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  1. S2 elise is a great car it my current lotus although i do miss the Evora I had. Glad to hear your got an Emira on order.
  2. these were shoes I brought for driving.
  3. Just entered this competition details came via a Lotus Emira update. Thought I would share good to help raise money for charity.
  4. Hello Rob Thank you for letting me know of the issue with the website. If you still would like to order these products we can get this sorted for you. I will send you a private message now to get some details and then someone from the office will call you for card payment ifs thats OK. private message on its way.
  5. Yes a good micro fibre is all you need. There are ways to improve the finish of the wax but most of that work is done in the preparation. wash - tar and glue remover - wash again - clay bar (this removes bonded contamination from the paint surface so it can reflect all light without interference) - you can then apply a light hand polish or paint prep cream like this is about all you can do apart from polish with a DA before waxing. Any one process listed above or all combined will make a differences to the durability and finish you get from your wax. This is just a brief summery so if you want more info please let me know .
  6. Did someone say there are no stupid question🤪. these are the best low cost DA polishers. you will only get a marginal benefit using a DA to buff up wax. A DA is best for preparing the paint work. Removing marring etc. if you do want a DA to buff wax up here my recommended method. apply the wax with the hand foam applicator supplied in the kit. using a good quality micro fibre cloth placed on the car the put your machine and pad down on top. Start the machine at medium speed. Then buff the panel. Turn the cloth from time to time making sure the cloth surface does not build up with excess wax. This is better than using a micro fibre pad. any questions let me know
  7. What is in your start kit? Are you looking to buy a DA or was it part of your starter kit?
  8. Thanks dave be good to read the answers to your questions. Im also hanging on for information on the i4.
  9. I've now made my decision to wait for the i4 model. Lotus are still talking about November next year but the dealer thinks it be more likely in early 2023. just now waiting for the full information on the i4spec.
  10. This is all a bit strange. There are so many other thing wrong in this world and these people pick on insulation as a solution to make the world a better place. Solve our energy issues and climate problems. Err I don't think so. Should the government (Or in the real world - the working Public) really be paying for these thing or should they just work on encouraging people to make this sort of investment. Which I believe has happened. In my first home we got a government grant to help to pay towards insulation. Made a big difference too.
  11. Wow that's changes the look of the colours massively. They all look better somehow in Convex. I off to Bell and Colville this evening so looking forward to seeing these colours in the flesh. So I hope seeing the car for the first time and the colours will help me imagine what the car will look like. Currently I thinking the red or Yellow with the black pack.
  12. This is interesting I sure there were more i4 wanted before the price release. Is the main motivation the V6 or that its be produced first? I guess if there are too many V6 orders it may push back the i4FE.
  13. In truth im still not sure. I be making my mind up after the viewing on 30th at b and c.
  14. What do we think the i4 performance will be being the A45 does 0-60 in4.6sec but has an extra 150kilos. How close will the performance be between the two engines?
  15. I can't see any options for the Kef Stereo system. The inside image does not have the Aluminium Key Speakers so is this an option or is it already loaded in just not on the online image?
  16. Booked for the 30th at Bell and Colville. Thanks Jamie.
  17. Thank you for the update will be keep an eye on my email and junk box next week.
  18. For the underbody us this product it made from a wax/oil product that come from wool. Its not permanent so will need to be re applied every 12/18months. But its a thin coating i believe so won't mess with the air flow under your car. Easy to rinse clean too. for the fibre glass i recommend a ceramic coating you can then maintain that coating with snow seal. ValetPRO will release our ceramic next year so that might not be soon enough. If you want more help get in-touch. Alway happy to help another TLF member.
  19. The Green Holden looks like it packs a punch. what engine is running in that?
  20. Great colour pack on the exige. the s1 111s is looking very original .
  21. Great choice. Is that a filter or did the camera have a melt down on automotive perfection!
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