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  1. In this video we show how you can simply restore & protect your faded headlights with our Advanced Compound, a true one-step compound that brings life to vehicles. Demonstrated on a Ford Fiesta ST150.
  2. I think this may have been due to the car not selling. WHat's interesting prior to this the Evora's we dropping in price and it was still one of the cheaper ones. Prices are now growing again but price is still the same. I also noticed that the forecourt price was £49k so not sure why the online price has been much lower. I can't say the vinyls are growing on me but you do have me thinking I'm being harsh. If the car was red with a black pack or a brighter colour none of the issues would bother me at all.
  3. My wife has a bit of a problem/obsession with Fluffy things. So we have 5 dogs and 3 cats. Busy house. In fairness I think we are more dog people as a family we do love the cats too its just the dogs get more of our time. In cases your wondering 5 dogs is too many. We meet a couple from time to time at Ashdown forest who have 18 dogs. They never look particularly relaxed. I'm glad my wife agrees so its unlikely we will go beyond 5.
  4. These are just vinyl Stickers so should come off with ease. An old friend of mine works for this company and he has said they would remove it anyway. I did think about it for myself. But there are a few tatty spots like the leather steering wheel, and a few scuff spots on some edges of the car. Not to much to fix but in the end I decided not for me. But the price is good and It should sell. Worth seeing if you want a 400 and one at best price in the market. Services all carried out by Lotus main dealer Williams I believe.
  5. Thank You all for putting your names down. As stated I will confirm a date as soon as possible.
  6. These are the fastest way to apply foam I'm using one of these at home The best are the foam lances. They give great coverage fast. They can be tricky to get the dilution correct though and this can impact the cleaning. The small pump sprayers are good for doing small cars. Evora your be fine with. I have a BMW 3 series that it works fine for but any larger this type of pump is inconvenient. What I would say is the cleaning power is much more constant with a pump sprayer. SO I do get better cleaning power because I have complete control of the dilutions. You use a similar amount to a foam lance. Dwell time - When I clean a car I Apply the foam on the lower seals of the car and meet at the start point. By the time I at the start point Im ready to start pressure washing the foam off. It takes 2-3 minutes to foam the lower area and windscreen. When foaming I will also spray dirty areas like wing mirror where bugs collect and bird dropping if there are they get sprayed with foam too. This makes short work of these dirty areas. Foamula1 is my go to foam now.
  7. Our Snow Foam Range... EXPLAINED How many Snow Foams is too many? We haven’t found that limit yet! There are 4 in our range, each with their own place and formulated specifically for a task. Let’s break it down… We recently made a short video quickly explaining the main differences between these Snow Foams - if you’d like to check that our instead, head here: Starting with pH Neutral Snow Foam : the first pH Snow Foam to our range, but importantly the first to reach the markets of the UK. Over the legacy of this product it has become renowned for simply doing the job at an affordable price. It offers a thick, clingy foam film that will dwell for a long time, painting a picture perfect Snow Foam. Even if you haven’t explored ValetPRO in general, chances are this Snow Foam has been on your radar in recent years. We have undertaken various formulation changes to optimise and modernise this foam throughout industry changes, but ultimately the routes have always stayed the same. Then comes Advanced Neutral Snow Foam - a foam that cleans like an alkaline but is also pH Neutral, making it an excellent choice for traffic film removal and bug splats. Being highly concentrated, you will find yourself needing to use less product in your foam lance making it great value for money. Because of the nature of this product, it’s naturally less foamy than the likes of pH Neutral & Foamula 1 , but ironically more foam isn’t always power! Foamula 1 was introduced in recent years to become the hybrid between pH Neutral Snow Foam & Advanced Neutral Snow Foam… Like Advanced Neutral, it has alkaline-like cleaning power but with the foamy appearance from the likes of pH Neutral Snow Foam that enthusiasts love! This formulation embraces modern science and has quickly become one of our best sellers because it offers most of what you could want in a snow foam. The only alkaline Snow Foam in our range, Snow Foam Combo 2 . This product is perfect for decontamination work prior to polishing & protecting; it will break down all kinds of surface contaminants such as tar, fallout, tree sap & so on, but in addition it will strip waxes & sealants (not ideal for maintenance washing)! If you require something with that extra bite to reset your car, Snow Foam Combo 2 is for you. Interested in one of these Snow Foams? Discover the range here: We fuel your car care passion and offer you the ability to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, so you feel pride in the results that you can effortlessly achieve. ValetPRO is a trusted brand of choice for trade, retailers, professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide. Discover more at
  8. July/August time. No dates have been picked. But I will avoid doing it on a days when big event are on if possible. IE goodwood fest Of Speed for example. Its all brought ideas right now as I waiting to know what happens with local down and social distancing.
