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  1. Well done for persevering in such a level headed way, great outcome.
  2. I wanted mine refurbing due to an unfortunate kerb interface, silverstone quoted approx £100 for rim stock to repair and respray, which sounded really good value.
  3. I've got a bunch of TVR owning mates, one had a deposit on the new car, but withdrew it because it looked too ordinary, all would prefer a Sagaris. The "safe" styling might shoot the new owners in the foot, Porsche owners are unlikely to jump ship due to perceived reliability issues (although I suspect that in the same way as Triumph having to overcome old reliability issues by making the new engines ultra reliable TVR will e doing the same), and the design not being wacky enough for existing TVR owners.. I'm quite excited to see how a GM designed car performs.
  4. I was trawling to find upgraded bulbs for my bike, and came across these (I seem to remember my old 350 used hb3 bulbs, anybody tried them? (The poor lights were one of the reasons I traded it for a 400)
  5. Mine started to do this on a trackdays, the dealer looked at it under warranty, as said above, the factory fix is to remove the wheel and clean the hub, mine is quieter than it was, but still quite noisy and is going back in to be looked at again.
  6. Solstice

    410 questions

    The sub in my 400 doesn't work, it is about to be fixed under warranty, the tech seemed to think it would be the amp (so presumably he's seen them fail before)
  7. Thanks Dave, perhaps I need to test drive a car with Nitrons.
  8. I have a dilemma, swapped my 350 sport for an Evora 400 earlier in the year, but I'm now missing the open top experience. The things that persuaded me to change were: The planted feel of the Evora on poor roads, my 350 seemed to tramline all over the place, could this be dialled out with geometry or fancy shocks? Or is it a function of the larger stiffer Evora chassis? The oh so comfy Sparcos, not sure what could be done here, although I did manage ok with Tillets in a Caterham once they had been tilted back to give more support to the back of my thighs, so that might help. The headlights! This is the big one, I avoided using the 350 at night because I found it plain dangerous, are there any effective upgrades (not just high output bulbs)? opinions appreciated
  9. Colin, I was standing on the pit wall for a while and your exige sounded like it had an electric motor compared to most of the other cars out there at the time.
  10. The reason the exhaust valve opens is because at higher revs there is too much back pressure with it closed, by adding db killers you will be increasing back pressure which I wouldn't have thought was a good idea.
  11. I've got the hanger 111 qt on my 400, only had it tested at North Weald, I'm sure they said it was under 100db, will refit the standard can after the TD season has finished, the noise is a big part of the character of the car
  12. Are you on the throttle and brake at the same time? I think there is an interlock to prevent this (something to do with an American crashing a prius and claiming that the throttle stayed on when he hit the brakes).
  13. I was at Silverstone a few weeks back and a 410 got pinged, must have been borderline because there were a couple of 400s that were ok
  14. I dont think you'll stand a chance, it's my local circuit and I've never bothered trying to get on a day there because of the noise limits, as dictated by the colonel Grumpies in the village
  15. Solstice

    Evora GT430

    You should probably add an 80kg driver to the weight of each car, which would further widen the power to weight differential, although in fairness during my rather short test drive of a 430 on the road (with a driver and passenger) it was the suspension which was the most obvious improvement over the 400.
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