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  1. I have my longest drive in my elise s2 tomorrow 510mile there and back round trip. Visiting a customer in north wales. Whats the longest drive your done in your elise?
  2. Thanks DaKa is yours the 170bph x180? i guess the driving style is the same in most of the esprit with the se, 300 and v8 Gathering up speed quicker.
  3. I have an elise 111s s2 but would very much like to test drive an esprit. is there an esprit owner who would like to drive an elise and would allow me to driver there esprit? i would sort out day full comprehensive insurance.
  4. My screen wash hose disconnected from the sprayers recently. As such no screen wash was getting through to them. today i took off the two access panels to see if i could fix it. Seemed easy enough. The hose that had disconnect was the hose from the bottle to the t section that feeds the jet. It has disconnect from the t section which is under the middle clam section having taken a clam off before (but not put back) , knowing how difficult that was i was going to do everything possible not to take the clam off for just one hose. i struggled for about 5minutes trying to get my hands in to connect the pipes. A bit of problem solving lead me to disconnecting one of the jets so i could get the t section out far enough to connect my pipe. all done and now fixed. But new found respect to mechanic who must struggle with this sort of thing all the time and i bet this was an easy job.
  5. thanks, that was an eye opener. difficult to see peace in that country for some time yet. Its a long history of destructive change.
  6. looks like the rear wing is connected to the white post. Love the colour scheme.
  7. I've found Yvo at Elise Shop to be good for this sort of thing. Not sure if they stock your items but might be worth an email. Or ES MotorSports they also sell parts.
  8. I don't know much about this. But does the issue not date further back to when territories divided by the British Empire? I could imagine some time after this Oil was part of some change in those regions that US and the British business and governments would have been involved with. I do not know any of this for fact but I sure there are involvements for business and governments that have cause the issues we see today. I also doubt that these decision of change in these regions were not for the best of intentions either. Money, Oil is likely to be part of it. Lack of understanding of the local Bedouin settlements and tribes in the regions. To add to all of that there is also religion that causes big division between people in how they think. Even when the religions are closely linked.
  9. Reading the comments here. Knowing that the Evora is a great car and having a deposit down on an Emira. the pull the the more analogue car is pretty strong. Although I did think the prices on Evoras would reduce, If they do I don't think they will for long. End of September I get to make my mind up.
  10. You seem to know a bit about these computer systems that detect drowsiness. I have recently invested in this company via an ISA. Is this the system that all car manufacturers are using or are there lots of different systems available on the market? Just curious if you know more about this industry.
  11. I saw this on ES motorsports website. It's had some engine upgrade too I believe. Have you been able to compare it to a standard Evora 400? be interested to hear the sort of difference the engine upgrade have made. I think you're get used to the seat hight assuming this is the same as the previous generation Evora.
  12. Is this going to be like black Friday - Where eager Lotus owners fight over the keys to the V6? Maybe I'll use my camper van with a sliding door, park up close too the entrance so when B&C open there door, no-one else can get in. Is there an emoji for a smug face?😜
  13. Agreed, Population Growth is the biggest issue we have. Do you think there is a realistic way or reducing the population? You would first need the world working together. How do you do that without a world crisis?
  14. This is amusing. Australian government plan for EV apparently
  15. this is the first time I have seen the picture of the cars by each other. They both look great but you can see the evolution of the car design. Evora to Emira.
