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  1. I can't see any options for the Kef Stereo system. The inside image does not have the Aluminium Key Speakers so is this an option or is it already loaded in just not on the online image?
  2. Booked for the 30th at Bell and Colville. Thanks Jamie.
  3. Thank you for the update will be keep an eye on my email and junk box next week.
  4. For the underbody us this product it made from a wax/oil product that come from wool. Its not permanent so will need to be re applied every 12/18months. But its a thin coating i believe so won't mess with the air flow under your car. Easy to rinse clean too. for the fibre glass i recommend a ceramic coating you can then maintain that coating with snow seal. ValetPRO will release our ceramic next year so that might not be soon enough. If you want more help get in-touch. Alway happy to help another TLF member.
  5. The Green Holden looks like it packs a punch. what engine is running in that?
  6. Great colour pack on the exige. the s1 111s is looking very original .
  7. Great choice. Is that a filter or did the camera have a melt down on automotive perfection!
  8. If your happy to feedback on the products good or bad that would be great. Feedback is useful.
  9. Mine would be a camper van currently being a t25. But there are a lot of cars i would like to have. Like the full generation of lotus cars starting from the elite. Driving them back to back would be really interesting. It is the sort of thing where i wish i was a car car journalist. Not sure i have the writing skills.
  10. I heard a rumour that Lotus was looking to increase the Toque of the V6 engine. I guess if they have successfully done this then the acceleration speed would be quicker in the Emira. Or is the real issue the gear box handling the extra torque or Hp. Also I believe Swindon upgrades can take the V6 to 600BHP. I think ES Motorsport have done this. Not sure if they have changed the gear box as well.
  11. What does this mean? "*Subject to balance of performance" statement on the linked article based on some performance spec of the Emira GT3 Is this like saying no comment? ie Keeping hp quite until its released? I am pleased to see it has the V6 engine.
  12. Speak to Yvo at Elise shop he will get you the right product he has alway given me good help and good quality product. Sorry this does not directly answer your question Or es motorsport. They sell product too. But they sort cars out for the track so would need a robust head gasket for there customers.
  13. Could it be something simple like immobiliser . Key battery flat ? if not i would talk to a dealer.
  14. This is not going to too helpful. I recently had my alternator replaced when replacing the water pump. So this is a part that wares. i could do a voltage test in the way you described this evening so you can compare results. Would that be helpful? undoing corroded bolts. Not an expert but if you watch George kerelis youtube channel working on his esprit he uses a product like wd40. If that fails a heat gun is then used. I get the impression wd40 can take some time to take effect. let me know if you want a voltage comparison check. Mine is an s2 k series enginr.
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