-house detailer will be there to give some demo's and any car care advise. Please watch our video to get an example of the knowledge available from the ValetPRO team. If your not already confirmed or put your name down for this event follow this link. From priming your pad to buffing for results, we show you how easy it is to get into the basics of polishing, specifically with a DA as opposed to a Rotary Polisher with car care novice Josh.
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