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  1. Love it A young lad asked me if my Evora was a Porsche a few months back!
  2. Yep same problem with mine, new window regulator . Wasn't cheap I'm afraid. I'm led to believe that generally if the reset doesn't work is usually the regulator. Common fault it seems.
  3. I would certainly notice if my Evora was off by 10 psi
  4. Yes I can see where you are coming from, your average driver probably does not realise when it would be obvious to us. So as far as my Jeep is concerned, maybe there is a point. However, going back to having them on a Lotus, I would expect your average owner to realise pretty quickly if their tyres are out.
  5. I have them in my Jeep, the first 6 months drove me mad with my OCD wanting them to match! I now manage to ignore them. I can't really see the point, it's usually pretty obvious if you are low on pressure.
  6. I think what's wrong with it is that the dealer doesn't know how to take a good picture
  7. Bah! I thought I was on a BMW forum for a minute... cruise control, reversing cameras??! I thought this is a Lotus forum No tech or premium pack in mine, just the way I like it! Wouldn't use the cruise control, sat nav is plenty good enough (if not better) on my mobile phone and who on earth needs a reversing camera in a Lotus? It's not a 4x4 .
  8. Very helpful, thanks. Also very helpful, much appreciated.
  9. Hmmn particularly interested in this. Not sure if mine are black or charcoal.
  10. Hey Guys, For the Evora S1 - does anyone know how many different colours there were available for the Recaro seats and what were the official colours called? Ben
  11. bennyT


  13. Hey everyone, If anyone is interested, my Evora personalised plate is up for sale... EO04 ORA Currently on retention so, ready to be put on another car. Ben
  14. Now thats one lovely looking motor - congrats! Do you worry about running costs compared to the Evora? As thats the main thing that often crosses into my mind when I dream of stepping it up another notch. Ben
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