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  1. I guessing thats up at Hethel. No old Lotus picture here. But it good to watch this thread.
  2. Hello and Welcome what Lotus are you thinking of getting in to next?
  3. I sold my Evora via Lotus Silverstone. Stopped my insurance once I drop it off. Had to get new tyres for the car and a service. They sold it with a fee of about £2.5k I think. Best to call them to get an idea from them. For the cost I thought the service was excellent. I also think when your talking a newer car at that price as purchaser will have more confidence in buying from a dealer. As such I don't think your loose any money selling via a dealer.
  4. Looking at the second hand Market and would like to know the differences between these two models. 400 and the GT410 so far what i have worked out is that the GT410 has cosmetic improvements but is there more to it? any one who has owned both let us know your thoughts.
  5. I sold my Evora through Lotus silverstone. Good value service I thought. Im sure you can get a transport company to move it. You could then buy one locally.
  6. Aircraft Cleaning - The Do's & Don't's Did someone say cleaning an aeroplane, by hand!? There’s a common misconception in the industry that ‘car cleaning’ products are, as the title suggests, just for cars. The truth of the matter is you can practically use these products (more-so the pH Neutral ones) on a variety of subjects… cars, bikes, motorhomes to name a few. Not forgetting the fact that they’re perfect for cleaning around the house, although we wouldn’t recommend Snow Foaming! However, there’s one subject rarely spoken about and that’s cleaning on aircrafts… We recently had the opportunity to attend a local airstrip for a Fly-in BBQ event. Sounds pretty cool, right? No landing fees, reasonably priced food & drink, not forgetting the views of the South Downs. On a mission, the team set about educating owners of the event on the importance of keeping their aircraft clean & the products available to do so - easily. However, more importantly than all, the significance of sticking to safe, pH Neutral products. You’ll hear many pilots say it: “post-flight cleaning is vital”! The idea behind it is to improve safety , prevent corrosion and protect your equipment . Allowing dirt and other pollutants to accumulate is asking for trouble on all three of these points. Unlike most cars, aircraft have very thin layers of paint if they’re lucky, and this isn’t to the quality you might expect; after all, they are not designed for winter grime, gathering salt & mud with the occasional bit of road rash. The most common enemy for an aircraft is actually bugs! This said, most will agree that aircraft cleaning isn’t typically at the forefront of your mind as a pilot, so that’s why we’ve taken steps to educate owners on how to find the perfect balance between efficiency & safety. The aircraft attending provided a perfect example of the varying types of materials and finishes found on light aircraft. With finishes found from bare aluminium to polyfibre, many products from the ValetPRO range are perfect for use on surfaces of the aircraft. Among them were a great mix of Cessna, Eurofox, Bristell and various helicopters, all flying in from around the UK! Not having much room for luggage, we narrowed the cleaning recommendation down to a bucket size, covering the needs for most. Citrus Pre Wash - diluted 1:8. Perfect for breaking down general grime, especially bug splats prior to shampooing. Self-Dilute Bottle. Large Sash Brush. Bucket & Grit Guard. Concentrated Car Wash - diluted 30ml of product to every 5L of water. This is the core of the contact wash, to cover any areas the pre-wash did not successfully clean. Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt. Drying Towel (Grey). Glass Cleaner - spray on, wipe off. Removes any smears and stubborn stains. Microfibre Glass Cloths. Classic All Purpose Cleaner - if you fancy getting into some of the interior details, this is your warrior. Multi Purpose Microfibre Cloths. This was a great opportunity for ValetPRO to assist in raising some money for the Aerodrome and the local Air Ambulance Charity ( ). If you have any questions about our range or wish to find out more about ValetPRO then please click the following link to make contact with us.
  7. Cars fine outside. Car cover or a good cleaning and protection will look after the cars body. back seats - it be best to test it out. The comments are a mixed bag above so i would just go for a test drive. Its a small space in the back. Im 6ft and was in the back for 5minutes and would not want to do it again unless there was a good drink either side of the journey. What ever the thoughts on the test drive don't let this sway your decision as you have other family cars. The Evora is just a brilliant car your fall in love with it I promise. Evora are great cars and Ive seen the prices climb this year. I think the rarity and that there are no more being made of this car will help the price in the future. So expect them to keep climbing.
  8. Yep it will help them if the choose to look at it. in fairness i suspect there will alway be decision that race organisers make that team don't like. even without the lobbying. so with such a highly charges bunch of people there will alway be controversy.
  9. Its a shame to see the season end this way. Max is clearly a good driver so to win with this going on has to be heart breaking. lewis was a real gent considering that the win was taken away based on what I assume to be political reasons. Hats off to Lewis. jenson - i agree with his statement that team leader should not be able to lobby during the race. I get it after the race.
  10. Saw a Beautiful Red evora with a number plate that said something like wallnut. seen on crowborough cross. anyway great to see this car in my home town.
  11. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoyed reading through and seeing the pictures.
  12. The guys at work seemed to enjoy making this video.
  13. Not sure this is the right place to post this. We are looking to hire two new staff. Production Mixing Operative/Chemist Added on: 12 Nov 2021 Contract type: Full Time Location: Newhaven, East Sussex. BN9 0FB. Application Deadline: 13 Dec 2021 Professional Detailer & Marketing Support Added on: 12 Nov 2021 Contract type: Full Time Location: Newhaven, East Sussex. BN9 0FB. Application Deadline: 13 Dec 2021 If you know anyone who might be interested in these positions please share the links. Not sure how the title ValetPRO TLF day came up as I only put in ValetPRO. Sorry if the title is misleading. We will do another TLF day next year. Bibs thanks for changing the title.👍
  14. My dogs are way too badly behaved to be allowed that close to food. My son had a friend over and we had just put some pizza on the dinning table for them. 2 minutes later we hear this commotion and a lot of giggling. When we got to the dinning room. Dobby had all four feet on the table eating their pizza. Dobby has done this several times too. Birthday cake, easter eggs, chocolate decorations on the christmas tree. His a nightmare.
  15. not sure Luna looks impressed with her new look.
  16. Strong winds here but all good. We did enjoy a lovely sunset this evening.
  17. Today while riding my bike I lost my Lotus Beanie hat. Must have fell out my pocket. Im going to seek counselling to help with the loss. where the best place to get a replacement?
  18. Come on Bib's did you need to use the racing tow hook to get you off the road?
  19. I thought I would show the work Elliott our in-house detail had done on Barrie's car. If your up at the NEC this weekend have a look at the results and the depth of shine we got using a double layer of Beading Marvellous. Thank You Barrie great to see such a beautiful car.
  20. Hello Barrie I'm popping in to work tomorrow so looking forward to seeing your car.
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