  16. There is a lot of BS out there. In our industry companies talk about green products. But all products have an impact on the environment. It is true that green products help reduce but I feel that some companies are just out right lying. Bio Plastic are an example of this. SO they use sugar cane to make plastic bottles. But it is still plastic and the after effect is the issue with plastic because it does not biodegrade. The biodegrade plastic is potentially a bigger problem because it does not disappear it just go down to small beads so appears to have biodegraded. Thats what gets in to food etc. WE start making electric cars with big batteries. But there is not enough lithium to create the cars we need. So its clear that our current battery system is only good to wealth countries. Batteries need recycling because they don't last and this is very complicated to do. SO there are so many issues around the battery powered car. That does not mean this is not the future and its also clear that battery cars are less harmful to the environment depending on how the electricity is made. Not any better if the source is not clean. In fairness this is all development work. Hyrdogen ICE engines sound exciting and fuel cells powered by Hydrogen. My concern is that this is one explosive fuel. Your never get me close to a car park. Maybe they have a way of making the hydrogen safe. but the though of a multi story car park is insane if all cars are fuelled by Hydrogen. That would make a big bang. Some how the future has to be a renewable route and safe for the environment. The future of travel for me is a bit worrying because I like driving. The future and government seem to be look to autonomous cars. I can see benefits for this, IE when I'm 80 years old getting in an autonomous car sound like a great way to get around. I hope ICE car can still be a thing for the road and racing. I hope the world does not look down on ICE cars. David Attenborough seemed to suggest that the issue is with the rain forest and that the diversity for of these forests need to be built back up. And the size need to be increase to where it used to be. No more palm oil for soaps etc. Which is the biggest reason diversity has changed so much. I think diversity is important part in nature and life. I see the change in small business having a much tougher time of things as big companies get bigger, Our choice reduce and wealth end up in a smaller percentage of the population. The balance is a tough one for any government to manage. because companies that do thing well get better and they grow with much more pace. I think its similar to the environment. At some point thing will just change because there be on other choice and balance will come back for a bit. thats my 2 cents.
  17. It seems like the new styling for Lotus car photos. Most of the dealers are using this type of back drop. I guess this is Lotus taking control of presentation. I guess also taking pictures of black cars is harder to show the body works shape.
  18. Hello and welcome The Elise is a great car. I have an 111s S2. Its a great car. Being rear wheel powered car. The back can get twitchy in wet conditions. The car itself is not crazy on the power so it easy to correct. The lotus car does give good feedback and allows you to adjust your driving input to correct the car. It's a very manageable driving car. Spinning is down to poor driving skills. I've only spun at North Weald on a training day which was a blast (large tarmac driving area so you can be a complete idiot with out fear of damage to your car). On track I have also lost the backend (but not spun) which was all down to poor driving skill and being over enthusiastic. I was on track for about 15 seconds at Cadwell Park when this happened. Since then I have been getting more tutoring. this is a link to one of the training days at Millbrook. I learned a lot on that training day. I also use this car as a daily driver and its great, I just love driving it. Good luck with choosing your Elise. Its a great car so enjoy.
  19. A new one up for sale, If anyone is looking for one. Lotus Silverstone.
  20. Just started watching this. Quite interesting. Has anyone else watch this?
  21. I do agree with Ramjet that you are the only one who can make a decision. My experience with Lotus is with an Evora N/A and Elise 111S S2. I miss the Evora a lot. It a great drivers car and very comfortable. It also looks better in the flesh. If I had the Evora still I would drive the Evora on any long drive over the Elise. Elise - Similar platform to the Exige but with out the V6. I love my Elise and it's my daily drive too. I do have a BMW 335i but I drive the Elise more frequnalty because its just a better drivers car. I have a trip to Wales soon for a business meeting and will likely take the Elise. 6hrs there and 6hrs back. Motorway will be loud but the B roads will be a blast. I would be interested for any Exige V6 to comment on what the car sound like on a motorway. I guessing be a V6 the sound is much nicer to listen too. The Elise Rover Engine is just a noise at a constant speed. Quite draining. I would think that the V6 exige would be much more pleasant. But check. The Evora I can say is very pleasant and comfortable on long journeys. Getting in and out of an Elise will be the same as an Exige. So if this is of any concern you will be fine. I'm 6foot and a bit rounder than I would like and get in and out fine. Car parks are no issue. Evora all fine for getting in and out but the 400 on like a normal car. The earlier Evoras I found in car parks I would have to think about the space I left for getting out as the width of the car and the door seal made exiting a bit challenging at time. I hope that helps.
  22. this car is looking spectaular. Send Smart List
  23. Elliott demonstrates our leather soap on a Porsche 928s. Great Visual demonstration.
  24. this auction will be interesting to follow. Alway fancied an Esprit.
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