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  1. First time the screw came loss the following day. I did fix it by removing the screw and cutting a flat head notch in the screw head. I also applied some compound to the thread to stop the screw coming loss again. This worked. Although i did drop the screw once into the door and though i would not get it out. I did find it and got the window fully fixed. Not had a problems since so has been fixed for a month or more now. The above video really helped.
  2. Yes Alcohol/ isopropyl diluted 1:4 with water will do the job with a micro fibre. This is what we basically use. Sorry for the later reply. Been busy recently and not been on here much. But will be back more frequently for now on.
  3. This video was great, learnt how the window works. As it was the window was not working for another reason. As I looked more closely. I found that a screw had come loose near the top of the front runner guide. This screw had clearly been screwed in many times before as the philips cross had completely been removed. So I needed to use a hot glue gun and a small metal bar to screw the screw back in. I then attempted to hot glue the screw in place. I not sure this will be a permanent fix. If it fails I will order new screws for the runner and get some thread securing glue to get a better hold. Does anyone know what screws these are size etc or where to buy just the screws from?
  4. My window has dropped by about an inch. I get it sorted each time I get the car serviced. But several months later it drops again. I have tried fixing but I can't see how you do. Is there any guides here or else where that can teach you how to fix the windows when the drop?
  5. Yes using a panel wipe first is a good idea as this removes any grease from the surface. Then apply the coating as directed. Use new microfibre cloths and throw them away after use. ValetPRO 24Plus is also an option for applying ceramic coatings to wheels.
  6. For your fly wheel question head over to the esprit part of the forum your best bet for advice welcome👍🏻
  7. The picture of those orange rubber blocks. Its a strange one. Does seem a good price for £23k. Anyone for a GT430. Like the colour on it.
  8. Anyone know where you can buy tue rubber piping that goes along the edge of the rear defuser.
  9. Hello Elliott demonstrated our convertible hood cleaners and protectors. simple and easy process for maintaining your soft top.
  10. I used es motorsport they did a good job for me. Just to add, they have there own mould. So if really bad they can put the whole clam in it and reform the damaged area.
  11. I like the gold wheels. I don't care much for the stickers. I've always like the LF1 Exige, I think thats the best looking Exige on the market.
  12. This looks great value
  13. How do you keep your track car clean? In this video, we demonstrate the convenience of our Quick Detailers on a Lotus Elise 111S. Whether your windscreen is covered in splats that impair your visibility, or you've hit some grass and you simply want to look good for photos, we have a range of QD's to effortlessly achieve your goals. Glass Cleaner , Citrus Bling, Matte Protect
  14. Hello All I hope you enjoy the video demo showing how our leather soap cleans leather. Leather is a sensitive surface and some thought is needed to make sure that over the long term the cleaning work put in to leather does not deteriorate the finish over a long period of time. Car leather although sensitive is also quite hard wearing. Most car leathers have a polymer paint coating the top of the leather making sure it prevents the leather from drying out. Old cars you would need to regularly oil and feed your leather to keep it supple but modern leathers do not required this type of attention. However the choice of cleaner is important. In my years prior to ValetPRO working as a valeter I have seen the effects of other leather cleaners over the long term. Lots of leather cleaners are liquid based and like water. This type of product has the danger of saturating the leather surface. This feeds in to the stitch and as such this is the first point at which leather starts to deteriorate. The effect of using a water cleaner on perforated leather can also show deterioration faster. This is because the cleaners break the barriers and gets in to the hide. Our Gel soap is different as it focuses on the surface and does not have the same ability to seep through gaps and holes, and therefore does not dry out or compromise the leather. It does this while giving a deep clean in the leather grain as shown in this video. Our aim is to make world class products that our customers can rely on. We put a lot of thought in our products and development which is why our product development comes from a detailers experience and perspective while collaborating with the expertise of chemists. This helps us create products that work in the real world.
  15. Sadly this is not me driving. This is my son proving he can drive the car on its limits. I think I'll stick to car cleaning.
  16. Does anyone bother? And if yes who do you use?
  17. Like the one I had. That car will make someone very happy.
  18. This problem would not be solved with a detail. But it might be interesting to do a full detail on it just to see if the colour clean and in its true reflective state changes your opinion on the colour. ive never really like racing green. But when we did Bibs evora my opinion on the colour changed. i think Bibs evora is motorsport green and is a bit lighter than other greens. Looks stunning. I like the colour so much it was added to one of our labels.
  19. Agree to disagree This might not help my point, I enjoy detailing any car ( i do love looking back once the jobs done and admiring the finish). I love driving depending on the car. so i guess i enjoy driving much more. Thanks for the mention. The car looks great Beading Marvellous clearly doing its job.
  20. Formula 1 Fans! Enter this years ValetPRO Fantasy League and be in with the chance of winning prizes... Join code: e99fd84b9c This should be great fun hope to see some Lotus Forum members on there.
  21. Where is the best place to buy a Lotus Elise S2 toy car for my collection?
  22. In some sense you might find doing some testing is idea to get best value for money and the right clean. Personally I use it neat because it sprays on rinse off normally without the need for any agitation. I the just dry the wheels with spray of citrus bling and a microfibre cloth. Citrus Bling adds gloss and a bit of protection. However I dilution of 1:3 for regular wheel cleaning should be a sweet spot. However you might find you need to do some agitation. First spray on, then rinse off to make sure your removed grit. Spray on again and agitate then rinse off. Try this up to 1:5. I suspect your find you prefer one over the others for quick and easy cleaning. The 1:10 dilution is more for the obsessive detailer, where wheels are coated with a good wheel sealant or ceramic. Some of these guys might clean their wheels daily.
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