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  1. 1 hour ago, jep said:

    Get those Lotus out. Lovely morning for a run and they haven't salted roads around Surrey. Roof off in Elise.

    Cleaning cars is an over-rated pastime. 


    Agree to disagree


    This might not help my point, I enjoy detailing any car ( i do love looking back once the jobs done and admiring  the finish).  I love driving depending on the car.  

    so i guess i enjoy driving much more.  




    2 hours ago, RobinB5 said:

    Some spring cleaning, before and after. Last waxing was over a year ago using @Greg | ValetPro's 'Beading Marvelous'. It's incredible the shine still left under all the dirt!






    Thanks for the mention.  The car looks great Beading Marvellous clearly doing its job.

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  2. In some sense you might find doing some testing is idea to get best value for money and the right clean.


    Personally I use it neat because it sprays on rinse off normally without the need for any agitation.  I the just dry the wheels with  spray of citrus bling and a microfibre cloth.  Citrus Bling adds gloss and a bit of protection.


    However I dilution of 1:3 for regular wheel cleaning should be a sweet spot. However you might find you need to do some agitation.  First spray on, then rinse off to make sure your removed grit. Spray on again and agitate then rinse off.  Try this up to 1:5.  I suspect your find you prefer one over the others for quick and easy cleaning.  


    The 1:10 dilution is more for the obsessive detailer, where wheels are coated with a good wheel sealant or ceramic.  Some of these guys might clean their wheels daily.  




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  3. ValetPRO have spent the last two years developing our own Ceramic coating made and developed in Newhaven, UK.1522530990_lg-UK-PC1-4-Grey.png.518b331e4e6b76e7d1c5b80c7f5ea22e.png


    Our key objectives when formulating our product 24Plus Ceramic Coating was to produce the easiest to use and apply ceramic coating available on the market without compromising durability or protection. We've done this in abundance and we know you'll be happy with the results


    Watch our video that explain this product in more detail and gives good application tips.



    If your interested in buying this product head over too


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  4. The pitting is from stone chips.  This can happen and its best to replace the screen if its an issue.  I currently have this on my T25 camper Van but I suspect the screen is as old as the Van.  Its also very tatty. But I love it.  

    Clay bars are unlikely cause any scratching on the windscreen.  But if the scratching is all over with the movements you made while claying I would be suspicious.  I use Clay all the time to give the screen a once over not had a problem.  

    It is worth trying to isolate how the scratches have occurred because its not normal, glass is very hardy.  Whats your paintwork like? could it have been done in your wash process?  Do you use a budget sponge or a wash mitt?  Do you check the condition of your wash mitt? do you have a grit guard in your bucket?

    Glass polish will not remove scratches but the are very good at giving clarity to screens. ValetPRO does not make a glass polish so If you buy one by the autoglym glass polish. This was my go to when detailing.  Important tips.  First you don't need much you use even less than wax. Use a product like our wax applicator to apply the glass polish. What is important is that you keep applying the glass polish until you can barely see it. You then buff off with a clean microfibre cloth. A simple microfibre like this is perfect  but it has to be clean and one that your not used perviously even if washed for waxes or anything greasy.  That will give you perfect finish. Most people make the mistake of apply glass polish like a wax and then chase cloth marks all over the glass. 

    Using polish compound like Jewellers rouge which will remove scratches in glass is not not ideal.  It will remove scratches but could also make the glass surface uneven.  This is why I would suggest just replacing the glass and figuring out how the scratches go there.  



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