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  1. July/August time. No dates have been picked. But I will avoid doing it on a days when big event are on if possible. IE goodwood fest Of Speed for example. Its all brought ideas right now as I waiting to know what happens with local down and social distancing.
  2. All needs firming up but ValetPRO HQ is in Newhaven BN9 0FB, Part of my thought was to take it to B Road Hunting Club (Bentley, Harvey's Ln, Lewes BN8 5AF). This company is setting up to create a venue for these sort of meets. It has all the facilities to run a day like this. This is not far from us. In discussion with Bibs it was suggested that we meet at ValetPRO have a tour of our site and then have a drive around the south downs and make our way to B road Hunting Club to do the detailing. What do you all think of this as an idea if it can be done?
  3. I want to thank everyone who contacted me after my last post on which protection product is right for you. Really please the post was engaging and got some questions being asked. I will continue to do post like these. Anyway a while back me and Bibs spoke about putting on a TLF ValetPRO day (most likely at ValetPRO or a venue close by) with the view on doing group training on detailing a car. With the aim to show the process but also to give people the opportunity of trying some of the products. Like claying a car, basic use of a DA polisher. A look at some of the variations of polishi
  4. Just watched this and thought it was great. Just great to see someone who just loved driving at speed in what ever she was given. Anyway if you're not seen it, it's worth a watch.
  5. Just to confirm Clive and Danny please call me to arrange when you come down as I'm not alway in the office currently. I can make most days. Wednesday is a management meeting day, Once a month its a full days meeting the rest are 1-2hr meetings so on those days I can fit your visit around it. I private message you both my mobile number so you can call me directly.
  6. Ideally you want a garage space to apply a coating. This is in part due to coatings taking 24hrs to cure. There are top coats available that give you more flexibility. I but I still wouldn't recommend it if you can't control the elements around you. One issue with coating are during the curing period if rain gets on it and dries it can leave water marking which is hard to remove as it sits in to the coating. Wax or sealants or a combination are great options Give control and have a good look and finish. I hope that helps. We have four detailer guides taken from the detailer
  7. that be great. Would love to see your car too. It looks great. Just phone the office and ask for Greg. If i'm not about leave your phone number and I'll call you back.
  8. There is a 10% discount for TLF FFM members to be used at UK mainland shipping only currently. Is that what you're after? Post by Bibs Thank you for your kind comments on our products. We do put our heart and soul in to our product designs and are always looking to improve what we do.
  9. If your prep work include clay and a Polish like Purple Passion then thats good prep work. Panel wipe will increase durability (by weeks or Months depending on product type) because the product you use is adhering to a clean surface better, but its not needed. I would recommend applying Beading Marvellous at least 4 times a year and then once a year do the prep work. Then your paint work will look amazing. Regular washing makes a difference too. If you use products like Advanced Poseidon car wash that will add to the durability of your wax or protection choice. You might need to do some Ta
  10. When did you try this? We have had issues with our system when we made some changes due to issues shipping to Ireland. This triggers some other errors. It should be fixed now. If you still get the same errors message me privately with what you want and I will get a staff member to raise and invoice for the order. Let me know either way.
  11. That really interesting line of work. If we ever meet would like to know more about this work. Being an employer I've seen all sorts of people in difficult life situations and how some people just don't have the support network I've been so fortunate to have. ValetPRO is looking to do some work with This chap came to us several years ago and has been aiming to build a business raising awareness of mental health. Working using the love of cars to bring people together. Though you might find this interesting. Anyway on the subject of retirement. I
  12. Maybe you should look at this its a years course for about £12k. Been thinking about doing it myself. Maybe you do a year out. Using something like this and then go back to what you did if you wanted or even as its term time maybe do some work for the charities in the term breaks.
  13. Spring, hoorah. Another year of salted roads & varied weather complete. What does that mean? For us, more time to spend on Exterior Protection & less on intensive Pre-Washing! We’ve all heard about exterior protection, but in our day and age it’s a rather sparse subject. In short, products in this category aren’t magic shields that will give you protection against your local door scratcher, but they do offer something just as valuable: Gloss Enhancement & Element Repellency - this is where the vague term ‘protection’ comes from. What do we mean by Element Repellen
  14. Hello C8RKH Reading previous post I know you had an NA evora prior and then moved the the 410 you now have. Does the extra power and lower doors seals make for a significantly better car experiences? I had a sports racer NA previously and seriously considering the Will Blackman car. I but I'm also tempted by this car which is equally good value for what you get.
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