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  1. OK sorry for the slow reply. We did some test in on some Alcantara tub chairs at the office. We have developed a new fabric cleaner that does a good job on this fabric, being balanced pH it less harsh of fabric surface. Although looking up the Alcantara fabric details it looks like very robust fabric. If you want a sample of our new fabric cleaner please let me know I will send you a sample. Its not been released as yet so feedback would be useful.
  2. Your right if you use a Polish it will remove some or all of your ceramic coating. So a polish is not needed. For cars without ceramic coatings, polish prior to waxing is ideal. What it does is help remove bonded contamination on the paint surface. (your find contamination still sticks to ceramic coating albeit less). By removing contamination from the paint surface it gives the paint the ability to reflect all the light from the paint surface which aids the gloss and visual impact of the paint. It gives a better base for the wax to shine from. There are lots of ways to deep clean the paint surface and professional detailers will adopt and use a combination for cleansing process to give the paint that fresh deep gloss finish. Its not just how good the wax it the is a lot of impact that can be made in the prep if you have time. Having said all that you can just use a wax and get a great finish. With a ceramic base your likely find that it will give the wax an extra lift anyway. Kits normally have our Mad Wax. Use a small amount of wax and spread thinly using the wax applicator provided in the kit. You should also have a micro fibre cloth for buffing. You will not need to use a machine to buff the wax up, Mad Wax is a really easy wax to use and buff off. If you over apply this is easy to notice because the wax will not cure off easily. You need a nice thin coat. a 250ml tub should wax 10 Lotus Evora's easily. If your getting through the wax that a good indication of over use. hope this helps if you have any more questions please let me know. here is a video showing how to apply and buff off.
  3. Not long about a month. But have done some good drives in it. Its worlds apart from any other car I have driven. I test drove a Cayman prior to the Evora and the Cayman did not feel to different to my TT. The Evora just felt special. The steering is the most notable differences to any car I have had prior. So sensitive, I know lots about the road surface on my way to work now. And although it feed back so much info on the road surface the ride is smoother than my TT. It will be interesting taking it on track and feeling the difference. Peter the SR looks great in Red.
  4. Unfortunately no nice summer photos. And it pretty dirty. Looking forward to the nice weather so I can give it a proper clean. Not been been driving it the snow. I need some of the James Bond tyres with studs in them. Is any one driving there Lotus in the Snow?
  5. This gives you details about the type of fabric Being 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane this type of fabric will be very durable and its unlikely that any clearer is going to cause an issues. Even strong Alkaline cleaners. I have always had some concerns about cleaning this type of fabric. My concern is that the pile will flatten or become rough. I will run some test on my fabric and come back to you with a good cleaning solution. Do you have any stains in the fabric you need to remove?
  6. Polishing is not that difficult if you use the right tools. Machine polishers there are two main types Rotary - For professional use only. Great tools but can get you in trouble quickly. DA (dual action Polishers) - Like this one These tools are great for beginners or experts. What is important is choosing the right pads and Polish. I can recommend the right ValetPRO products to use on a basic detail that will remove light swirls and enhance gloss prior to waxing. If you want this information please let me know. Your Zymol wax will do fine. I do however recommend waxing cars each month. With good quality waxes they will last 3+ months but by applying monthly you build your wax layers and I have noticed that over the first 3 months you notice an improvement of finish each time. Continuing to apply each months maintains the finish whilst adding depth to your paint work.
  7. Professional Detailers will always do a better job. But you can do a good job yourself. Its time you need which is where PRO Detailers get you great results without your time being reduced. Also there is a lot of learning to be good at detailing - Someone mentioned wet sanding in this tread - I would strongly recommend not using a detailer suggesting that this is needed. Lotus Cars do not have hard paint and therefore wet sanding is not necessary. I would suspect that your £700 quote is based on a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings do need good prep work which helps to the finish. If this is the case its worth considering wax instead of ceramic sealants. There are pro's can con's for each. If your choosing a wax you could do it yourself if your looking for ceramic coating get a professional. If you want advise on prep work for a wax let me know and I can give you directions and explain the reasons for each procedure.
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