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  1. If your happy to feedback on the products good or bad that would be great. Feedback is useful.
  2. Mine would be a camper van currently being a t25. But there are a lot of cars i would like to have. Like the full generation of lotus cars starting from the elite. Driving them back to back would be really interesting. It is the sort of thing where i wish i was a car car journalist. Not sure i have the writing skills.
  3. I heard a rumour that Lotus was looking to increase the Toque of the V6 engine. I guess if they have successfully done this then the acceleration speed would be quicker in the Emira. Or is the real issue the gear box handling the extra torque or Hp. Also I believe Swindon upgrades can take the V6 to 600BHP. I think ES Motorsport have done this. Not sure if they have changed the gear box as well.
  4. What does this mean? "*Subject to balance of performance" statement on the linked article based on some performance spec of the Emira GT3 Is this like saying no comment? ie Keeping hp quite until its released? I am pleased to see it has the V6 engine.
  5. Speak to Yvo at Elise shop he will get you the right product he has alway given me good help and good quality product. Sorry this does not directly answer your question Or es motorsport. They sell product too. But they sort cars out for the track so would need a robust head gasket for there customers.
  6. Could it be something simple like immobiliser . Key battery flat ? if not i would talk to a dealer.
  7. This is not going to too helpful. I recently had my alternator replaced when replacing the water pump. So this is a part that wares. i could do a voltage test in the way you described this evening so you can compare results. Would that be helpful? undoing corroded bolts. Not an expert but if you watch George kerelis youtube channel working on his esprit he uses a product like wd40. If that fails a heat gun is then used. I get the impression wd40 can take some time to take effect. let me know if you want a voltage comparison check. Mine is an s2 k series enginr.
  8. I cant find anything on line. i think it looks like a k series rover engine with a fancy top. But in truth i have no idea. What horse power is it getting?
  9. I don't know. I like the s2 design but it does seem the later esprit would be better for me being 6ft. I guess an SE or even a GT3 would fit the bill. But ive not even sat in an esprit so have no idea if i would like it more than an evora. Oh, thanks for the offer. I will get in contact via the private messages tomorrow.
  10. I might be able to help. we do a polish that would restore the headlamp. We have also created a ceramic coat not yet released to market. I suspect our coating will give you a permanent resto. here is a video we did for basic resto. if you live in the south east you could pop down and we could do the head lamp for you. Does this help?
  11. On my elise I used polish to bring the logo back in the Steering wheel. Here is a photo of my steering wheel, sorry I don't have a before. The alcantara fabric was also flat in places and blackened, I sorted this out with ValetPRO advanced interior cleaner. The polish might work on the gear knob to.
  12. Yep not though of that as an alternative. I think I might have some kicking around.
  13. In my Elise the floor matts keep lifting due to the locking nuts base being detached from the floor. I used superglue in the past which works for a bit but then fails again. Anyone know the best glue to use to keep the matt locking nut base in place?
  14. Looks in great condition. Like the colour too.
  15. Well did the 500mile drive yesterday and it was a great drive. Not the best roads as most were motorway. Did get a good mix of A and B roads once off the motorway. Which is where the Elise is best. On the motorway I got a Thumb up for a Ford ST driver. Good to see other car marque taking an interest. It one thing I do love about the Lotus cars both the Evora and the Elise i've owned seem to make people smile.
  16. The Emira road show at the dealers. Is this just a visual viewing or do we get to test drive the cars? In both V6 and i4 engine versions?
  17. Just been on Bookaclassic and they seem to only be offering the Esprit in chauffeur service form. Only an Elan M100 for a self drive. But the idea of hire seems good I have found one website . I feedback should I try it out. Gvy - thank you for the detail of all the esprit and some of the differences between them.
  18. I agree its good that Lotus are looking for a broader customer range. I do hope they look at making a Lotus M3 equivalent I would like to think that could be a great market too. More appealing I think for through that like Lotus now. I also hope they are able to continuing doing low tech cars as specials. But that might just be me wanting that.
  19. If you can do 350miles in an 340R my drive in an Elise with a roof will be absolute luxury. 1200 miles in two days make my drive seem like child's play. I bet the hire company was only really looking at the first 3 digits. I wonder if the renter after you got the extra 900mile charge?
  20. I have my longest drive in my elise s2 tomorrow 510mile there and back round trip. Visiting a customer in north wales. Whats the longest drive your done in your elise?
  21. Thanks DaKa is yours the 170bph x180? i guess the driving style is the same in most of the esprit with the se, 300 and v8 Gathering up speed quicker.
  22. I have an elise 111s s2 but would very much like to test drive an esprit. is there an esprit owner who would like to drive an elise and would allow me to driver there esprit? i would sort out day full comprehensive insurance.
  23. My screen wash hose disconnected from the sprayers recently. As such no screen wash was getting through to them. today i took off the two access panels to see if i could fix it. Seemed easy enough. The hose that had disconnect was the hose from the bottle to the t section that feeds the jet. It has disconnect from the t section which is under the middle clam section having taken a clam off before (but not put back) , knowing how difficult that was i was going to do everything possible not to take the clam off for just one hose. i struggled for about 5minutes trying to get my hands in to connect the pipes. A bit of problem solving lead me to disconnecting one of the jets so i could get the t section out far enough to connect my pipe. all done and now fixed. But new found respect to mechanic who must struggle with this sort of thing all the time and i bet this was an easy job.
  24. thanks, that was an eye opener. difficult to see peace in that country for some time yet. Its a long history of destructive change.
  25. looks like the rear wing is connected to the white post. Love the colour scheme.
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