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  1. I did bedford in my 350 a few years ago, was fine for most of the day, got a warning when I hit the Rev limiter which seemed to trip one of the drive by meters.
  2. Hi, trip went well thanks, off down to the Italian lakes later this month, my wife’s packing will be the challenge for that trip! The switch is the standard one and was fitted by Silverstone before I collected the car, no mention of warranty, which I really can’t see being an issue.
  3. Went yesterday, was accepted for demo runs but an “admin” error meant they’d booked me for Sunday and weren’t prepared to change which was pretty frustrating, particularly as every second car seemed to be a Mustang. They really need to work on getting some more unusual cars involved. Still they fed and watered me for the day, so every cloud.... Had an interesting chat with a guy with a Konsigggg (sp!) who was parking up in the hypercar area, he had ordered the new model on a 3 year lead time, the factory commit to offering you your money back on the trade in against the new car, so depreciation free motoring! (his current car had already been pre-sold by the factory at a £200k profit!)
  4. Yep, compression adjustment is on the remote reservoirs, not sure if you can get to the rebound adjusters
  5. Hi Steve, sorry to hear of your problems, it was Matthew who I spoke to at Silverstone who gave me the back story on your car (and was the reason I pulled my deposit and bought the 410), my biggest issue was that apparently the factory run the non chargecooled cars rich to provide some cooling, I was unsure whether an aftermarket map would take this into account, with obvious consequences if they didn’t. Good move getting the extended warranty, I’ve had some dealings with Hoffmans and I’d be surprised if they can’t resolve the issue for you. Gareth
  6. Steve, when I looked at the car I seem to remember a cap that sits over the OBD, port, which said something like “do not reflash the ECU” but it was on the shelf in front of the passenger seat, not on the OBD port!
  7. Looks good Steve, was there any paint damage behind the film? Hope you’ve bought ear defenders😀
  8. They were the stock settings from the handbook, but with high speed compression softened by 2 clicks, from memory the rears were full soft and the fronts 2 from full soft, you’ll also need to reset the low speed compression because the adjusters move when high speed compression is adjusted.
  9. Hope so! It’s SOR with a Morgan dealer, unfortunately the market is a bit slow.
  10. I had one on my old 220, louder than stock, but not ear splitting, did a couple of Abingdon days in it, can’t remember what their noise limit is but it passed.
  11. Not quite! It had 500 miles on it when I bought it, am off to France with a bunch of TVR owning mates on Friday (they’re expecting me to turn up in the Aero 8 😀) so had to get the service / noisy button sorted before we left, am looking forward to seeing the look on their faces when I roll into the car park!
  12. Not anymore unfortunately, still only opens at 4500 rpm, I had the first service (and noisy button) fitted on Monday.
  13. Twiddle completed, 2 clicks softer high speed compression front and rear from the recommended road settings has calmed the car down, feels much more composed on our dodgy roads.
  14. My Carbon Black 410, collected yesterday, another 300 miles to do before first service on Monday, it’s a tough life!
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