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  1. This is exactly the point where the exhaust valve no longer opens by itself but only manually. This ensures that it never gets too loud for the race track.
  2. The throughput is large enough, no changes with the temperatures. The picture is very dark, it looks exactly the same as with the titanium exhaust.
  3. Only 2.5 kilograms, that was very surprising
  4. I replaced my titanium exhaust with the Komo Tec We tested the Komotec exhaust on race tracks for a year, whether the flap is closed or open, there is no loss of performance. The flap can only be adjusted manually, so it does not open and close automatically. The sound is wonderful, not too loud for the track when the flap is closed. Without loss of performance. brilliant
  5. Yes the 295 / 30R18 are mounted on my 380 CUP and 430 CUP. With other models, I can not say.
  6. It is surprising that there is still no official Exige 410 lap time in Hethel. It is probably almost as fast as the 430 CUP with the lap time of 1.24.8. If it really was, it would be difficult to explain the difference in price. Even if it were, I chose the Exige 430 CUP because in my opinion the vehicle is an icon in automotive engineering and will be one of the last of its kind. I love my 430 CUP.
  7. The 430 Cup was measured by Bemani.
  8. 1. 380 CUP without modifications, engine warm. 2. 380 CUP without modifications, engine hot. 3. 430 CUP without modifications, engine hot.
  9. I switched to the Yokohama Advan A052 after the ZZR, the Yokohama has a much softer flank and gives me better feedback on the track. I drive the tire on a 430 cup. in the dimensions: 215/45R17 295/30R18 The tire is not as problematic on the track with the temperature management.
  10. The workshop developed the solution independently.
  11. I had the same incident on my 430 Cup. So I re-placed the container with some Evora tubes, just as it is placed in the Evora.
  12. I have installed my new reservoir at a higher level, as placed in the Evora. The old one was not tight because it was fixed with too long screws.
  13. We had a stock 430Cup without any modifications on the Dyno.
  14. They have 20 pieces more built for the Japanese 60 + 20 = 80
  15. It is probably a protection against rockfalls. It is not closed when you go in by hand you will find that there are slots so that the air passes.
  16. I'm not so sure you must also include the resale value and that will be a catastrophe at the 380 cup because the car is a blender. It is probably cheaper if you drive through the city and throw the money directly out of the window.
  17. You drove the 911 and now a 380 Cup why not GT4 the cost to buy the car are about the same as the 380 Cup and is a lot faster. I'm seriously considering whether to sell the Cup 380 and buy a gt4. I'm too fond of lotus, it takes a lot of money to bring the 380cup near a gt4.
  18. Can you sue Lotus for failing to fulfill a contract? Measured 343 HP is not what they promise.
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