  9. All needs firming up but ValetPRO HQ is in Newhaven BN9 0FB, Part of my thought was to take it to B Road Hunting Club (Bentley, Harvey's Ln, Lewes BN8 5AF). This company is setting up to create a venue for these sort of meets. It has all the facilities to run a day like this. This is not far from us. In discussion with Bibs it was suggested that we meet at ValetPRO have a tour of our site and then have a drive around the south downs and make our way to B road Hunting Club to do the detailing. What do you all think of this as an idea if it can be done?
  10. I want to thank everyone who contacted me after my last post on which protection product is right for you. Really please the post was engaging and got some questions being asked. I will continue to do post like these. Anyway a while back me and Bibs spoke about putting on a TLF ValetPRO day (most likely at ValetPRO or a venue close by) with the view on doing group training on detailing a car. With the aim to show the process but also to give people the opportunity of trying some of the products. Like claying a car, basic use of a DA polisher. A look at some of the variations of polishing machines etc. Along with coffee some form of food maybe a barbecue. Although we are still waiting on confirmation from the government on when the world will open up again. I thought I would find out who would be interested in this type of event. This was provoked by a number of members contacting me wanting training and a visit. There would be a limit to numbers at 30. So if this is of interest to you please reply to this post with "Yep I'm in" or something like that. If there is anything that particularly interests you please let me know. I will look to confirm detail at the end of May mid June when I hope thing will be clear on Covid rules.
  11. Just watched this and thought it was great. Just great to see someone who just loved driving at speed in what ever she was given. Anyway if you're not seen it, it's worth a watch.
  12. Just to confirm Clive and Danny please call me to arrange when you come down as I'm not alway in the office currently. I can make most days. Wednesday is a management meeting day, Once a month its a full days meeting the rest are 1-2hr meetings so on those days I can fit your visit around it. I private message you both my mobile number so you can call me directly.
  13. Ideally you want a garage space to apply a coating. This is in part due to coatings taking 24hrs to cure. There are top coats available that give you more flexibility. I but I still wouldn't recommend it if you can't control the elements around you. One issue with coating are during the curing period if rain gets on it and dries it can leave water marking which is hard to remove as it sits in to the coating. Wax or sealants or a combination are great options Give control and have a good look and finish. I hope that helps. We have four detailer guides taken from the detailer perspective here one you might find interesting
  14. that be great. Would love to see your car too. It looks great. Just phone the office and ask for Greg. If i'm not about leave your phone number and I'll call you back.
  15. There is a 10% discount for TLF FFM members to be used at UK mainland shipping only currently. Is that what you're after? Post by Bibs Thank you for your kind comments on our products. We do put our heart and soul in to our product designs and are always looking to improve what we do.
  16. If your prep work include clay and a Polish like Purple Passion then thats good prep work. Panel wipe will increase durability (by weeks or Months depending on product type) because the product you use is adhering to a clean surface better, but its not needed. I would recommend applying Beading Marvellous at least 4 times a year and then once a year do the prep work. Then your paint work will look amazing. Regular washing makes a difference too. If you use products like Advanced Poseidon car wash that will add to the durability of your wax or protection choice. You might need to do some Tar Spot removal from time to time during the year maybe on the day you apply wax, although not essential as you can remove tar once a year when you do your prep work.
  17. When did you try this? We have had issues with our system when we made some changes due to issues shipping to Ireland. This triggers some other errors. It should be fixed now. If you still get the same errors message me privately with what you want and I will get a staff member to raise and invoice for the order. Let me know either way.
