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  1. They were the stock settings from the handbook, but with high speed compression softened by 2 clicks, from memory the rears were full soft and the fronts 2 from full soft, you’ll also need to reset the low speed compression because the adjusters move when high speed compression is adjusted.
  2. Hope so! It’s SOR with a Morgan dealer, unfortunately the market is a bit slow.
  3. I had one on my old 220, louder than stock, but not ear splitting, did a couple of Abingdon days in it, can’t remember what their noise limit is but it passed.
  4. Not quite! It had 500 miles on it when I bought it, am off to France with a bunch of TVR owning mates on Friday (they’re expecting me to turn up in the Aero 8 ) so had to get the service / noisy button sorted before we left, am looking forward to seeing the look on their faces when I roll into the car park!
  5. Not anymore unfortunately, still only opens at 4500 rpm, I had the first service (and noisy button) fitted on Monday.
  6. Twiddle completed, 2 clicks softer high speed compression front and rear from the recommended road settings has calmed the car down, feels much more composed on our dodgy roads.
  7. My Carbon Black 410, collected yesterday, another 300 miles to do before first service on Monday, it’s a tough life!
  8. I picked up my 410 today, wahay! The mean streets of Salisbury Plain are not in the best of condition at the moment (or at any time come to think of it). i would like to experiment with softening off the dampers, would I be right in thinking that it is the low speed damping that will have the greatest effect on ride quality? thanks Gareth
  9. Collected this morning, still quite quick at running in speeds! Am going to have to get the exhaust valve override button fitted, far too civilised below 4500rpm
  10. Aha, I’d just watched the Carfection video on the new one, they said the 2019 allocation had been sold but there should be cars available in 2020 or 21 (I’ve just bought a 410 Exige, but if I’d realised the new GT4 was going to be generally available I might have changed my plans!)
  11. Hi Steve, I viewed the car last week and informed the salesman of the spec! I spoke to the previous owner and Silverstone about the car, will drop you pm with what I know. Gareth
  12. Thanks chaps, I hadn’t tried Classic line, will give them a call on Monday
  13. I collect my 410 from Silverstone next week and am struggling to find a policy which will cover me for trackdays (mainly due to the cars value). I’m starting to think I’ll just accept the risk myself, any advice? Thanks Gareth
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