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  1. No.


    the springs are  adjustable.  But im just got them set as they came.  Ive only checked the settings are the same for front and back.


    its something i would like to know more about to make sure the springs are adjusted  to give best handling for the road.


    the only thing on this i have seen is that each corner should weigh the same.  Just not worked out how best to weigh each corner.


    are there better ways to make good adjustments or should i take it to a lotus specailist?

  2. Ok so im fitting new suspension to my elise.  But hit a problem right away as the rear wheel will not come off.  Any idea how I get it off?


    all four bolts removed obviously.  Pulled very hard and it wont budge.  Ive just sprayed wd40 in the hope that will help.


    any tips?

    Here is a picture not that it will show much


  3. Do you have a Polish to hand.  Not autoSol as that is a bit aggressive.  But I would like the see the picture again without the road grime.  


    First thoughts.  Dragons Breath would be my go too for cleaning exhaust tips.  It's normally good a removing all or the bulk of grime.  Tar spots add extra problem and I guessing looking at your tips that the black spots are tar related. So I would try a tar and glue remover.  That should help. I would then use a polish like our advanced compound applying and agitating with a microfibre cloth or microfibre pad.  That should clean up the rest.  If there are still black bits present they should only be around the bottom edge.  There are extra steps you can take if need but I've never tested these ideas personally.  But some detailers use wire wool There are grade of wire wool so I would start with the least coarse. There are a couple of approaches here. You could apply a cleaner like dragons breath and use the wirewool to agitate or you could use a polish and use the wire wool as an applicator agitator. I've never done this myself so I have no idea if there are drawbacks with this method but do know that detailers use this approach. 


    Looking at the exhaust tips they look dull.  I not sure if that is just road grime.  The the steel is dull you may need to use a polish with a machine tool to revive the metal shine.  


    If your local to east Sussex or Kent Then I would be happy to have a look and see what I can do.


    Dermel - The wire brushes might help but there is a danger that the tool heads on a dremel would wear the metal unevenly.  So I would not recommend the use of a Dremel.


    I hope these thought help.  As said above please clean the road grime off and retake the photo as this might give some other ideas for attack. 


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  4. My elise today failed its MOT on  the suspension.  One was leaking the rest the aluminium washers were flacking.


    So i have brought some replacements from  plus new bolts.


    I planned on fitting them.  But never done a job like this before.  They look like a bolt in and out job.  Although i will also remove my wheels for easy excess.


    are there any potential issues I should be aware of or think about when fitting?

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