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  1. leone

    Seetickets. Scam?

    may be that somebody intentionally gave a wrong email address. Many people do so, sometimes me too
  2. leone


    congrats mate. stunning, superb and teriffic. colour combo is nice congrats again
  3. Lovely car. you've got good taste. I recall seeing this car rolling 2 months before on my trip to Indiana.
  4. have you ever tried 98 or 97 octane? these should fit your car. I'm all good with 95
  5. dont worry mate, it is totally ok. this happened with me too. when i became a new owner, i was more tensed about every little things related to my car
  6. inflate the tires to the maximum pressure recommendation listed on the sidewalls before you leave your car, to account for this loss of air pressure. also place your car on jack stands. if you have a dirt floor in your garage, put the jack stands on wooden squares of even thickness to prevent them from sinking.
  7. If it is a new one then you've a very poor luck. How long are you using yours?
  8. It is one's choice to start his car whenever he wishes to start, isn't it?
  9. Mine is 819kg with almost full tank and my 8 years old niece inside.
  10. Hi to all. I'm new in the forum and happy to be here. Live in New Jersey.
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