  18. That really interesting line of work. If we ever meet would like to know more about this work. Being an employer I've seen all sorts of people in difficult life situations and how some people just don't have the support network I've been so fortunate to have. ValetPRO is looking to do some work with This chap came to us several years ago and has been aiming to build a business raising awareness of mental health. Working using the love of cars to bring people together. Though you might find this interesting. Anyway on the subject of retirement. I've made another post making a comment on the woodwork that you mentioned. My personal plan has always to earn my freedom. Thats why I built my own business. I fear that I won't be able to fully let go thou. My dad is 77 now and has still not wound his business up fully. Ironically it cost him to run his business. Luckly he has a good pension. I don't want to end up there. I'm 47 now and starting to think about how I can ease my way out of my business. I'm constantly thinking about my business and how to grow it and expand it. How it will continue after me. I'm a bit obsessive in my thinking which does not help, hence my fear I won't ever let go. Any way I think the work you do is invaluable to the worlds community. But there are alway others that can take your place. My suggestion is to wind things down. But do so with other options to do with your time. If your like me I think I need a challenge or something to aim for. Just can't spend my time in garden centres or cafe's. I need an objective. If thats you then I sure there are things you have always dreamed of doing. Make a list of these dreams and then start putting your time that way. Good luck. Head to retirement if you feel it's right and I suspect it is because you're asking the question. It sound to me like you have earned it.
  19. Maybe you should look at this its a years course for about £12k. Been thinking about doing it myself. Maybe you do a year out. Using something like this and then go back to what you did if you wanted or even as its term time maybe do some work for the charities in the term breaks.
  20. Spring, hoorah. Another year of salted roads & varied weather complete. What does that mean? For us, more time to spend on Exterior Protection & less on intensive Pre-Washing! We’ve all heard about exterior protection, but in our day and age it’s a rather sparse subject. In short, products in this category aren’t magic shields that will give you protection against your local door scratcher, but they do offer something just as valuable: Gloss Enhancement & Element Repellency - this is where the vague term ‘protection’ comes from. What do we mean by Element Repellency? Most Exterior Protection products will create a bond with the paintwork, ultimately giving it a light barrier against minor elements of the world. Take rain for example: the most visually active confirmation of protection. A non-protected car will simply have its water sheet, further giving said water a hard time to dissipate off the vehicle’s surface. This same principle applies to general road grime and dirt from above - it’ll stick to the vehicle’s surface with ease. A protected vehicle, one with a bond (whether it be from a Wax, Sealant or Coating) will give this grime a harder time at sticking to the paintwork. Instead, it will help repel the grime as it does with water such as rain. Visually, this can be seen in the form of water beading. However, grime can still stick - where you’ll notice the biggest difference is when you come to wash your vehicle; the protected vehicle will rinse with ease as if the grime is already loose on the surface, compared to the battle of a non-protected car where you’ll likely find yourself using harsher dilutions and/or chemicals to combat the caked-on grime. Not all of the protectants work is visible on the other hand; UV rays are known to cause damage to paintwork if the surface is not cared for properly (granted this is over an extensive duration), so a good protectant will also shield the paintwork from these harmful rays & heat in general, ultimately preserving its life! We have decades of experience using & producing all kinds of Exterior Protection products, from Waxes to Sealants to Coatings. But what type of protection is for you? Let’s break these down… Waxes The most traditional, yet the most vast. Waxes out of all Exterior Protection products will produce the deepest gloss to your vehicle. These can come in a variety of forms such as Paste, Spray & Liquid - all of which we do. Within those categories you have Synthetic and Natural Waxes. Why so many? They offer different results & useability! Who is it for? People who enjoy the car care process! If you like to keep your paintwork on the top of its game and are not shy about spending time doing so a few times a year, a Wax is for you. Types of Wax The benefits and the appearance of a wax can vary type-to-type. Take Paste Waxes , often formed from Natural Carnauba. The gloss from these kinds of wax is typically unmatched, but at what cost? Durability & useability… You’ll be lucky to get more than 4 months protection from a wax like this, even with the hard labour you put into applying it! We’re talking elbow grease throughout the application & buffing process, partnered with long cure times. So, what’s the alternative? Synthetic Waxes are a contender! Far longer durability typically up to 12 months, but at the sacrifice of the deep shine a Natural Carnauba Wax could offer. Spray Waxes on the