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  1. Hi Jim, i bought a condensor for my s2 from SJ, but it wasn't the same as mine, i could take some pics and mensurations if you need, Jack
  2. You are right. I finished the project last June, will have better pics to show, but for now, here some!
  3. Minimalist serial numbers! Since the last post, i spoke with the last owners son, telling the interior was black leather with the gold corduroy trim.
  4. So a shame! That's why i will put the world champion strippes, without the name on it! BTW, i really like the black insulator under the good, is it selfmade or where can i have one? And really nice having those infos from you!
  5. Good evening Roo, You are right, surely, its not a JPS, wrong steering and shifter, the original stripping was the two small lines, but, for the rest, i have no answers yet, and this is why i`m asking for more infos about the 0133s chassis; the 0133s suppose having the same Equipment than mine.... I came from my leather guy earlier today, took this pic of the inner plywood witch keep the leather and foam together, and the inner mldgfading to chrome on the outside, but gold Inside.
  6. first pic, when i bought the car, the last owner have maded Inside all vinyl!!!, the second pic, on the left, vinyl console, at center, the corduroy on insert door, at right, the gold custom napa leather we made.
  7. I'm rebuilding my 78110134s s2, new inside leather. From Andy Graham, There is no history for the inside trim, but i assume it was black leather. The last owner had the car from about 1984, until he passed away 10 years ago. His son took the car and put it in a wharehouse. Bought it 2 years ago, the last owner said it was a JPS. Never sure about that, but when my leather guy remove the old yellow leather to put new Napa one, he Found under, the old corduroy tissus that we find un the JPS cars!!!!! My question is, can we find the same JPS inside trim on a non- JPS? Also, we removed the windshield and back glass, and we discover that inside of these mldg was good anodized. Outside, it has Been paint on 1986, my painter told me that under the painted mldgs, there was some anodized gold left. Pic of the door trim to follow, for the glass mldg, i juste hope se didnt throw it just for taking photos....
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