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  1. Not sure this is the right place to post this. We are looking to hire two new staff. Production Mixing Operative/Chemist Added on: 12 Nov 2021 Contract type: Full Time Location: Newhaven, East Sussex. BN9 0FB. Application Deadline: 13 Dec 2021 Professional Detailer & Marketing Support Added on: 12 Nov 2021 Contract type: Full Time Location: Newhaven, East Sussex. BN9 0FB. Application Deadline: 13 Dec 2021 If you know anyone who might be interested in these positions please share the links. Not sure how the title ValetPRO TLF day came up as I only put in ValetPRO. Sorry if the title is misleading. We will do another TLF day next year. Bibs thanks for changing the title.👍
  2. My dogs are way too badly behaved to be allowed that close to food. My son had a friend over and we had just put some pizza on the dinning table for them. 2 minutes later we hear this commotion and a lot of giggling. When we got to the dinning room. Dobby had all four feet on the table eating their pizza. Dobby has done this several times too. Birthday cake, easter eggs, chocolate decorations on the christmas tree. His a nightmare.
  3. not sure Luna looks impressed with her new look.
  4. Strong winds here but all good. We did enjoy a lovely sunset this evening.
  5. Today while riding my bike I lost my Lotus Beanie hat. Must have fell out my pocket. Im going to seek counselling to help with the loss. where the best place to get a replacement?
  6. Come on Bib's did you need to use the racing tow hook to get you off the road?
  7. I thought I would show the work Elliott our in-house detail had done on Barrie's car. If your up at the NEC this weekend have a look at the results and the depth of shine we got using a double layer of Beading Marvellous. Thank You Barrie great to see such a beautiful car.
  8. Hello Barrie I'm popping in to work tomorrow so looking forward to seeing your car.
  9. Ideally like to drive the car. I'm keen to know more about the i4 and finance options before i commit.
  10. Im keen to get back in an evora but not sure i would like the responsibility of the car being owned by someone else. Like the idea thou. would someone simple rent it? how would you deal with scuffs? Or any light damage? Not covered on insurance? mileage limit?
  11. Just want to give Maidstone Sports Cars a thank you for helping me out for my track day tomorrow. I needed a Tow hook for tomorrow as mine got lost at Cadwell Park Last year and I forgot to replace it. I think it was Will that I spoke with but in any case Thank you for your help and the loan of the tow hook.
  12. Is there an official date they are going to release the full details for the i4 engine?
  13. I brought 3 tickets for this and then my wife told me she also entered with two tickets. So have my fingers crossed.
  14. S2 elise is a great car it my current lotus although i do miss the Evora I had. Glad to hear your got an Emira on order.
  15. these were shoes I brought for driving.
  16. Just entered this competition details came via a Lotus Emira update. Thought I would share good to help raise money for charity.
  17. Hello Rob Thank you for letting me know of the issue with the website. If you still would like to order these products we can get this sorted for you. I will send you a private message now to get some details and then someone from the office will call you for card payment ifs thats OK. private message on its way.
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