other hand often pair as a quick detailer and drying aid - take Citrus Bling for example. These are great to use when drying your vehicle as not only will it assist with the drying process, it’ll help top-up any existing layers of wax. However, used solely on its own you’ll see around 4 weeks protection and a slight increase in gloss. The ease of use of these products is attractive to a range of customers since no prior experience is necessary and it’s quick! Finally, Liquid Waxes such as our own Indulgence Cream Wax . We would class these as a hybrid wax: no cure time, effortless application and high-quality carnauba (meaning you get that carnauba shine we all admire!). Our love for these comes down to the ease of use and the flexibility, for instance it can typically be applied via a machine polisher & there’s no cure time - perfect for quick yet enhanced work. The drawback however is its durability; you’d be looking at 1-2 months less than your typical Paste Wax, so around 3 months on average depending on your cleaning regime and products used. Sealants Along come Sealants… Man made products that generally offer greater useability and a longer durability. Your traditional types of Sealant are very similar to Paste Waxes; it will protect your vehicle from general grime, moisture, contaminants, UV rays and so on, but with the benefit of lasting anywhere from 6 months to a year! The application of your typical Sealant is also similar to the likes of Paste Waxes but with less product resistance, meaning you can apply and buff with ease. The look of a Sealant is very different however - you’ll typically find the glossiness is flatter, resembling something like glass compared to the deep, warm shine a wax can give. For some, this trade-off is worth the convenience of not having to reapply the product several times in a year. In recent years, spray on lance sealants like Snow Seal have come to market offering the properties of your traditional sealant but through a spray & rinse process. Like a Spray Wax, this task is no burden and one you can implement it into a maintenance wash once per month (hence the word month). Sadly, something as attractive sounding as this has a limited durability of only a few months, so a regular top-up will be required. Ceramics Developed from nanotechnologies used for space shuttles due to their heat insulation and anti-corrosion properties, Ceramics have been one of the world’s latest crazes, but also one with a lot of misconceptions The most well known type of Ceramic in the car care industry is Ceramic Coatings. The reason? Their extended durability: you can achieve up to 6 years of protection with certain ceramic coatings if applied & maintained correctly. For those who care about their car but haven’t the time to maintain their panels, Ceramic Coatings could be an excellent choice. Like the other Exterior Protection products, this forms protection to the surface to enable easier maintenance & an enhanced shine. Additionally, they aren’t restricted to paint surfaces and can be used to protect almost any surface of your vehicle! What’s the trade-off? For a high-grade Ceramic Coating, one with exceptional durability, it can be costly just for the product itself. Then there’s the preparation beforehand: simply put, the surface should be as perfect as can be before application. Most consumers will hire a detailer to prepare and apply the coating as the process start to finish can be rather cumbersome. However, in addition to the application itself, there are trade-offs with the maintenance and the appearance it gives. Appearance wise, this is a man-made product and will not rival traditional Carnauba Waxes. Granted, the gloss a Ceramic will give you is a mirror-finish, it lacks the hue and depth the Brazilian leaves offer. Read more on Waxes Vs Ceramics here . Then there's maintenance. Ceramic Coatings can clog over time causing ineffectiveness and lifespan shortening. Although the coating will help repel general grime, you will be expected to keep on top of its cleanliness for the best results. If a panel becomes clogged, or even damaged, decontamination and polishing will have to take place resulting in the reapplication of the Ceramic Coating. The same applies to Waxes and Sealants, but this rule is less emphasised due to their shorter lifespan. So, every product has its place and meets a target audience. What is the one for you? Let us know in the comments below. We fuel your car care passion and offer you the ability to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, so you feel pride in the results that you can effortlessly achieve. ValetPRO is a trusted brand of choice for trade, retailers, professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide. Discover more at
  21. Hello C8RKH Reading previous post I know you had an NA evora prior and then moved the the 410 you now have. Does the extra power and lower doors seals make for a significantly better car experiences? I had a sports racer NA previously and seriously considering the Will Blackman car. I but I'm also tempted by this car which is equally good value for what you get. In pervious posts you have said you miss the NA. having the experience of both cars if you had to choose which one of the above cars which would it be and why?
  22. 10 more days to raise the money you need. Hope you make it.👍
  23. This was promoted in Absolute Lotus magazine. Just wondering if anyone else was tempted. Heres the one I brought.
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